DATING IN 1999 vs. 2019

And then it turns out Bruce Willis character is dead the whole time. Whoa cool now i don’t have to be surprised. Hey wanna go back to my place and bang? Yeah. Detective pikachu was so cute. nononono No spoilers lalalala! Anyways wanna go back to my parent’s place and bang? Olivia:Yeah,cool Oh my god so how was that date with aidan last night? It was awful. He took me to Chili’s and I was like, do you hate me? Uhhh. If he took you to Chili’s then you know the answer to that question. Okay! (Laughter) Okay wait. How was your date last night with Jason? Oh My God it was awffuuull… NOT! He took me to chilli’s so I blew him until he clamed in his jorts . Oh my god! That is true love. You go girl. Okaaay! Got some milk with that shake, girl? Ooo, you all that and a bag of chips. Gurl, you’re hella fly! What do you say we get …. jiggy wid it? Let’s go to the woods; You be my Blair Witch. (gasp) You make me see dead people girl! Tell you what. You call me Jack, I’ll call you Rose. (Titanic theme playing) No… I’m just a Joe Jonas looking for my Sophie Turner. Oh, sick. Then what do I say? Then you copy and paste it. Okay, sick. Send it to 200 other girls… Send it off, do it. …maybe one of them respond? Yes. Probably not. Oh. Noice! Crystal, I know you’re the only girl I’ve ever dated, but I’m sure you’re the one. I love you so much, Johnny. I can’t wait to get married and start a family with you. And if it doesn’t work out, divorce is always an option. Let’s go watch The Matrix at a local theater. Nice. Isabelle, I know you’re the only girl I’ve dated and I’m sure you’re the one for me, but I want to sleep with other people before we settle down. I love you, but I can wait before we get married and start a family. Maybe in 15 years? Haha! Sound’s great baby, cuz we got time to do whatever we- GUUHH!!! *splits out drink* I-It’s okay we still have time to (Bus has entered the chat) *gasp then SCREAMS* *moans* I’m okay, baby, it’s just a small flesh wou- TRAIN!!! TRAIIIIN!!!!! *Train track noises* Sup Laura. Hey Trent! Hop in my car and we’ll drive to an unfamiliar location for our actual date. Sweet, let’s bounce. Siiick Uh…Ava? Jacob? Yeah hey- -stop right there! Just so you know, 30 people know my location and my two best friends followed me here. Okay, do you still want to go get coffee err- -YOU WANT TO TAKE ME TO A SECOND LOCATION!?!?! NO WAY, BUDDY! We’re gonna stand right here, and look at each other. Okay. EYES UP HERE, BUCKO!!!! Sorry! EYE CONTACT!!! Hello ladies, my name is Shawn which rhymes with yawn which is what you won’t do when we go on a date, Uh…’cause I’m not boring Um…If you want to call me just pick up the phone and ask for smooth operator because that’s what I am. Haha… if you want Um…Some people say that I am lonely. That’s because I am. *Depressed realization* Is this profile just pictures of his abs? Yeah. I guess I’ll f*** him. Definitely! Yeah. Holy schnikeys, that’s a noice BUTT! Did you really just say that in front of me? Chill out babe! Howard Stern does it all-time Yeah, I guess that makes it okay Yeah…You wanna go see The Matrix in theaters? Oh my god, YES!!! Alright, great. What are you doing? Commenting on this girl’s Instagram to say she has a nice butt. Why would you tell me that?! Our therapist said to communicate more openly with each other. Yeah, I think she meant more like our feelings Ohhhhhh… I…feelll that I like this girl’s butt. How was your date with Jayden last night? Oh, oh my god, I told him to eat my ass. YYAAASS How was your date with Michael last night? Uhhh…I told him to eat my ass What? Honey, I’m so sorry you had to break things off like that. It’s whatever. You wanna go watch The Matrix? (gasp) Totally! To us. Lettuce go home now …and bang. It’s like kom-bu chill out. You know what I’m saying? Oh my god, I wonder what language that is. Courtney: I don’t know (Insane laughter) Oh, Isabelle. I was like…Kambucha? More like KambuYAAASS (Laughter) That’s so funny. Courtney: Uh yeah, I’m going to tweet it I think Aww…It’s 3:11. Green day, Fresh prince, Final Fantasy VII, Pogs Look at each other! Your eyes scare me. Good. You’re like a sage…you’re like my guide, dude. That’s what everybody says, you know? Is that for real? Yeah, dude. Why have we not capitalized on this? Sh**, I don’t know, man We charge admission, we have like a commune, you get people to abandon their earthly ways and you’re the leader of this like not a cult like you would never say it’s a cult. Right. But…(under his breath) it’s a cult. Dude, I’m down. And only chicks… Only chicks. Damien: Straight up…and me Right. Guys, We’ve just been informed that this is the best video on the Internet. Now, if you want to click the best video on the internet: Every road trip ever, click that box on the left. And if you want to see the greatest videos on the internet; Click that playlist on the right. It’s all Smosh summer games apocalypse, baby. (Captions by Nat Carlson

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  1. Could you make: Having a babie in the 1990's vs 2019?

    Like now we using high tech baby objects but back then parents cared about their babies more

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