Dads Try to Sleep With Pregnant Bellies For a Week

phrasing yoga seems like a good idea all of a sudden I'm expecting a child with my dolphin Karen my wife and I were expecting and I think one of the things I'm most nervous about is how to fit two pregnant bellies into the same bed your body tries to adjust the whole debt so we're gonna have new muscles and new paints I'm I'm hoping I get ripped a week is a long time a lot of things can happen in the week it's not nine months but it's a pretty long time all righty let's bring on the belly I do want the audience to understand the thought carrying this much all the time a large Irish honey all right it's our time you're gonna give dad's a good night he should know how it feels to be pregnant even if it's like 5% I am even half months pregnant I've been waiting for this day really empowers to all my decisions I'm sorry are you okay are you sweating is it why am i rubbing it so much I feel so inclined already you feel it everywhere I'll lock the baby's kicking alright let's do this got it just one damn warning out my life is different I feel different good morning I slept fine I did I just didn't move I woke up I was feeling a little more energized but throughout the day I was definitely showing more fatigued than usual I ended up having to take off the belly maybe an hour too before I got up from bed I think reality sitting in I got like six more days of this and dad my wife has a lot more days of this Delta three pillows it's not a one pillow job this is the pregnancy pillow I got Karen and she complained about my pills being hard I'm gonna find a comfortable spot and not move frankly I don't think I'm gonna move now sleeping with this is undescribable I've trouble getting up out of that maybe it's because I want to get this thing off of me long day ahead of me it kind of knocks me out because I have so much weight on me one thing I was thinking about his dishes once you put it on time slows down I'm tired I'm really tired I slept in late woke up about 30 minutes ago I feel motivated and I'm feeling stronger however it's much easier to be without it and then I'm thinking about my wife out there she can't take it off that's it thing to keep rattling around red so this is a real belly over here and here's Jared like a million bucks this guy get up a couple more stairs I haven't had trouble see but when I wake up it doesn't feel like I slept through the night this is hard this is a hard thing to do and any woman who chooses to do it god bless you look because you are you're a hero and you're a champion this kind of sucks I'm so tired we'll go a little extra tired today so funny you're complaining I use a lot of fun and games I think when I first put it on I was very excited and that was a fool's labor not ever gonna be as cool as you I'm awesome I'm still waking up tonight before my graduation this is probably one of the most life-changing weeks just gotta stay positive and focused I'm still tired my wife said the same thing this morning and I was like twins we're both tired wake up it's your graduation day the belly's not so big there's a big belly pressing down on my orders okay it's been a journey honestly I'm surrounded with love I tried to wake up earlier today belly won't let a nap I am ready to take this off and just be a better more supportive partner for my wife supposed to be Jarrod's last day he does not want to cooperate and he is being very stubborn he does not want to put on his belly this week has felt like a month everything hurts more than I ever knew it could I give up you cannot give up Jerry I'm not joking you have to do this I've been doing this for months hired when damn bellies have to cooperate today is your last day only seven days you have to work twice as hard when you're pregnant why are you dancing let's see if you have all that energy tomorrow morning I will sleep well tonight knowing but this is the last night I have to do this I'll tear this off of me and then I want to start doing everything I can to help out my lady we're back that week was so hard my beard fell off I feel great I feel relieved I feel lighter new man I try to sleep late and wake up early so I didn't have to sleep with the belly for too long that's what you know women have to do pregnant women just push through it every day we were fortunate in order to be able to take it off ha I feel like I have a stronger core know my step is still widened so kind of like sit on you know everything that not so comfortable I give kind of a lot of credit and one of my mentors he would tell me like listen if you ever need a call have a real solid man cry no man that I talked to said it was okay to cry to him I would call you my children yeah listen I'll be ready to be my man crack

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  1. “That week was so hard my beard fell off!” 😂😂😂 I give these guys a lot of credit for spending a minute in the shoes of their pregnant partners! 💕

  2. I think that when males do these experiences that they should do a certain percentage of their own body weight. So if their spouses gained 45% of their body weight then the men should attempt that same percentage in accordance with their own body weight. I think then they truly feel the gravity of carry a child 😏😏😏

  3. So what's the point of this? Are men being blamed for the biological differences between men and women now in addition to all of the other things they want to blame us for?

  4. They should attach electrodes to womens inner thighs and have them feel what its like for a man to sit and crush his nuts.

  5. But they are just home & complaining 🙄How about go out in it , like run errands or go to work like that 🤷🏻‍♀️These are weak men , we women do it all ❗️🤰🏻💪🥇

  6. To be fair to the guys you don't have that much weight all at once throughout the pregnancy you're gaining the weight at each stage they are now given the heavyweight all at once

  7. Great guys 👍 but that's just one thing. The others are frequent urination, nausea, constant eating and the kicks from inside; someone please add that to the fake belly 🤨.

  8. I remember when we have to put on those things Pregnant bellies when I was a freshman in high school for a grade

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