1. I'm 36 weeks pregnant today. My husband and I have two girls (ages 7 & 3), twin boys (age 2), and our final boy is due soon!! I clean like this daily… Stay at home moms are often underestimated, but we ROCK!!!! Great job momma 🤗

  2. Wow u r super amazing.its awesome to see how meticulously u cleaned each n every corner,even while ur so pregnant. Great job.

  3. I'm 24 weeks preg l',m still doing my house chore but sometimes l like to sleep too much it's my first child 😍😍 this vid is so nice

  4. Lol I thought i was the only one who cleaned my trash can 😭😩 I’m pregnant and I have to clean every single day to feel normal

  5. Wow very nice .. watching u working like that motivates me alot… I am 33 weeks with 3rd baby and fully exhausted… I want help even for stand up or when getting up from bed…but I am trying to keep my family happy and house clean as much as possible.

  6. كون كنه حنايه في المغرب كون راه غير لحذيه ولعين تقتلك راها حامله راها ولذت هاذشي ليمقابلين لوليذات مزيانين خاصهم غير تربيه لحسنه وقليل من صبر الله يخليلي وليذاتي 4أطفال وزوجي لغاي وأنا حامل ربي يطعم كل وحذا محرومه يارب العالمين

  7. I have no idea how u were doing all of that. I'm 36 weeks and i cry because i can't do all the stuff I have to do in the home.

  8. I'm 40 weeks and still doing all the cleaning stuff, even tho I'm kinda tired sometimes I can't see my house dirty, the baby must arrive to a pretty house.

  9. Hello, I am the mother of two children. I ask for help for my children. I can not provide their clothes and food. There is no help from people. No one can see that I find suicide better than seeing my child being displaced
    Help me

  10. Just like me , three years ago ، 38 weeks pregnant with 2 years 4 months and 1 year 1 month daughters , I was so active like a bee , even on my last day, I did laundry before heading to the clinic ! They are now 5 years 4 months, 4 years 1 month and almost 3 years ( 5 days untill her birthday)

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