Daniela says she is pregnant | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

This complicates everything. Our driver dropped off
my daughter here but she didn’t
go to school? Boss? How did they know
that we’re here? The driver dropped her off
but she didn’t go to school. Where did she go? Maybe she’s with Daniela. Mommy, let’s go home! I can’t, Baby! Why not?! I can’t explain it right now, but what I need you to do
is to come with me! Please! Give this to that
pretty lady The one with long hair
wearing a school uniform. Here, go on. Here’s five pesos.
Now, give it to her. Miss, someone wants you
to have this. – What’s that?
– “They’re here!” My God! I don’t know!
The kid just gave me this. Hello! Daniela! Romina and the others are here!
We have to leave! Okay, okay. Marga, I’m so sorry,
I need to go now. Look. Just keep your
lines open, okay? I promise you,
I’ll come back for you. Pay for that. Make me. I said pay for it! Don’t touch me! Cut it out, will you? What’s going on here? Is there a problem? He hurt me! That’s not true! How did you get in here?!
You’re not allowed here! Stay back. What?! Tope! Stop it! Oh no! Whatever your reason is,
what you did was wrong. But I found out Cassie’s being
bullied by her classmates. I’m just protecting her. Okay. So if you’re
protecting her, why did you have to
resort to violence? Kristoff, there’s a difference
between protecting someone and starting a fight. Miss Principal,
Cassie’s boyfriend started it. Why would I bully Cassie? Just ask Gwen. Right, Gwen? Gwen, you know what
really happened. Miss Principal, I saw
Trina bullying Cassie. She smashed the jars of sardines
that Cassie was selling. And then a fight broke out because Cassie’s boyfriend
protected her. Gwen! Trina, I can’t lie to Cassie
after what happened. Since this is the first
time it happened, I will give you
a warning, Trina. And you too, boys. You are suspended from playing
in the next basketball games. We do not tolerate that
kind of attitude, Kristoff. But Mrs. Garcia,
I have to play You should’ve thought of that
before you started that fight. Daniela, wait!
Let’s talk about this! I’m done talking to you! I won’t live my life like this! – Daniela!
– Just let me go! Come on, Daniela. You can’t even stand. Don’t come any closer!
I’m not going with you! – I’ll take you to the hospital.
– Help! Please help me! Help! Call an ambulance! Help! I can’t move! Help! Please call
an ambulance. Call an ambulance! Miss, are you alright? Miss! Are you okay? What happened? Mrs. Garcia suspended me. It would be useless to leave
my things at the gym area. What? But why? I don’t want to talk about it. Kristoff, it’s better to
let all that anger out. I’m willing to listen. There’s nothing to talk about. I left something at the gym. “They’re here” Kristoff, I’m thankful that
you protected Cassie, but there are other
ways to do that without having to
resort to violence. Look what happened. Even the basketball team
got caught up in this mess. What happened to
the basketball team? I’m suspended from playing
in the upcoming games. I don’t know when I’ll be
allowed to play again. Things might get worse if
you continue being together. You’re prioritizing
your relationship over more important matters, that’s why you weren’t
able to think clearly. You’re in too deep
in this relationship. You’re supposed to bring out
the best in each other, not the other way around. For now, we think it’s best if you refrain from
seeing each other. That way, Romina and I
will be at ease. I’m not giving you up, Cassie. No matter what Dad says. I won’t give up on you, either. Then… Let’s make a promise… …to not let anyone
or anything tear us apart. I won’t let anything
tear us apart, I promise. Thank God you’re here. I was so scared for my life. I’m not here to
check on you, Daniela. What’s the meaning
of this, Carlos? Don’t tell me you called
the police on me. We’re just making sure you won’t escape again,
Mrs. Bartolome. What are you talking about? Why would I escape? I was abducted! You saw
the kidnappers yourself! Stop acting dumb, Daniela. We know you and Hector
planned your escape. Romina saw you with him. Are you really going
to believe that woman over your own wife? Don’t you even see
what happened to me? Daniela, you can’t
fool me anymore. You really don’t believe anyone
aside from Romina, huh? Carlos, I almost died in the
hands of the kidnappers. And Romina was
the one behind that. What do you mean? You heard me. It was all her plan! She had me kidnapped! You’re just not very good
at making up stories, Daniela. I know that you and Hector
went into hiding. Because I saw you, and
you almost ran me over. You saw me? Really? I’m not running away
from anything, Romina. Because I had nothing
to do with Cassie’s accident, and I can prove it. What makes you think I even
believe anything you say? And do you really think they believe
that I had you kidnapped? I don’t give a damn
if you believe me or not. I was abducted. And that’s
all that matters. See this? My hands were tied up. I was kidnapped. Oh, my god, Daniela. Are you willing
to hurt yourself now just to get away
from the police? You can’t be serious, Romina – I would never endanger my life,
let alone an innocent kid’s. Daniela, wait… What do you mean? I’m pregnant, Carlos. Carlos… You still need
to make it up to me. Remember our deal? And I almost lost our baby
all because of this woman! Wait, what’s happening here? The patient needs rest. Doc, tell them what
you told me earlier. Doc, is what she’s
saying true? She’s pregnant? Yes, she’s pregnant. Thankfully, a miscarriage
didn’t happen, but she’s not
completely safe yet. That’s why we’re doing
more tests. So please, can we give her
a chance to rest? Just think of our baby! Romina put our baby in danger, and I’m only doing all this
for our baby! Mom! Dad! Did I hear that right? You’re pregnant?! Yes, dear, you heard that right.
You’re going to be a big sister. Oh my gosh! Dad… How come you don’t seem happy
to hear the news? Your father has
something else on his mind. He’s not that happy. I am innocent of the crime
I am being accused of. In fact, Romina’s the one
you should be questioning here. I am filing
a case against her! But that’s a different story,
Mrs. Bartolome. But she’s the same woman, who keeps on blaming me
for a crime I didn’t do. This is all just
a huge lie, officer. Officer… I’m a mother too. And I’m about to be a mother to
this child I’m carrying. How could I find it in me… …to hurt her daughter, who is my sister? I demand that my client
be allowed to post bail while the investigation
on this case is ongoing. I just want to tell you Trina and the others already
did what you told them. I’m glad the money I paid them
did not go to waste. Tell Trina and the others
to continue tormenting Cassie, and I’ll pay them
as much as they want. Okay, I’ll tell them, Marga. Good. Why is she with
that charity case? Maybe they’re friends, Nadya. Ew! Friends? With that loser? I see Marga really
lowered her standards. Don’t you mean
she upgraded it? Think about it…
You’re her friends, right? Can her standards get
any lower than that? Tope, I know you’re against what
Mama and Tito Bernard said, but they’re our parents,
so we have to listen to them. I know that, but they just
don’t understand us. Never in my life will you be
a bad influence to me, nor will our relationship
ruin my life. We both already
know that, right? Our relationship doesn’t
affect our studies, and that’s what we need
to prove to them. Nothing will change. We’ll just see each other
less often, that’s all. We just have to be patient. Of course. I agree. We need to focus on our studies, and I also need to
focus on basketball. Let’s prove to them that we deserve to be
with each other It’s just that we saw you
talking with Roxanne. We didn’t know you’re already
on good terms with your number one fan. Are you and Roxanne
friends again, Marga? You two looked
so close earlier. Right, guys? Me? Friends with Roxanne? My god! Then why were you talking to each other? Nadya, Roxanne is nothing
more than a pawn. I’m just using her to gain access to Cassie. Thanks to her, I can make Cassie
suffer as much as I want. But I’m sure she sees you
differently, Marga. Do you really think I care about
what Roxanne thinks of me? She can believe whatever
she wants to believe. I’m fine with it, as long as
she’s useful to me. But us being friends?
It will never happen. Ate! Ate! You have to see this! – What?
– Here! Quick question,
Mrs. Bartolome. Who was behind
your kidnapping? It was none other than
my stepmother… …Romina Mondragon. I’m just lucky that
I was able to escape. Ma’am, please tell us
how it happened, and what you think their
motive was for kidnapping you. It all happened so fast. They took me from
the police car, and… …when I woke up, I was
already in an abandoned place. They repeatedly hurt me. They forced me to confess. This is all about the case
of my sister, Cassie. But why would I do that, right? What actions have you taken
regarding this? Unfortunately, the police don’t want
to arrest Romina. They said I had no
solid evidence. I was the one who got hurt,
I was the one who almost died, but they still won’t
believe me. What will happen to
my unborn child? Is this really the price
innocent people have to pay? Is this how cruel
our world is now? The nerve of her to lie
in front of everyone! She’s doing this to turn
the situation against me! Romina, what will you do? I will put an end
to Daniela’s lies. Kidnapped?! But isn’t someone helping her? That’s not true. I was with Romina
throughout this whole thing. You know, I’m worried
about you, boss. You only met
that Romina recently, but you already trust her. I did the same thing
with you, right? I trusted you and made you
my right-hand man, even if you broke the law. Tell me, did I make a mistake? No, boss. Trust me, Felix. Romina’s a good person. Boss! It’s Miss Beautiful! I’m sorry, ma’am,
but you can’t enter. What? Are you new here? Don’t you know who she is? She’s Ma’am Romina, the wife
of the owner of this company. So step aside and
let us through! That’s enough. Calm down. Sir, please let me enter.
I just want to talk to Daniela. Do you have an appointment
with her? No. But if you mention my name,
I’m sure she’ll talk to me. Ma’am, she’s not here yet. She hasn’t come to work
ever since she was kidnapped. In that case, we’ll just
wait for her here. Daniela, we have a problem. Romina’s outside the office, along with our workers
at the factory. Just as I expected. Wait, you knew
this would happen? Why do you think I agreed
to be interviewed earlier? To make Romina angry. That way, I can show everyone
how evil she is. Dani girl, your interview
is already trending online. You already have
everyone’s sympathy. What more do you want? I want to ruin
Romina’s credibility. So no matter what
evidence she finds, she’ll never win against me. I’ll take her down before
she can even fight back. Look! Here comes
Ma’am Daniela! – There she is!
– It’s her! Everyone, calm down.
I’ll talk to her. Ma’am Daniela,
can we talk to you? Please don’t come any closer.
You guys are crowding me. – I thought Romina’s here.
– That’s what they told me! Where the hell is she?! What are you doing, Leon?!
Let go of me! Get in. What are you doing?! What you’re about
to do is wrong. Don’t do it. What?! What do you think
I’m doing? You’re letting your anger
get the best of you. I’m trying to help the employees
fight for their rights! But what you’re doing
will backfire. They’ll make you look bad if you initiate
the confrontation. The tables will be
turned against you. So you better just go home. Where are you taking me?! – Get out of my way!
– Romina. Don’t touch me! Put me down
or you’ll regret it! Put me down! Hey! I said, let me go! Oh my god! Who do you think you are?!
You had no right to do that! You’ll find out who I am
soon enough.

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    Direk, Writer, Editor and Cast/Production of KG. Please stop what you're doing ATM and look what the series has been up to lately or leading to. Hindi na sia maganda, umiikot na ang istorya at di na siya nakakathrill. Ang problema kasi is, yes pumatok ang KG, pero wag naman sana gawing ganito na umiikot at wala ng story progression for the sake of prolonging the series. Mas ok pako kung every week may progress tulad ng dati na every week ma rereveal na kung sino may gawa, mananalo sila cassie, 1/2 weeks may matatapos na arc kaso wala na eh. You guys are just milking this franchise for views actually. Please ibalik nio ang dating essence ng KG hinde yung mga nangyayari ngayon. Tinuring ko pa naman tong series na to na level up eh ngunit its turning into a Filipino cliche serye. Might as well end the show and put all the good parts in it in its last months. Make the finale its 1 year anniversery nalang kung ganito lang palagi. Thanks. BTW, want a solution, gawin nio ang gusto ng taong bayan, ibigay nio paa masatisfied sila, don't prolong the hype because magsasawa rin kami. Gawin nio ng poor si Dani-Girl please (can't wait narin) because Romina time should be in Season 3, give Marga her Karma and realization, di na mukang makatotohanan character nia, same as Cassey… Im just no comment, TH, Make the Mangubat brothers what they deserve already because d narin sila makatotohanan, etc. Tama na new characters, ilagay nalang if needed ba talaga, cameos will do if ever like Bea and Angel scenes. Sayang maganda pa naman yung storya kaso nakakawalang gana na. Sana mabasa niyo to.

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