D L Hughley – Central Park 5 And How 45 Feels Now

so yesterday the other day April Ryan asked the president a question she asked him now that the Central Park five had been exonerated will you apologize to them he fumbled around for a bit and he asked why why isn't he being asked that question today obviously you've been asked that question because that stories in the news the Netflix show has been on people are are talking about it and you were a part of it and now people want to know what you had what you think about it it's no different than you're taking advantage of Hillary Clinton or any other events that you feel work to your advantage when you were announcing your election campaign Donald Trump said that he those people there are people on both sides and some of them believe that they're guilty those people who do believe that guilty are now being discredited they're losing jobs and book deals and all credibility they're pariahs but you hold on to that Donald Trump loves a lack of evidence he loves a liar he loves not knowing the truth because if he listened to evidence he didn't get to make a story up the story he refuses to believe evidence Obama's birth certificate he said I have people that have been studying Obama's birth certificate they can't believe what they're finding the truth is Obama and the evidence shows that Obama presented his birth certificate he was poor he was born here in a 2015 Trump claimed that he had a net worth of over 10 billion dollars he has filed for bankruptcy six times Detroit has only done that once the evidence is the New York Times investigation showed he spent a decade in the rent so that wasn't true the evidence is different than his estimation of it he thought at one point that only black people in the spring of 2017 members of Congress congressional black converse had to tell Trump that not all Reliford recipients are black responded really what are they they're your supporters that's what they are the evidence is somewhat different he says that he signed more bills that any president in history he said specifically we've signed more legislation than anybody we broke the record of Harry Truman the evidence said that he only signed 42 bills Oz Eisenhower signed at 228 Rob Porter who was his former staff secretary he was he had to leave for being a wife beater Trump says he's innocent I think we have to remember that evidence says his wife has a black eye evidence showed differently Roy Moore jr. was a cruise accused of pedophilia Trump said you have to listen to him he also totally denies it the evidence yearbooks victim victims malls and schools kept him away this dude couldn't go to Chuck E Cheese Vladimir Putin kills journalists and political opponents Trump's evidence says I've always felt fine about Putin he's a strong leader he's the powerful leader I think our country does plenty of killing also journalists who criticize Putin have gone missing or dead he the several of our intelligence agencies said that Russia had colluded to steal our elections he didn't believe in it he asked we have seven security agencies evidence says that seven different seven different intelligences said that Muller that the Russians interfered in our elections he says the Saudi prince in the Saudi array of prints had a journalist beheaded the UN has evidence our CIA has evidence he does not believe it Trump believes would he want to he says I I won the electoral college in a landslide I won the popular vote if you deduct the maze of people who voted illegally the evidence ID laws are so restrictive voter impersonation is nearly impossible if it occurs the number is necklace gold not negligible not millions you know what Donald Trump is he's a person who hears what he wants to hear his question was do you on apology to these fourteen-year-old boy and then here's the thing these fourteen-year-old boys were denied food water access to their parents legal representation and they were beaten for 48 hours they were beaten to give a confession Donald Trump the most powerful man in the world refused to even be questioned by the authorities he refused to be questioned by authorities he believes that these boys still did it despite evidence to the contrary right now there's evidence to the contrary concrete evidence you know what happened you still can't say it but yet he believes that Michael Flynn despite his he said he did it the admitted he did it despite Paul Manafort he admitted he did it he has people in jail that admitted they Sarah Huckabee admitted she lied Kellyanne Conway is told that she needs to resign for violation of the hackaday he does not believe evidence because he doesn't want to here is the thing you know you're a liar or a criminal when Donald Trump believes you that is a little note from the GED section thank you for

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  1. Trump Orange Fat Turkey Neck Looking Ass Is A LIAR!!!!!!!

  2. Dl hughley donald chump aint the most powerful he a puppet Rothschild run everything every president answers to him n his family they the twelfth family they own the banks of the world all presidents are puppets

  3. Some stir shit… They're shit stirers… Why do bitches try to stir things up.. I guess bitches in Hollywood and The Media,, that's part the gig ,right DL… Lil bitch..

  4. They didn't even take them to burger King Esau s the devil the BIBLE speak of yepp 👿😈👿😈👿😠

  5. I remembered a quote DL said , “Obama is who we hoped to become, but Trump is who we really are”. An orange or apricot never change there color.

  6. Trump would be incapable of issuing an apology because he would have to admit he was wrong about something..Trump is a true narcissist..those people NEVER think they are wrong..it would physically pain Trump to admit failure or a mistake in judgement

  7. Trump has been a racist all his life it's engrained in him he will never change or change his mind when it comes to black folks only they jerking his chain right now is the Mexicans one of them must have been hitting his mother daughters or sons or his wives because he sure has a hatred for them it's not all Hispanics he calls them all mexicans

  8. They do not need an apology from Donald Trump they are in a awesome place right now God knows what really happened and it doesn't matter if no one else believes the truth one day before Donald Trump leave this world Jesus just may have Donald Trump to give Yusef Salaam Korey Wise Raymond Santana Antron MCcray Kevin Richardson a public apology u be bless

  9. The real criminal was left FREE to commit 5 more attacks on women AFTER the Central Park 5 were wrongly jailed, thanks to the racism & hate around this case AND Trump's advert!! Watch "Survivors Of The Real ‘Central Park Five’ Attacker Speak" on YouTube https://youtu.be/aILuwO-S0jU  @ 1.45 Timeline of Matias Reyes's crimes.

    Police linked with the arrests, Trump and Fairstein are DESPERATE to cover themselves from the fact THEY allowed the real attacker to continue his crime spree !!

  10. I really enjoy listening to DL and the way in which he communicates this truth with insight. No matter what we say, what we do, no matter the evidence, even if Jesus Christ Himself comes down and testify, there are going to be people who continue to hate us because they hate themselves. Trump has created a modern day cult and while we know many of these cult members walk around toothless, looking and sounding like trash, many of them are wearing ties and suits, smiling at you day in an day out. "A hundred years ago the American white men used to put on a white sheet and use a bloodhound against Negroes. Today they have taken off the white sheet and put on police uniforms and traded in the bloodhounds for police dogs, and they're still doing the same thing." Malcolm X.

  11. The GOP goes along with him because they can now easily steal the tax payers money. Someone should be checking their pockets as the leave Washington. It's disgraceful

  12. Let’s stop expecting an apology from 45 who won’t ever give one. He’s a lying pathetic racist will always be one. The more we keep him in our mouths the more energy we give him.

  13. Trump has done a lot policy wise fot exfelonies. Biden is the authot of the crime bill and the1986 drug sentencing. Firsy step crime bill google it.

  14. I don't remember Al bobblehead Sharpton apologize for his bullshit when the he had the black girl accusing the white person of rape that never happened

  15. Kelly Told Us They Believe In "Alternative Facts" ⏳👺These Young Men Have Their Whole Life Ahead Of Them An Im So Glad People Never Gave Up On Them❣ An A Judge Has Exonerated Them Praise God 4 His Mercy An B Safe🙏🏻 They Will Try 2 Ruin U Again Maybe Yall Should Leave NY 😎

  16. RACE BATTER who lives away from the black cloud and floats amongst the white cloud. Mr. Drama.

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