Danni & AJ #2 – Regaining Your Menstrual Cycle, Opinions On Going ALL IN

hey guys and welcome back to the podcast I hope you're all well and thanks again for tuning in we are as I promised in the previous episode running this bi weekly podcast with Danny so Danny is here with me and we will be doing our updates together as usual so giving you a bit of a synopsis on our week what we've done and what the Danny in the last two weeks for me the last week and then we'll roll into as you as usual Q&A is from Instagram so covering all of your questions and of course giving a little bit more of like a different perspective on things with Danny answering some questions of course some will relevant to to female questions as well as sharing a female experience which i think is pretty important for this podcast to have especially as obviously I have Danny with me all the time so it's er it's a pretty beneficial addition to the podcast okay so as always ladies first so we'll give Danny a little bit of airtime to discuss how the past couple of weeks have come for her how the mini cut is going and yeah then we'll take it from there go ahead so before this week I was deluded and to my delayed week was last week it was very needed and it just so happened to be in time with my menstrual cycle as well and so I really felt like that came at the right time and my approach to dealing is currently as programmed by my coach Luke to keep intensity pretty high not go to concentric failure because obviously the whole point of a deal ode is not to batter yourself but still keep intensity quite high and just reduce volume for the week to alleviate a bit of Teague and facilitate recovery so then going into this week I felt really really good my training has been brilliant like I have beaten previous PBS on my push session especially and by quite a long way and really quite shot myself with ducks usually my push sessions are one of the first things to suffer when I'm in a deficit and so I was really impressed with that and my lower body session went really well Paul went okay not incredible but decent my LDLs we're alright but not a record-breaker and but other than that this week has been brilliant a really really really good week of training so far today's rest day we both been faster Collier this morning and I'm gonna be back in the gym tomorrow we've been training at Ultraflex most this week and we will be for the rest this week and which is my favorite gym training ever but yeah really really good week of training in terms of the mini court my scale weight was not playing ball at the start of the mini court due to being drew on my menstrual cycle and I also introduced your him by which can cause water retention so we don't know whether that affected things as well and but it has started to trend down now which is really positive so and things are finally had in the right direction after a few scale weight fluctuations due to water retention and things at that time at the month and just so you girls know everybody deals with it you know it's normal and it's something we all have to go through and at that time of the month you just have to kind of take your scale weight with a pinch of salt except that it could be slightly skewed data just I accept that it's part of life and take it for what it is keep ticking the boxes and let it settle and see how you've progressed once dimensional cycle period has passed but yeah feeling really really good now and things moving in the right direction like I said there is another like three and a half weeks left of this mini court yeah if you keep it six weeks yeah if I keep it six weeks while going on holiday straight after yeah so probably happen of the three and a half weeks and unless we continue at post holiday yeah and so no food was dropped this week so I have been on lower feed booked and I'm happy with that and I'm happy to keep pushing to be honest yeah what's your calories for like just relative times obviously people don't follow these calories but people are always interested in where people's calories around so my nan training de macros are 140 protein 120 and 45 fad at the minute that's what they've been dropped to this week and my training day macros are 150 protein 190 carb and 42 fat that is so what I have is a range like my coach sets me a macro target and then I have a range and because of basically my personality type I always go towards the lower end of the range so Luke who sets my macros sets them a bit above where I've just reeled them off where I've just said that they are and but I go to the lower end of the range because I always like to push basically and in terms of cardio I'm currently doing one hundred and thirty minutes over the week I'm doing 40 minutes fasted usually on a push day 50 minutes on my first rest day of the week and 40 minutes on my last rest day of the week yeah perfect so that gives you a bit of an idea as to where Danny is at and what she's doing obviously this face is just a potentiate some more room for the next gaining phase and then opera and obviously into up until 2020 while you're probably fit in another maybe another mini diet before 2020 potentially it depends on where you're around how this one goes because obviously this one ideally you'd have been a bit ahead of where you're at right now which is ultimately frustrating but it allows you to you know potentially realize aspects of of Pratley and have to push a bit harder or you how your body's gonna respond in a prep setting as well yeah so I think is good rather than getting the shock immediately in prep and having to drop calories even the harsh I think also every time you diet it's different like every prep has been different for me yes every mini cuts been different there's been perhaps where I haven't had to go like below about 1,700 calories yeah and there's perhaps where I've had to dig pretty deep and had a lot of cardio so you know every prep finish is different and you never really know how it's going to go you've just got to deal with it the best of your ability and obviously prioritize health as much as you can but do what has to be done at the end of the day yeah for sure awesome cool so a bit of a wrap up on myself so obviously the last time we spoke Thursday Friday I had a whole body session which was very successful because I've reprogrammed that a little bit basically my bench and my standing ball OHP I hadn't done them both in a while and I know that those are movements that in the previous mesocycle before I started this mini car we're actually stalling quite a bit so I'd progressed the OHP for a good eight we block I'd progress the bench for a good eight we block getting up to 100 kgs for good three sets of 10 which is pretty strong for a barbell bench press for me so replace those with an incline barbell bench which I'm really liking and if anything if I can build that sort of top-line density then that's gonna definitely improve a lot of the shots where I'm a little bit weaker so thinking of from an individual perspective astir whether the incline or the flat it's a little bit more sort of beneficial for me and my physique obviously like there's there's from a barbell flat to a barbell incline there's not a huge amount of difference in this sense that we are just again training the chest we're training the PEC if you really want to target the upper PEC itself you're going to sort of set yourself up in a way way you're gonna line the the force up with the clavicular fibers so something like a cuffed incline fly might be more preferable if you're really wanting to target the upper pecs as opposed to just simply hopping on an incline and thinking you're training your upper chest you might be a bit more in person I actually feel more of a contraction or connection in the upper PEC in abbreviation points I would do that if I was on video but yeah so long story short changed a few movements there they both fell very very good and hitting pretty much all time PVS on both of those those movements so very excited to progress them and that's tomorrow's session so I'm looking forward to that be here too now flex with with my client cuase who will be competing in men's physique in ten weeks time so he'll be doing the the northern UK DFB a which is very exciting he's got a lot of potential so been looking over him in person tomorrow as well so yeah then obviously we came into the weekend and I flew to Edinburgh for the UK DFB show which was really enjoyable very good show of course run by Lee and Amy and the Scottish is quite special for me to be honest because it's the only time in the year like even at Worlds I don't get this kind of time where I get to spend like a good amount of time with Lee and Amy just Lee and Amy because we flew up there together so you spent time on the flight together and the airport just back and forth chatting like just non-stop about body building another just complete garbage but it's amazing to spend time with Lee and Amy and they they literally like when when we landed in after the show they they they they did they told me they were like odd no we treat you as family makes they offered to drop me off home they just they just so kind and literally so kind and it's weird I even said to me I was like I feel I feel like I'm their son when I go away to the Scottish with them I feel I feel I feel like like I'm like I'm a kid it's quite nice to be honest and they just yeah like I said they treat me so well and I always have a great time and we go away with them so the show itself was was pretty epic in the sense that the venue was ridiculous because the venue that we were meant to be out in Portobello was was cancelled because some sort of ceiling fell down in the in the balcony of the the actual auditorium so it got replaced with the Edinburgh assembly horse which is crazy it's like a ridiculous venue and we're hoping to go the back there next year because it will be like one of the best places to hold the he'll hold the show the stage was amazing the actual place itself was ridiculous you felt like you were in some sort of just oh my god it was just ridiculous like very very well established environment for a bodyboarding show it's not the usual venue that you'd find a bodybuilding show being held that so we're had to be very careful with the tans and making sure that tanning go all over the place because we'd have got kicked out so yeah show itself in terms of the caliber across most of the classes I'd say it was like a decent caliber however in the fit body and the juniors there were some really good standouts Kaitlyn the fit body was absolutely off the charts impressive as soon as you saw her come out I was like Kay she's got very good sort of British champion potential caliber which is scary because I've got I've got I've got someone who I really want to be winning that and I think I think she'll give her a really good battle but Kaitlyn's very very good and in juniors corner he was very very good prepped by Jack Thorburn and yeah they they really sort of brought it and he looked amazing a little weakened if I'm honest and Connor if you listen to this this is purely constructive a little weak in the back shot so in the riddle on the rate of rear double on the rail I spread just a little weak in those shots and the real look really relaxed so if he's going to get beaten anywhere by anyone it's gonna be someone with a strong back because he's just lacking a little bit in density in those areas which obviously is gonna be very hard to improve on for the finals because you don't have much time to spend in an environment to grow in between shows but yeah he was great and yeah besides that bikini overall when I was pretty good for the UK DFB a standard I see the standard across like you can it be a two PCA to tuberoses like tiered but for you Kenny FBA standards like Nora's really good and she she will be probably very good at the finals from a UK and FDA standpoint so yes great show good weekend came back stupid decision with audios and like tweets my left lower back doing that but it seems touchwood to be absolutely fine now was what a little worried this morning that I wouldn't be able to do the stairs but as soon as I'd warmed up I knew I was like yeah okay stairs will be fine this morning it was just a little tight upon wake from training low buddy yesterday but yeah so I've done Paul push lower body and yeah pull and push were really really good to be honest apart from the stupid decision on our dlpool Paul was a decent session push trained with Adrian and James both lovely lads and if you're not following them make sure to check them out on Instagram I also did filmed the what sort of a rural style video with them for the member site which is up now so you can check that out that was our session with push pretty much retain numbers on that and again that's probably what I'm looking for for the rest of this phase because I think for me realistically to build strength especially in pushes is just going to be very much impossible with bodyweight coming down and yeah that's pretty much me wrapped up about nine pounds down so far in the mini car so and I'm definitely seeing that from a visual perspective I probably won't take any photos tomorrow just because we're in Sheffield and the Lighting's different and I just want to take photos where I can I can compare them really accurately so I'll take photos next Friday which will be two weeks since I've taken the last ones so I should definitely see some changes by then and actually that kind of gives you a bit of sort of an answer to potentially someone's questions in the sense that when mini cutting I almost like to take photos a little less frequently just to add motivation to the phase because when I take photos weekly in a mini cut because of just glycogen and water shifts I'm not seeing much happening like if anything on the first in a week that's difference you might actually look worse because you've just gotten flatter in a week so right now I'm like really really flat like carbs are 300 on a training day which is very low for me and then carbs are like 150 200 on an on training day and that's super low for me as well like both of those numbers are really really low so I'm very very flat so getting good pumps because I manage sodium and potassium really well in water but I am I'm flat so I'm not gonna see a lot of detail if anything I'm probably gonna look my best when I finish mini cutting in six and a half weeks time six knife weeks and three and a half weeks time Jesus and and I fill up on the food that we have in our holiday and then I take loads of Instagram photos we're going to Gran Canaria guys yessum and no I haven't no secret it's boarding them nice and Jackie's has a secret yeah secret Alitalia yeah so yeah we're going to Gran Canaria in three and a half weeks yeah and I don't know if I mentioned last week I think I did and the reason I well yea last a couple of weeks ago the reason I actually am doing this mini court is because of a photo shoot and I probably wouldn't have done this soon if I hadn't had it but I know I was trying to convince you not to do it anyway Dominika no ash yeah AJ copy but now I was pretty much I was pretty much it like my max above my stage rate which I wanted to push up anyway and so it was it was pretty alright timing yeah yeah it's perfect I mean you gained pounds in the first week yeah Game two pounds starts mini cut gains 2 pounds yeah females we have it a lot harder than guys do and my operation think themselves lucky lost nine pounds yeah great alright so this crack into the questions okay so first question well take it we'll take the one from question which we talked about last night in the car so Christian asks what are your favorite features of each other and worse things about each other so this is more of a sort of a jokey play one will answer some good ones in a bit if you're actually interested in learning something from this podcast as well so go ahead Danny what what's the favorite things the favorite things is everything the what is it the worst thing was the was the worst things yell things or thing the worst thing about AJ's when he sings because he doesn't just sing it's like a skit it's very good he completely ruins the song that you're listening to so that is my pet hate videos but everything else I love about AJ yeah soppy some people cast same thing applies for Danny of course like you know people will know how much I talk about Danny on the podcast you can probably tell how much I care about her so that's that doesn't need to sort be said but the last thing is probably the thing you've been doing recently where you call it a love tap which is not a love tap Danny's love taps is where she smashes me over the face with her hand which is actually like a proper aggressive slap and she she'd to cheat she actually like quotes it as a love tap it's not a love tap actually it genuinely hurts quite a lot of the time it's a gesture of affection I know it does hurt so that's that's the one slightly annoying thing but outside of that Danny is fantastic okay next question so yes there's a good question from my client Dan so he asks about whether there is a like do you believe there's an age where natural body builders are in their prime and all and all comes with it or does your best come with the maximum amount of experience that you've had so I think I'll take this first because I think there's more older bodybuilding competitors than there are bikini competitors so yeah I think it's a different scenario with females and Danny will mentions yeah Danny will discuss that but from my perspective I think that yet definitely there's a prime in terms of where you're going to be your best as an actual bodybuilder and I think that does come quite late probably late as late as your late 30s perhaps even your early 40s and this really comes down to the level of maturity within the muscle so this is what I kind of coin as density and okay muscle density now this is just like the layers of granite tissue that you have underneath the fact that you occur in the offseason and when you see it like for example in a junior or a teenage competitor you'll see them diet down diet down diet down and then I want to get harder I want to get harder and they'll reach this like peak capacity where they can no longer get leaner because all they're doing is pulling away from what they have from a muscularity standpoint and they just actually start looking softer and softer and almost like a stringy look and it looks really odd because you're like surely this should this guy should be getting leaner well in actual fact they're just getting flatter and flatter and going beyond the conditioning that they're muscularity can can warrant them whereas older competitors you can almost definitely get away with pushing them to the absolute end degree of conditioning because they've got that muscle maturity and density to sort of give that granite hard look when there are even at very very low body fat settings okay so the best you're going to be is when you have the maximum level of muscle maturity and density and combine that with your ability to push really hard in a diet phase and that's why you see these like masters competitors like Danny seen yourself at like you know the top caliber British final shows masters competitors just coming out and just looking grainy and like disgusting like they just have layers and layers and layers of hard earned muscle maturity and it's also why I think that actually funnily enough a lot of the best competitors are the competitors like the ones that come and do their first show and they come out of nowhere like there was a guy at the Scottish this weekend he won the heavyweight and the overall he's never competed before he just came out of nowhere absolutely came out of nowhere and decided to hop on stage he actually opted on stage because someone told him in the gym I don't believe your natural like he said I don't believe in natural at all and he said that right I'm gonna fucking prove them and I'd go into a natural show he didn't even really massively want to do to do it from a competitive standpoint just lost training he said I'm gonna do an actual show and I'll show you that I'm natural and he did it and he's like and he looked ridiculous but he'd been training since he was like 15 just hiding away in gyms never really dieting down to contest level but just accruing more and more and more and more density and density and density and that's why I see over people that have like almost like being late bloomers to competitive aspects of the sport so they're just chasing muscularity gains and improvements and less dieting periods and they have crazy crazy amounts of density like Brian Whitaker is probably one of the most dense lightweights you'll ever see and he didn't start competing until I think his late twenties so you know sometimes when I I look at the way I I'm planning out things and I'm like am I really doing this all too early or anything like that but I think a lot of your density is actually within your level of strain from the gym and if you're pretty damn strong you're probably gonna have a dense looking body part and a mature looking body part especially if you've handled those weights consistently you know like my lower body density is pretty good just because I've handled heavy weights you know when I was 17 years old I was squatting 144 like the good three sets of like high rep sets so above tens and there's not many you know 17 year olds they're doing that there's some freaks out there there are but there's not many and so the leg density that I've earned is through years and years and years of handling like heavy loads consistently so yeah I would say like late thirties early forties is where you're going to hit your peak provided that you can get to that point relatively injury-free because a lot of people won't even make that point I'll be very happy touch wood to make like late thirties early forties and be able to Train relatively pain-free that's a goal of mine to be able to train like a still like an animal like I am now into my late 30s early 40s so got to be cautious with a few things but that's where I think I'll be my best so yeah Danny you want to take your comments on like bikini competitors or females first of all I agree with everything aj said especially considering that a muscle density maturity develops definitely with age especially training age not just age in general but training age and and that shows on stage and I'm a classic example of that like when I stepped on stage with two bros I think it was very obvious looking at the stage pictures that I was just lacking muscle density and muscle maturity because I was one of the younger girls on stage and everyone else like I usually compete as a junior but with two bros they didn't have a junior category at the time so I competed in my height class and it was just quite clear that the thing I was lacking I still placed well yeah but the thing that I was lacking was like muscle maturity basically I just lacked muscle maturity because I was younger than the other girls and I didn't have the same training age as they did and so that is something I need to develop hence why I put this year away from the stage away from dieting developing muscle tissue and getting really strong and so yeah I think that is something to consider and then as a female as well there's other things you need to take into account if you do want to like continue competing when you're older because as a lot of you will know a lot of bikini competitors or figure competitors a lot of female athletes do lose their mantle cycle when they enter a contest prep or at the back end of a contest prep and and the longer you go without your menstrual cycle usually the longer it takes to get it back so if you're wanting to have kids in the future that is something you need to consider and you need to make sure that you are regaining your menstrual cycle post-show and try and minimize the amount of time you spend without that cycle and so if you want that's something to consider if you're wanting to compete when you are older and me personally if I do decide I want children in the future I probably won't compete around that sort of time because I know that I want to be able to have kids in the future so it's something you may need to consider if you are thinking about that that you may lose your menstrual cycle during a contest prep which may minimize your chances of getting pregnant and there are other risks that come alongside that as you guys will know as well yeah cool fantastic so next question is so I mean I've covered that one quite frequently so next question is signs that you might need a diet break so I haven't covered this one recently I've covered it before but I'll cover it again give my current thoughts so I think one of the main reasons that you'll need a diet break is that you can't continue to make fat loss progress efficiently so you're digging a big a hole of diet fatigue that's becoming such a big hole that you're occurring such a large amount of water retention that it's actually blurring or potentiating so much loss in progress because you're you're accruing so much water weight okay I see this a lot in people that try and dig exponentially for really like short-term fat loss goal where it's you know getting ready for a show in they're late and they're like rushing and they just end up like digging digging digging digging digging and all they do is just look flattered and actually have like to start developing like a film of water weight and they just look worse basically so if you want to focus on obviously looking better and continuing to look better and improving then sometimes you do have to remove that diet fatigue to actually actualize the fat loss progress that you've made you know over the last however many weeks you've been dieting down so but however how many people actually do that and get to a point where they've pushed so hard that they really need a diet break or how many people actually have enough time for a diet break it's pretty minimal to be honest pretty minimal like you know there's not a lot of people that I've given diet breaks yet George is probably one of the only ones and one of our female clients that I've given diet breaks just because they're on track or they're even a bit of ahead of schedule if this is for a competitive reason however you know you can split up conventional diets that just get you lean for holidays or getting you lean for you know just an event or something like that you can split up more extended diet diet phases with diet breaks to just make the whole process a little easier you know in the sense that taking a color taking your calories up to maintenance for an entire week is just gonna ease the pressure of dieting potentially allow for some more social events allow for a period of time where you can be a bit more relaxed with your intake and just generally make the diet a more sustainable process for you as opposed to just consistently being in a in a net deficit so like other signs I mean Danny will discuss a few for force or females but it's very similar males film at the female but like just to talk general like motivation to actually get through the day and diet itself is going to be very low motivation to Train is dropping back off like I said you're developing maybe a bit of a film of Waterway your recovery is going down which again may be a sign of training fatigue I've talked about this before in the sense that diet fatigue and training fatigue and somewhat linked so the feelings of being in a position where your training fatigue is is high and the feelings of like diet fatigue being high are very very similar feelings so you've got to be able to distinguish which is which and make sure that you're in a position to determine that so that that really revolves around the amount of time that you've been dieting and whether you have a good coach on board to be able to take your data and think okay right you've got diet fatigue or you've got training fatigue your logbook will really sort of answer a lot of those questions for you as well with the training fatigue aspect and I mean yeah like ultimately time time towards the show as well if you've got the actual amount of time to be able to do a diet break that's one one to heavily consider so yeah that's what I would sort of say about needing a diet break whatever what about you yeah I agree with that and I think diet breaks don't just have a place with the competitors because I coach I still coach quite a lot of general population points as well and like AJ said to break up like a really extended a long period of dieting sometimes it is really useful to implement a diet break and a lot of the reason for that is not just physical but psychological as well because if somebody is dieting for say a lot like I for example I've got a client who has her wedding at the end of this year and she's been dieting for a very long time she won't mind me saying this she's I'm not going to name her name but she won't mind saying and she's lost quite a lot of weight since the start of her weight loss journey and she just she needed something to break that up there isn't a way like psychologically not many people can handle dieting for months and months and months and months on end especially if you haven't got the extreme end goal of stepping on stage so sometimes breaking that up with a diet break just gives you a bit of a chance to reset yourself physically and mentally and so that you've got that back to push on posts diet break so it is a really beneficial thing to implement even if you want a confessor as long as you allow enough time to get ready for your end goal whatever that may be I think diet breaks can be really beneficial like I said both mentally and physically and I think some another occasion which a competitor could utilize diet break potentially is between shows yeah obviously if your audience stage condition and your your your goal is not to get leaner for the next show and and you've got quite a short period of time between shows a diet break is something that you could consider if your goal is just maintain the condition you have and not take harder if your feedback is coming leaner than yeah carry on dieting but if you've got if you've gotten to the necessary condition you could consider a diet break between shows and and all of the reasons a Joe said basically but yeah I think a large part of it is the psychological benefit of a diet break with a lot of people and when dieting for a really long period of time or not between shows yes yeah I mean psychologically is very very very hard to take a diet break between shows because obviously as you're you're always like wanting to get leaner and in a Qantas prep I took one diet break after my first show the 2017 season it was just like the hardest thing I've ever done because you get into such a great routine with your eating patterns and your food choices and then when you're given like maintenance calories you don't really know what to do with them to be honest and it's a bit of a psychological stall because you know that realistically you're not losing weight in a diet break because you're maintaining so you know you're not making any progress it's very hard to accept you're not making any progress when I gave one of my clients previously a diet break she did struggle with the whole aspect of not losing any more fat in that week but well you got to see it as it's like potentiating more fat loss later on like you're not losing the fat right now cool but you're at least you're removing fatigue so it becomes easier in the weeks to come and it's not a step back like outbreak is not a period of time where you gain body fat it's almost like a step to the side to stop at maintenance it's not you've got to think of it as a positive thing not a step backwards yeah yeah for sure absolutely okay so this can be for you so strategies to deal with a lost cycle and female clients so like you know when someone loses their cycle let's say you're dieting down like what what do you do how do you deal with that do it how do you explain it to them and what's the plans to sort of deal with with a loss cycle well the reason so first of all the reason someone would use that mantle cycle and for example in a contest prep is because they are in a state of low energy availability so your energy availability is the amount of energy you have left over after like all of your training your energy expenditure through general activity etc for bodily processes and what happens when that energy is limited your body will sacrifice things that it doesn't think it needs such as your menstrual cycle so that is why you would lose your menstrual cycle because you're in a state of low energy availability you've not got enough energy left over to sustain your bodily functions basically and to keep you alive your body goes right okay we don't need emotional cycle right now um so first thing like assess when it's happened because if it is very close to a show it is something that does happen to a lot of females I myself a lab mitt I lose my menstrual cycle in a contest prep to get stage lean I have to sacrifice that I can't really well so far I haven't been able to do it without it so it is something a lot of females have to go through and your priority is just basically to get it back as soon as you possibly can post-show and you're gonna do that by increasing food going through a bit of a recovery period with training reducing your training volume to facilitate that recovery and basically reduce your output so you have increased energy availability and you have a better chance of getting your menstrual cycle back see I just take the necessary steps post-show increased calorie intake intake decreased training volume allow yourself to recover decrease cardio decrease steps and just prioritize health basically and also make sure that you do ensure that it's not down to anything else there are things like polycystic ovaries which can cause an absence of a menstrual cycle or any irregular menstrual cycle so if you do lose your cycle the the best thing to do first of all is go and get it checked out and make sure it's nothing serious but if it is just due to a state of low energy availability you've just got to prioritize getting it back as soon as you physically can't as soon as you possibly can and but make sure you do get it checked out just in case like check it's nothing else that's causing that and also something to consider if you are on the contraceptive pill you will get a withdrawal bleed each month this is not a natural menstrual cycle it basically masks whether you have a natural cycle or not so it's something you need to be aware of because if you're on the pill through a contest prep you might not know if you've lost your cycle because the pill is masking that you're having a withdrawal bleed anyway so although you might think you have a cycle you might not so it's still important to stay on top of your health and take the necessary steps post-show to maximize recovery and look after your health also there are the basic things you can do like obviously just don't don't do stupid things through a prep and if you're coaching a female don't take really drastic steps when it comes to calorie cuts and cardio increases take a nice steady approach allow plenty of time so you don't have to be extreme with your approach and don't do anything stupid basically just be sensible with it and just think of prioritizing health like you would with a male but just remember you're dealing with a really small female and the calories are probably gonna have to get lower and you've just got to be aware of that and not do anything stupid yeah for sure good answer that's power and water on that topic and obviously I know that I've got some clients and I've coached people through regaining the menstrual cycle of course you highlighted the importance of trying to get it back in a facility we know the importance of trying to get it back in terms of you know long-term health and potential to have kids in the future and things like osteoporosis as well like if you go without your cycle for a long period of time it can basically decrease your bone health and put you at a greater risk of osteoporosis so it's not just about having kids yeah yeah yeah yeah the ramifications are pretty significant so my actual question was what do you think of the idea of like this Stephanie Baltimore thing that she's popularizing at the moment with regards to going all in and having caloric intake extremely high and trying to basically gain a fairly significant amount of body weight per week in the attempts to get your body back to essentially homeostasis as fast as possible in some individuals especially with people that have very skewed leptin and ghrelin which is sending hunger hormones out of whack to a point where people can't control hunger they're very ravenous they have phases of very low appetite very high appetite etcetera so what do you think about that I think what Stephanie is doing is good and I think it's important to point out that her like I read her post and I've listened to a YouTube video and her sole focus is not to put on body weight that's not the drive the drive is just to eat to satiety and at the minute her hunger hormones are all over the place so her satiety is her eating like 4,000 calories a day or whatever she's eating and so her goal is basically to restore her hunger hormones back to normal and counteract any negative effects that she's experienced from dieting she's got extreme food focus and obviously an extremely large appetite and she wants to basically feel normal again so I understand the reasoning behind it I've not read the book that a lot of it is based on which is no period now what however I have been recommended that so if it's something you are struggling with yourself maybe have a look at that book I've been recommended it with before and I think it's a great approach what I don't know I find it hard to like is there an extent where that becomes a bit too much okay subscribe it to climb yeah like is it an extent does it become a bit too much pasta certain extent like where's the limit sort of thing okay so I think branch over this this period of time of low any low energy availability and getting into a positive energy balance sometimes doesn't take a lot but for people who have experienced like I've noticed in and you've noticed as well with people the you coach people that have been through anorexic periods or eating disorders have somewhat of a shift in their metabolic rate to the point where their food has to get stored at lehigh to even bridge that balance between maintenance and the surplus I think it's great that she's prioritizing health I think that's a fantastic point yeah yeah as long as like if you were to consider it yourself you can't think your goal is body composition related because it's not the whole goal of that is just health yeah so if you have a body composition goal you won't necessarily gonna achieve that goal best by following the all-in approach we aren't going to achieve your goals you're most likely going to gain weights pretty fast rates just listening to hunger signals which are completely out of whack you know I understand the pressures in 50 pounds yeah I understand the process behind it I'd be interested to read the book yes and I have a little bit of more of a look into it so that I understand it better but I think yeah I think it's great for her and her goals and health and whatever and if you've really struggled with like not having a cycle your hunger hormones being all over the place it might be a good approach to take but I don't think it's for everybody maybe yeah I mean I think the role of like for for some people the role of stress is huge like every time someone has regained a menstrual cycle with me that hasn't had it for a period of time it's been a time when they've been DLO ding and when external stress has been low and unfortunately a lot of the people that I work with love training extremely hard and well they're gonna realize is that that that training stimulus in a sense is putting more stress upon their body that their body can't deal with at a point where it's already sacrificing things like their cycle and actually sometimes bringing down training intensity and actually bringing down frequency bringing down volume and focusing on doing workouts that are productive that they can still train but lowering that stress from from training from that aspect of things and actually having them train like you know unfortunately like how they don't want to train for a little bit is gonna put them in a position to have that low stress environment calories are high and the chances of their cycle returning in a perhaps assured to fashion is he's much more warranted I think that all in approach is basically an exaggerated version of what say you would do the client you know what I would do the claim because we would obviously reduce training volume which is what Stephanie's done she's reduced training she's done and we would work calorie intake oh yeah and it's like for example me post show I reduced training volume my hunger hormones were all over the place I wanted to eat the world well I took the necessary steps a reduced training volume gradually entry increase my calorie intake I had periods of time where I didn't track so much and eventually what happened is my hunger hormone start to regulate I started to feel satiated after eating meals and and I could recover mantra oh yeah part of New York Pali Post New York this happened to be honest and but yeah I started to feel normal again and I started to feel full after eating meals and I started to become from training I regained my menstrual cycle so all of that happened but with a more moderate approach so this is just I suppose it's called all info reasons she's just taking an extreme approach to doing that and trying to get it back in the fastest way possible basically yeah and I also think like is a very smart tactic for because it is something that anything novel or like interesting or new or you know attractive in a different way is kind of it's going to bring people in you know people are gonna invest in her series because there's something not many people have done not many people are willing to share and not many people are willing to do so and also like the whole the whole tagline of her consuming 4,000 calories made me even interested because I'm like okay why is a girl of her size consuming 4,000 calories it doesn't make sense so I wanted to watch so the sort of elusive aspect of it is pretty significant but yeah I think overall she is sending a good fucking message because I know there's some people out there that really do struggle with the idea of eating enough to regain basically their body's homeostasis I think for some people it's appropriate yeah yeah for sure for sure for sure but as long as they follow it accurately and they don't just still say I'm hopping on the bandwagon to do it and they do it just because they feel like I'll just eat I'll eat like you know just just like so I feel full and then for some people that are in a restrictive mindset they're full is restrictive and they'll actually end up under eating more than they would when they were tracking you know so for a lot of people I think that actually tracking in this period of time where caloric intake is so vital for human health is actually very very very very beneficial like I have some clients if they didn't track they would under eat such as what ages saying have quite a few like that and that would be unhealthy for them to under 8 for so for some people tracking is not to restraint it's to make sure they eat enough for health yeah it's not kind of you can't consume this amount it's you need to consume this amount to be in a healthy position in order to progress yes hahaha cool that was good that's gonna probably be the tagline of the podcast I have a question really game your cycle with Danny Bosworth oh my god I have a question from batma client she said do you have similar coaching approaches and and do you always agree on what to do with clients I'll go first okay you go first and so yes we have similar coaching approaches we both coach our clients through Audio of CAJ uses same what you did AJ sorry AJ was just laughing at one of the other questions that I got in fact Iser fucking friend how is the Duchess Robin today best question that geyser absolute crisis someone asked me how is the Duchess of mother and today I'm guessing the Duchess maybe means me you can go away but anyways loo okay so to answer your question Beth and we do have similar coaching approaches yes we both obviously I do you'll know this because you're one of my clients I do my check-ins via voice note because I think hearing someone's voice is really important and it gives me a lot of information in itself and it promotes quite in-depth check-ins and I always give in-depth check-in responses Ajay's is very similar but he does video so he can see his clients faces and and we've had this conversation before about like doing video this is not doing video and I definitely think it has its benefits but me personally like I feel as though a lot of my clients wouldn't want to do video because they are female and they'd feel like they had to make an effort for that video etc and and it's much easier and quicker to get my M in my opinion yeah absolutely I agree my voice next move via whatsapp is opposed to upload into YouTube and I'm not as clued up as AJ's on YouTube either and our approaches in terms of the amount of care we give is very similar yeah and how much we put into our coaching process like how much we care how much we put into expanding our knowledge like attending seminars etc our programming regarding trician is very similar yeah we set macros are supposed to give him fixed meal plans and give like guides of how to structure our clients days and yeah very similar I think those things we do differently and obviously the majority of AJ's clients are male body builders and I have more gen-pop clients than AJ does in which case a different method is required and I have some clients who like do bits of track in here and do bits of tracking down and then I have some contest clients who track everything really accurately so I think a different approach is applied to each client depending on them as an individual their preferences and their goals and our approach in general towards the majority of our clients is similar in terms of the care we give the like how in depth the quality of services etc yeah I think you pretty much covered most things there to be honest yeah yeah so I mean outside of that apart from like the videos and things like that I guess at the moment which is something that will very very quickly change I'd probably have a lot more competitive clients there hopping on stage but that's just because the amount of time I've been in this year I remember like Danny's only been full-time on like coaching since December you know so and I've been on full-time online coaching since 2015 you know so it's it's the time the time difference is huge and obviously I'm massively proud of Danny for doing what she's done in the time span she has done it's ridiculous if I'm honest and the amount of competitors I keep telling her like you know she needs to set her goals just like coaching top tier athletes and that's what she will be doing in in literally like you can mark my words in in a year or twos time she'll have people turning IFBB Pro under her coaching and you know that that's that's where her business will go and that's evidently she hasn't load a passion for coaching gen-pop people and she's very very good at it very very good at it because you can speak to people very well and have that sort of empathy and have the right tone of voice I think I saw a post actually from Jordan Pearce who coached one gen-pop client and said I'm not usually the best to coach temple and I said nodding my head at that because I know that he's not but I think I'm heading that way too because I think I'm losing not not not this is a bad thing but I'm losing my ability to coach gen-pop because I'm so invested in Pettit of athletes so my mindset towards the way that I coach my tone of voice my level of empathy a level of empathy is slowly dropping off obviously it's still there but it's it's like when people make an excuse it's like right will crack the fuck on them like that's the kind of response as opposed to thinking all right okay don't worry about this this sort of off plan meal you had it's okay you know it's not okay in a contest and I definitely different I adapt my tone of voice for my response and the way that I coach competitors non competitors it does vary greatly yeah I'm just so used to competitors now that a gen-pop I'd I'd really start to struggle you know I love both my lady yeah I do love this and I do miss gen pop and I miss one-to-one Petey if I'm honest like I miss turning up and seeing people and interacting and you know taking 50 60 pounds off someone you know however there are still some people that were out to out shape when they started practice I'll take my 50 pounds off them but yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's not good but yeah but yeah I definitely sort of prefer going down the competitive aspect of things and that's where my business will solely head and not to sort of like you know say if you're a Gen pop client and for Danny she'll kill Kochi for us absolutely as long as she wants but I think that that's or as long as you want sorry son but I think that's where her business is heading is it's more competitive because I saw you know obviously her firsthand coaching Amy at the competition I saw how she's very like lit up just like I am a show like this past weekend every show that I go to I get I get Blues off it literally gives you butterflies when you have to go in on stage yeah yeah I absolutely love it and I know AJ's exactly yeah I'm yeah I just love it so much like after the Scottish weekend on the Monday and Tuesday I was like I see appealing a bit like a bit down because I just missed it I'm like a foghorn in the audience yeah yeah I just missed it so much and I just love being at the shows and then being you know supportive of my clients for every single step and the daily check-ins everything is just I just love every aspect of it so the I guess that's that's where we're currently different but if anything we're very similar I think that's pretty much it to be honest in terms of the coaching question there um do we agree on everything I think we I think we have our disagreements but they're just discussions yeah we very rarely or anything we point-blank like no that's not right because we have very open minds yeah and we'll discuss things and share our opinions yeah I don't think there's anything why we're like no that's not right yeah and if we do have sort of like a you know something that Danny thinks is something I don't agree then we'll always have a reason to back it up and we'll discuss it and we'll probably end up just agreeing anyway so we don't we don't really argue about anything um dude can't trace macros in a mini Cup so you do don't you yeah I literally track everything and sometimes to be honest I'm I've always been like this and I've always been kind of if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it properly especially as someone who has had to do quite hard in the past I don't want to be one of those people who has to end up going really low-calorie because of the fact that they're not tracking everything wrongly and I always have that in the back of my head and also like yeah I just I'm one of those people who I like precision I like accuracy if I'm gonna do like a mini court I'll do everything really accurately and pretty anally if I'm honest and when I'm in my office easin I do have more flexibility AJ will attest to that like we got four meals and I don't always any tries to keep up with me I don't always like track everything to the gram and Aly Al and things like that but when I'm in like a fat loss phase such as a mini quarter competition prep I I find it hard not to be super precise and like just so yeah I think I'm a bit different in the sense that I lose fat really easily and I don't definitely not so easily and I I know when I'm in a deficit I can just feel it not that I oughta regulate that by just to go oh I'm in a deficit today I must be doing well I don't do tracking prejudge intuitive diet into society but no I have I have basically set foods I eat very similar each day and for the most part like I hate to sound like a dick but I know the calories and vegetables I know what tuna grams of blueberries looks like and don't get me wrong like I do I can eyeball yeah of course all over I'm just a bit anal yes yeah I'm not so anal at the moment we're saying anal a lot here um some talk I'm also handle with vegetables at the moment so I don't really track my vegetables if I'm honest if I'm I'm not weighing them but when I'm in a deficit for a contest prep oh my god like I'm absolutely like on it on it with everything like I'll weigh everything to the ground and that's just my mind so I like to I think this is not something that I think this is an issue for Danny at all I think it's fine for you to be this anal and cut but when I'm in a contest prep I like to save that switch that I can flick and I can just say okay cool let's go let's do this for 40 weeks and track my broccoli and weigh everything to the gram and I know that I have the mental capacity to be able to do that 40 40 weeks or whatever but when I'm in a mini cart and I know that I'm gonna lose scale weight anyway because I know that I'm doing enough I'm expending enough calories and I'm eating low enough calories to lose you know an extra gram of blueberries and extra 10 grams of ketchup you know I'm not going to cry over that at night so I am I'm a bit more relaxed and and I think that's a that's a good thing now and again when you when you can be something also like with females especially myself my scale weight fluctuates a lot more at that time the month and it's harder to look at my data and be like right I'm definitely progressing with fat loss so partly for that reason as well I like to be really accurate with everything and know that I'm doing all I can if that makes sense yeah whereas AJ drops weight like flipping ton of bricks as soon as the answer – Turner bricks That's not me – Brooke okay so we'll take one more question and this is probably more specific to me at the moment but there will be for you in the future and it's actually kind of spicy you can turn it on his head and sort of say whether you'll be honest so it's a good question is when coaching multiple clients would you be honest with where they're gonna place and whether one is gonna place ahead of the other so I will always be honest with the fact that a degree capacity of my knowledge so I will always say where I think or how well I think they are going to do like for example Connor and Josh this weekend I absolutely I knew the lineup I knew there were three guys that would be very very good and I told Connor and Josh I said this is gonna be a tough lineup boys like you're gonna strut you're gonna you're gonna struggle here to come up the top because they are both very young juniors they're just falling into the junior bracket like for example Connors just gone into an off season and he's gonna come back in 2022 as a junior like yeah he's got that long yeah he's got that long my god so he's gonna take the whole of this year the rest of this year the whole of 2020 the whole of 2021 and then come back in 2022 Connor you got sick insane twenty like kill these next two years he's gonna look ridiculous Wow yeah when he when he's when he said that because I didn't actually know when he when he was 23 when he said when he was 23 I was like okay game over like you're gonna be very difficult to be in 2022 you know he's already very good you know he's already a decent junior so he's gonna just be ridiculous but yeah so I said to them like it's gonna be very hard show and this year is gonna be emotionally psychologically very tough for me because I'm invested into a lot of these guys and girls but guys more specifically because the guys I'm coaching will know like if they work out they keep following each other's progress then they know who's competing against – and I've got some pretty damn good guys who are going to be back-to-back with each other in the same lineups so we're looking at ideally what I want is like just create lineups where I've got like my guys one two three one two three one two three and just get a load of British qualifications and then chuck them more than the final and have them all battle it out and at that point I'm not saying he's winning right now I'm telling people who's like I'm saying like you've got the potential to like do really really well and I know they have because I know what the calibers like I know full well what a British champion junior looks like because I've seen it three years in a row you know I know what I know what the junior is meant to look like when they win wells and I know some of my guys have got that potential so I'll be honest with them and I'll say whether they have it or not and that that's it really and then Danny you you're very similar aren't you in terms of when you were coaching Amy you were yeah you worried she could do well I'm very honest and neither of us will blow smoke up up up up our clients arses like and like sugarcoat the truth or lie but or exaggerate what they have the capability to achieve for example like I've had clients who approached me months ago and said that they wanted to go straight until Frontera and I told them to take this year off and compete in 2020 because they're just not ready yeah I will always be honest and if someone's not ready they're not ready and if any of my clients get to the stage where they need to push their shows back I will tell them that I will not just be a fascist oh my god but I think it's really important to remember that every show a JME serious yeah I think it's important to remember that everybody has their own potential and you can't control who else shows up to your shows and I know AJ obviously knows the UK DFB a really well he knows gonna he knows who could who is going to show up to each show pretty much with the the Federation's that my clients are competing in they're absolutely huge Federation's and I legitimately don't know who's going to turn up hmm so I don't even know myself how they are going to place in the lineup however what I can tell them is if they are in their best shape possible and if they're not I will push their show back or just be really honest with them and say let's do it like this show is a bit of a warm-up and then a later one and get in condition or something and I'll always be really honest with them about that potential and what they have the ability to achieve and and I'll praise them where it's due for example with Amy she did obviously so well it body power and whole and I know she has the potential to do very well at the British finals I've told you that and so yeah I'll always be really honest but I think it's really important to remember that you can only control yourself so it's pointless comparing yourself to other people who are going to turn up just show up in your best shape and you'll achieve your full potential and if you've done that you should be very proud of yourself yes it's a competitive sport but especially if it's your first season competing and you know you've never been stage lean before you don't know what to expect from a prat don't focus on what everyone else is doing show up in your best shape and you will achieve your full potential then you can work from there yeah absolutely very good answer and one that will stick by for all of our coaching career until we're getting people on like pro stages which will be in the not so distant future and that at that point what do we do do we just say yeah you're you're a pro yeah you're just a pro now and you just like you've achieved it I think that's actually a good comment because if we were gonna coach pros we'd have to have a really good understanding of the pro league you know like for example like right now like you yourself you haven't gone so many IFBB Pro shows don't get me wrong I stalk them all over Instagram and I watch every single live however it's very different they're seeing it in real life so hopefully you know one day I'll get on the pro stage myself and all experienced that myself we'll see yeah for now yeah and I've not so an important one for coaches too so if you're listening to this in you're a coach and you're telling your clients you when or you're going to you can intern Pratt yeah your Ginosar oh okay like do you know what a pro looks like like do you know the difference between turning pro and the UK versus the u.s. yeah you know what the u.s. caliber is like do you know what the IFBB are looking for if you're coaching a bikini athlete do you know what the standards are in you couldif behaved versus PCA versus two bros like a natural bodybuilding do you know what the standards are conditioning wise now like there is a lot of factors to consider and you've got to be at shows to be able to see what's required and what's needed which and mean AJ like we both get to as many shows who's physically can like every single show that we can we will be there and we also go to a diverse range of federations as well like allows research the UK the FBA I've seen what the quality is like there and what the bikini girls like there obviously I've competed with PCA and tuberose myself and I've been to watch those shows AJ came to watch my two bro show we we really do do everything we can to understand the the differences between the Federation's and the differences between categories to the best of our abilities so that we can get our clients where they need to be for what they're competing in and not just be like you've got a lot of potential you know let's just diet you and see what happened sort of thing you will turn pro and I think yeah too many people blow smoke up their own clients arses and I don't think it's a good thing because and if you say Stu somebody that they're going to like win the British finals for example if you say it's someone you are going to win the British finals if they don't win they're not going to be a very happy boy yeah they're gonna be really upset yeah upset and you've just like set someone up for success and literally like basically pied them in the face yeah you have and that's something you'll immediately lose that client so for example like with corner like I didn't tell him he was gonna win a British championship tell him he's gonna win a show so after the show and he checked in today and he said how he felt he said he felt awesome because I just told him we're just going to do the best we can and we're gonna take our boxes and we're gonna see where that lands Lanza's and that's what he did in the elephant plastic season so yeah on that note I think we'll leave it there so that's an hour and ten minutes of I was chatting away hope you enjoyed it guys yeah I hope you enjoyed it as always you know shoot up on your Instagram stories and give us a tag and we'll be back again a couple of weeks time with another one another update at that point Danny will be shredded that's laughable guys I'll be ready alright cool guys and I will speak you next week all right lots of love and yep Church in a bit bye say bye bye

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