25 Replies to “Danielle Cohn Reveals "Pregnancy Is Not a Joke", Gets Exposed with New Proof”

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  2. She got exposeeed many time she lost subs 👏you👏joke 👏about👏pregnancy 👏your👏nat👏fuuuneh👏

  3. I love you video! They are so detailed and gives a well rounded story. Honestly, I don’t feel like it’s such a big deal. She exposed the ignorance some teen parents have when they are expecting (living on a separate fl) and the jump to marriage when it’s too soon. I think that was smart and eye opener. There will always be people who are triggered and you can’t help that.

  4. 40% of the video: Danielle cohn faked being pregnant
    60% : other people that is mad cuz they cant Get pregnant

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