Daniela reveals their dead child to Carlos | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

Who told you that
you need to buy a land when you just need a part of it? Actually, you don’t even need
that. You just need the
remains of your child. Daniela, why not take it and keep it somewhere else? Don’t you think it’s time to give your child
a decent burial? If it was that easy,
don’t you think that I would’ve done it sooner? Romina, what do you need? You’re the one who
needs something. You need to know the truth. Please leave us
alone, Romina. Why? Are you scared? I’ll text you an address. I’ll meet you there. Daniela, what’s going on? Why are you with her? I want to know
what you’re up to. What is that you’re holding? What’s inside the box? None of your business,
that’s what. It looks valuable for you to come here. What are you hiding,
Daniela? Daniela, what’s inside
the box? Give it to me! No! Be careful, please! Daniela, what is this? What have you done? Is this a fetus? Daniela, what have you done?
Tell me! I need to call the police. No, no, no!
Please, no! Carlos… What?! It’s our child. I had a miscarriage, Carlos. Believe me, I didn’t want
that to happen. But I had no choice. I had to keep it from you because it was the only
way to make you stay. How did you find my address? I checked the hospital records,
dear. Why? I’m supposed to know
where you live. Because you’re my daughter So I can visit you often. By the way, I’m sorry. I wasn’t able to exact revenge on that little devil, Marga Too bad she got away! She even stopped by at home. If Daniela hadn’t been there, I would’ve skinned her alive. What does that mean? Daniela and Marga
know where you live? Yes. You conspired with them? My dear child… Anger doesn’t suit you. Stay away from me!
Help! Somebody, help! Stay away from me! Go away!
Somebody, help! Stay away from me! Help! Wait! Do you want me to
rent a videoke machine? Dad, Carlitos is not my son! What do you mean? Dad, stop joking.
Carlitos is my brother! Your mother confessed. If Carlitos isn’t your son, where is your child? Our baby died! Daniela adopted Carlitos
to cover up what happened! Please tell me the truth. Is it true that Carlitos
isn’t my brother? Why won’t you answer me? Because it’s true?! Carlos, I’m begging you. I’ll do everything
to earn your forgiveness. Do you want to hurt me? Go ahead.
Anything for you to forgive me. Daniela, I tried my best
to understand you despite your insecurities
and wrongdoings. Do you know why? Because I love you. I wanted to leave,
but I held on for our kids. How could you do this?! Carlos, I love you so much… It’s too late, Daniela. You destroyed what little love
I had left for you. Please… What you did to me
was unforgivable. All you did was lie to me. I don’t know
what’s real anymore! – Carlos, please…
– I’ve had enough. – Let’s end this.
– Carlos! I can’t believe
Mama lied to us. I’ve gotten so attached
to Carlitos… …only to find out
we’re not siblings. All my love was for nothing. Marga, your love
wasn’t for nothing. Carlitos is still your brother
and you’re his sister. Nothing can change that. It doesn’t matter if you
aren’t related by blood. What matters is
that you love him. Miss Mondragon,
your time is up. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. So, how did it go? It didn’t turn out
quite well, Mama, but I’m really happy
that I did it because now, I know
that it’s possible. There’s really nothing
we can’t overcome. That’s right, dear. We’ll just keep fighting, okay? Carlos left me. Please persuade him
to come back to me. You shouldn’t be surprised
Carlos left you. Serves you right! I would’ve beaten you up
if I were him! I just wanted Carlos to
have a complete family. But what did you do?! You ruined it! Do you know how much
I defended you?! Father… Romina was the one
who ruined us. This is all her fault! What does she have to
do with your mess? Romina was the reason
behind my miscarriage! She killed our baby! She killed your grandchild! Romina was the last person Jessa talked to
before she died. Until now, there’s been
no development on her case! That’s because someone
is stopping it. What are you trying to say? Romina’s probably
hindering the case. Are you sure you want to
go through with this? I see no other reason
to stay married to Daniela. I’m pushing through
with the annulment. Are you ready for this? I should’ve been ready
long ago. Admit it, Romina! Tell them it was you
who killed Jessa! We already discussed this
before, Mister Kulas. You weren’t able to prove
anything, remember? So why are we suddenly
talking about this again?! Don’t tell me you’ve been
listening to the devil herself. Didn’t you ever stop to wonder why she suddenly started
talking to you about this? You started this, Romina. So now, I’m ending it. You’ve become too desperate,
Daniela. You have nothing on me now. And nothing you can do will
save you from your own mess. I suggest we stop wasting
our time on these things. You’ll only hurt yourself more
if you keep this up. Where is he, Mom?
I want to talk to him. Marga, I said, not now!
Go home! Don’t touch me! Why are you sending me home?! I just want to talk to him! What about? I’ll just tell him
what you want to say. Why do I feel like you’re
keeping me from talking to him? Why? Are you keeping another
huge secret from us? Another huge secret like
the fact that my brother died?! Or that you’re helping
a fugitive hide?! Marga… Don’t you dare talk about that,
especially here. But it’s all true,
isn’t it?! And I just remembered:
Mister Hector’s still missing. Now, tell me… I have no idea where he is! Marga, please understand, okay? I just don’t want
our family to fall apart. Why, do you think
I wanted any of this?!

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  1. Yung tipong naging anak ni Carlos ang kapatid niya, naging kapatid ni marga ang suppose to be tito niya, at naging apo ni kulas ang anak niya, haha, all because of daniela.

  2. Ambubo ni daniela haha.. binuksan niya pa ung about kay jessa na alam niyang possible na malaman nilng lahat ung totoo haha

  3. Romina: mang kulas, nakikilala mo ba kung sino ang babaeng ito?

    (Shows sketch)

    Mang kulas: Si Carla Abellana yan! Nasa kabila yan!

  4. Respect to her acting skills- Mrs. Dimples Romana. She is so great and can handle such heavy scene. Kuddo to you Daniela !!

  5. In a first time daniela wear a white outfit huh..
    Marga changed her attitude
    Daniela will be alone forever i think?..

  6. Eto ang kalaban ko eh Kadenang ginto Guys watch ni panu ko mailiminate kadenang ginto or ako

  7. Magmamatch ang DNA kasi kapatid ni carlos si carlitos. Pero hndi ganun ang kalalabasa ng storya iisipin na nmn anak nga ni carlos si carlitos at si daniela ggwa na nmn ng panibagong storya.

  8. Why lie? When eventually, they're gonna find out the truth. It's better to just tell them straight up than make a story.

  9. Daniela wala kang ginawa kundi paikutin ako. Hilong hilo na ako!!!

    Uy!!! Relate kaming mga viewers dun direk. 😭

  10. Daniela masyado ka ng desperada. Anak ni Kulas at Jessa si Carlitos. 😀 Hindi na talaga nag isip si Daniela. na ginigisa na nya ang sarili nya. Akala nya di malaman ang katotohanan 😀.

  11. sana nmn pagandahin na ang kwento para manuod na kami ulit ng pamilya ko,hindi yung puro teaser lang….kakainis na

  12. Huh? Mm.. wait wait wait!!! di ko na intindihan.. diba alam na ni Marga na hindi niya kapatid si Carlitos? 🤔🤔 Oh may ghawd..

  13. nakakaawa na ang role ni daniela mondragon…
    lapit na bang ending nito?? 😄😄😄.. may plot twist pa rin ba…????????

  14. Ano kaya mangyayari kung nalaman ni Kulas na si Daniella yung kumuha ng anak niya tapos siya rin rason kung bakit patay si Jude 🤔

  15. Nakakainis talaga mukha nina Romina at Cassie, ang BAD ng acting! Sina Daniela, Kulas, at Carlos lang tunay na magaling na mga artista sa KG.

  16. bkt kc daniela lier ka.. wawa c carlos matagal n linuloko. dpat kulong daniela at sabanna.. kunchaba cla.wg mo kapihan kulas

  17. Si marga anak din ni kulas ..DHL Ng malasing si Daniela ..si kulas ang nangrape ..buntis n sya Ng magalaw ni Carlos ..at si Carlos SA pakiwari ko baog …

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