D L Hughley – Certain Charges Being Refined

California prison inmates who possess small amounts of marijuana are not guilty of a felony felony crimes because it's legal to have small amounts of pot in the state the same is true inside prisons in response to the ruling the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation emphasized that the inmates are still banned from smoking or ingesting the marijuana in its prisons just can't smoke it or ingest it you know who needs to be like that Oh Vegas you can have a joint but proof of use was a felony having a joint like having a joint misdemeanor but a half a joint me you use it right felony but if you have the weed and you can't smoke it what are you doing with it because you knew how to do it scientists will try to grow human pancreas inside rodents in the hope of one day transplanting them in people with illnesses such as type 1 diabetes Japanese researchers hope injecting human stem cells into embryos will encourage the development of a working pancreas you know what's so funny the lack of like Japanese Chinese people are making these advances because they don't really care about they people like we write fake we protect we don't care either but we protect it and we sneak into it yeah we have like they have a dog eating festival which like you know you'll see people eating you go to check Japan you'll see stuff like that cuz you don't you don't see them walking dog because you don't walk food you don't see us walking chickens don't have that the last word is even Inu is dog in Japanese so you can have you some yaki Inu which is noodles and yeah and you know they're also not sexually repressed they have a lot of theme parks with valid symbols like you know penis rides although not all of them are evolved a former Chinese nanny who allegedly abducted her clients toddler son in 1992 has helped the young man find his birth parents as a way to redeem her sins the woman admitted she stole the 15 month old boy from his home after posing as a nanny using a fake ID she said she was desperate for a child at the time because both of her sons had died in infancy hey you know she stole a baby I'll help you find your birth parents well you know this story is very touching to most of us but it really hits home to one of us in particular and she was born by the river some shots fired

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  1. The dog shit the Chinese people do is beyond cruel. They round up as many as possible. Take family pets even. You can see their collars. They are beaten, skinned alive, put in boiling water. Not just once, but over and over. They burn the dogs over and over. It's a sick, depraved thing. They torture these poor babies, these poor dogs bcuz of the myth that torturing makes the meat taste better. The Chinese believe the dogs that are eaten don't have souls (how convenient). Pets have souls. They kill around 10, 000 dogs every year. But the festival is only 10 years old. Chinese people are finally seeing what is happening. Plus eating dogs is shameful. If we keep the pressure on them, we'll stop it. It is an illegal festival.

  2. Talking about pets vs food reminded me of this: my cousin & I are black & grew up in an urban city. He decided to keep pet chickens by converting a pen under his back porch. The house caught on fire & all I thought that was the worst fried chicken ever.

  3. Hello DL , I always said it depends on what you done , all records starting today , should be wiped clean . You didn't rape anyone or murder anyone without warrant or abuse children , your records should be wiped cleaned. They always said you never see a meat delivery truck at the Chinese restaurant. Alright Fred and Esther , calm down. Thanks again for the news and updates ✌🏿

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