D L Hughley – The Jazzy Report ( 3 Major Factors More Likely TO Being Gay)

the Trump administration is redirecting rejecting requests from US embassies to fly the rainbow flag during June LGBTQ Pride Month the decision stands in contrast to Trump's claim to be a leader in supporting LGBTQ rights overseas after announcing a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality overseas I think that Trump is it's expedient he says what he needs to say uh pretends like in that moment in that moment and does it he does not like gay people he doesn't like people of color he doesn't necessarily like people in the service but he pretends like he does and I think it's just sad it would be it would be more it'd be easy to gauge a man like that if he had some level of moral compass yeah say would he believe nobody needs to say and and then you'll have him on tape MIGO I didn't say that yeah well if you remember right after he got elected on the White House Internet on their their their web page an Internet yeah on the internet they really everything to do with the LGBTQ community as well as the gay people said Lindsey Graham listen just like when he talked about I take aid from you know I would take information from foreign government yeah and then he said I wouldn't do it you did you did you know why there's no collusion because they won't charge you for and to me Democrats are cowards they are they're cowards the the thing that they're talking about doing you already know he's a liar you already know he has people that break the law and steal Santa's employ you already know that he's willing he's basically telling you I'm gonna commit treason just cuz you do it out loud doesn't mean you're not doing and the same is particularly galling against Democrats always go we'll win the election you thought you were gonna win the election Merrick garland is now it didn't get to Supreme Court now I'm gonna use and think truck so all these plans you have do your damn job and let the chips fall where they may this dude if this dude is not guilty of these he couldn't even answer obstruction of justice charges against Stephanopoulos he a lot of questions right which is why his friend coughs – get him out of trouble too many is it all your little plans never work Barack Obama didn't tell about Russian influence because he thought Hillary Clinton was gonna win right that you didn't think mr. Khanna was gonna stop your Supreme Court justice you didn't think that Bertha Donald Trump would do what he's doing all your plans are not working the bottom line do the one that's in front of you and in peace this clown right he deserves it start with the will win in the election know either either you're there in service of the way you were voters the whole people accountable or you will not and cowards is ridiculous so scientists claim to have uncovered the three major factors that makes a boy more likely to be gay now they say being left-handed Havering having several older brothers and having other gay people in the family those are the three markers gay men are around thirty four percent more likely to be left-handed than heterosexual men and having one or more older brothers actually increases their likelihood of being gay by about fourteen point eight percent they grab a tambourine or left-handed scissors every time they just say that they're thirty and my mother would whooping every time he would use it to force him to ever it is not taught in the airport playing the flute recently as if it was when you catch somebody doing was just playing the flute he was playing it like 30 minutes if you in the eighth grade you walk at home only one flautist is the flautist anyway a Florida man is furious after he thought he'd landed a steel when he bid on a $9,000 villa online it was an online auction but he ended up buying a strip of grass running between two homes and officials say he gets no refills only work but you know he thought he was purchasing a home right I guess something I don't pay the taxes on it was a hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars when he actually got there it was a tiny piece of grass in between I don't feel bad it was worth $50 he's trying to profit off somebody's lost good sight unseen people's misery like that well people do that all the time so and sometimes they lose well if you want to get $170,000 we're gonna be doing it [Laughter] people like that when something like that happens to people because those are people I think that there is a specific kind of person that trucks in people's misfortunes yes they truck in it look everyday for somebody whose fortunes have gone bad and then they want to profit off of it let me talk there is gonna say the name but in my hometown there is a person who waited for a lot of my family members who fell on hard times to fall behind on their taxes on their land and he secretly went and bought Wow you'll find a story because they usually don't work out like that like all these slumlords always like people like Donald Trump that that the hire you and don't pay you and always trying to scam the system or take good good take your little landing strip [Laughter]

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  1. Fucking cowards is right. They need to impeach this motherfucker already. If he gets convicted, good, if not, then tough luck. But prosecutors don't avoid prosecuting crimes because they might lose in trial. These democrats are pussies

  2. D.L. you know I got a lot of love for you my brother….but we don't need to be worried about what Trump hates and loves…we need to be worried about what God Almighty hates and loves.


  4. People are more likely to be gay and “fast” in the hood. I know environmental plays a huge factor. I accept people as they are but I know for fact it’s just a mental condition. At the HBCU I went to girls on the sports team had to play basketball/track/baseball and they all hung together ALL the time. If you didn’t have a boyfriend you were gonna “turn” gay. It’s funny because a lot of them were gay in college then graduated and broke up with girlfriends and now straight. That’s environmental and letting them influence you heavy. I see a lot of girls do it because of the norms. I went back to the college and it’s a whole new batch of girls doing the exact same thing lol. There are more gay girls on campus smacking girls on their booties and shit it’s disgusting because if a dude did that it would be sexual harassment. This is also why men call some women VERY dumb. They reason that it’s ok for a woman to do it gay or not but it’s foul if a man does it. He’s displaying ownership of her body lmao. Dumbasses

  5. The one about the older BROTHERS Is CORRECT. It has to do with the amount of testosterone the mother has left in her body for him

  6. For the man who bought the tiny patch of land he should build a miniature high rise to house mice and termites. Misery loves company.

  7. Nobody in Congress wants to impeach him. That's how you KNOW IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. So get to it. Remember you work for us the people of the United States of America, not for 45, his cronies or YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS (those of you on the take and not).

  8. Seems to me the more Dems butt drag on impeaching and indicting the a**hole, the more damage he does. The administration is stalling while they are trying to get us into another war. Money for the one percenters and death and destruction for everybody else.

  9. I think we are beating a dead horse here. When Trump stated draining the swamp, well he's the plug. We all tend to forget Trump was never into politics at all, in fact was a Democrat for years before switching parties. Trump has rib elbows with all those politicians one way or the other. Impeaching Trump would also pull back the lid on all the corrupt politicians. It been two plus years, still haven't impeached. Leave it alone fine a good candidate addressing real issues instead talking about trump.

  10. I have 3 sons and they are all straight and the 2 older ones are left handed and the youngest is right handed so this study is bull shit

  11. Democrats are being paid off to lose, namely Nancy Pelosi. If that wasn't the case they would do what's right & impeach instead of doing what's political.

  12. Hello DL , when will dumb mofos wake up , you're BORN GAY . Yeah , the Dems are cowards , at the most I'm leaning towards Corey Booker . He said he would bring a woman on his ticket and he seems to be the best of the bunch. Pls don't stereotype gay community , all black lives should to matter ✌🏿

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