Dads' Postpartum Depression

and where do you want to go first you want to go in that size so we'll go over here so he could walk up okay third that we'll walk up with you yes I was excited to be a father we got lucky and we got pregnant on the first try and then we found that we were having a boy I was very very excited and everything seemed fine you know my with a pregnancy went well and then you know he came on time and I'd say probably within the first while we were in the hospital I started to get very anxious it's taken a long time for us to recognize postpartum depression in women and it's gonna take longer for us to really accept that strong men can also get postpartum depression or anxiety yeah go good job when I would get home and my wife would give him to me I would get ain't you know he was just are crying and I was just hand him right back it sad I don't wanna and by about week four or five I started to say some very mean things and very hurtful things about him to my wife just saying that there was wrong with them he was that he was gonna be the end of our relationship in the end of our lives big huge study came out in 2006 and many since then that recognized in this study of five thousand men that one in ten men also get postpartum depression or anxiety looks a little different in men they tend to check out play video games hiding their mancave irritable angry this initial high and then they kind of crash the dark thoughts that I had in general were of the homicidal suicidal variety and they were very vivid and I can remember them I mean I I tried very hard not to think about them but I remember what they were I I could see it very clearly dads feel a tremendous amount of stress and we have to recognize that so many years dads have been kind of relegated to the sidelines as a support person without our recognizing that they're having an emotional experience of becoming a father as well you know one thing that I've learned is that there's a there's a big difference between thinking something and doing something and a very wise doctor told me that you're entitled to thoughts and thoughts are not actions that's how you work through things that's how you realize things about yourself a happy boy ready one more big swing if you think about fathers societally in America men are supposed to be breadwinners we're supposed to be the rocks for our wives we're the men and being a man is not usually associated with having doubts about being a father or crying or weakness so it makes it doubly hard I think for men in America to talk about this even with their own spouses swing ourselves you know he's two years old now and the way that I kind of felt those first few months just this it's so far in the background now that I can't even I can't even like I can't imagine why I felt that way when that happened because I see him now and so much of my worry and anxiety was that he wouldn't be like this when he was two and so now I feel like especially given what I do for a living in Pediatrics I know that I'm very lucky and I know that I have you know that whether by mom is on the other side that whether just by you know good genetics or just the way we've raised them or what but I tell everybody I'm like I have the I have the kid I and you have no more no more you don't want to see you don't wanna swing anymore yeah okay I'll just let it stop he's a good kid

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