Dangerous complications after childbirth

giving birth a time to celebrate new life but for some new mothers the days immediately following childbirth can reveal serious health complications caused by pregnancy channel 2 anchor christine noelle explains the cardiac symptoms indicating danger to new mothers and the women who are most at risk when Kristin Stanley Monster gave birth to her son ten years ago it was a day of celebration but her joy quickly turned to fear what was going on so it was very scary Kristen was suffering from postpartum cardiomyopathy going through pregnancy weakened her heart there are many changes there in pregnancy especially in the cardiovascular system the amount of blood and volume that we have in our body could double or triple the rate of the heart also will increase up to 25% so all of these changes and the being stress to the heart dr. Maria Avila a specialist in advanced heart failure and a transplant cardiologists says that’s why awareness is vital many females do you know what they’re pregnant they’ll think oh I’m short of breath because I’m pregnant I have my swelling of my legs it’s probably the pregnancy but many times actually this are the heart failure symptoms that we need to be aware of while the majority of women recover from postpartum cardiomyopathy Kristen’s heart continued to weaken and she needed a transplant on Christmas Day the feeling was listening to the beat of that new heart for the first time brought back the joy she felt when she held her newborn son it was like her life beginning all over again the risk of postpartum cardiomyopathy increases every year over the age of 30 it is more common among women who have had multiple pregnancies or pregnancy with more than one baby women with high blood pressure and african-american women are also at higher risk cristina elm KPRC channel 2 news

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