24 Replies to “Darkstalkers 3 – Fetus of God Theme”

  1. What I have to say about this stage: The name of this stage offended me like crazy (cause I was having religious reservations at the time) when I first saw it, and it didn't help that Jedah was splurtin blood every freakin where! But..the song was okay. And Jedah is an evil type bad guy who I would've wanted to see again, as long as it wasn;t in that stage. Thanks to what I used to think in the past, I still have reservations about this stage. Damn it. Religion's not bad. It just hurts my heart.

  2. Good idea, but because there are so many awesome Darkstalker's themes (VH Dimitri, and the Best: Pyron's) they should also make an option to customize music for each stage! The Final Boss should be Jedah.followed by Pyron, followed by a giant Pyron! Huaaahaaahaahaa

  3. if Capcom ever decides to grace the world with a Darkstalkers 4, I hope they make "the Fetus of God" the final boss

  4. @Blueknightex Yes. He's stealing the souls of humans and demons alike so that this foul demon god may be born and become the ruler of the new universe of darkness. It's a story as goddamned evil as the stage itself.

  5. The most freakiest and most disgusting stage ever! Even my friends and those people who've only played this for the 1st time agree!

    That Baby in the middle is yuck!
    What is..IT? It says Fetus Of God so…um?
    And how is the stage linked to Jedah? Was he trying to create some sort of Omen child?

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