Dave Chappelle’s Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

Tonight I’m gonna do something that I’m
not particularly good at but that I like to do. Tonight I’m gonna try some impressions out. [applause] I only got two. Alright, the first impression is kinda dumb
but I like it. This is my impression, are you ready? This is my impression of the Founding Fathers
of America when the Constitution was being written. You ready? Here it goes. Hurry up and finish that Constitution, n*****. I’m trying to get some sleep. It’s not bad, right? Alright, the next one… the next one is a little harder. I want to see if you can guess who it is I’m
doing an impression of. Alright, let me get into character, you gotta
guess who it is, though. [clears throat] Okay, here it goes: Uh, duh, hey, durr If you do anything wrong in your life, duhh,
and I find out about it I’m gonna try and take everything away from
you and I don’t care when I find out could be today, tomorrow, fifteen, twenty
years from now if I find out, you’re f******, duhh, finished! Who was that? That’s you! That’s what the audience sounds like to
me. That’s why I don’t be comin’ out doin’
comedy all the time because y’all n***** is the worst motherf******
I’ve ever tried to entertain in my f****** life!

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  1. Everybody loves making 9/11 jokes. I’m from nyc and watched both towers fall with my own eyes when I was a little kid and the after math. One of the most traumatizing things I’ve ever endured (and believe me when I say I’ve seen some shit). If I can put up with 9/11 jokes and sometimes even laugh myself at them, You fucks can deal with the gay, black, offensive jokes etc. without trying to cancel someone. I’m a black Latino btw

  2. The amount of shit reviews I've read about this special purely due to the "controversial" subject matter is crazy! It's fucking comedy! What ever happened to just enjoying jokes?

  3. Liberal media states: " all the worst white people love Dave Chappelle". Just saw the headline. The left is insane!!!

  4. I thought with it bein about impressions I could sneak in one clip of Chappelle comedy genius without him whinin about racism – he got me though, touché dave chappelle

  5. Now the SJW's are going after Dave. Thankfully he won't back down from their bullying shit and will throw it right back in their face.

  6. My favorite comedian after George Carlin, and Richard Pryor. Gotta keep comedy alive in this unpalatable pc world!

  7. I hope Dave encourages more Comedians to go after the "Get woke or go broke " Bullshit culture. All you have to do is say how you feel and your real fans will give them the middle finger too.

  8. The audience laughs when he says, “that’s you,” but there is no way they could have understood the joke at that point… A room full of people laughing at something they don’t understand but know is supposed to be funny. Good job.

  9. All time favorite comedians I’ve said for long time that have made me cry the great Dave chapelle amd Rodney carrington weird combo but I love em cowboy white guy and a black guy

  10. Of course they thought the second impression was Trump. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s YOU! Let that sink in, you bunch of wussies.

  11. They edited out the part where the stupid audience kept yelling, “Trump!” while guessing the second impression

  12. This audience doesn’t deserve to listen to comedy for saying trump. Bunch of fucking sheep who need to visit north korea

  13. Dave: “Who’s that?” Audience: “Trump!!!!” Dave: “Thaaaat’s You!!!! That’s what the audience sounds like to me!!!!” 💀💀☠️☠️

  14. The audience seems so grateful to be free to laugh; to enjoy the age old feeling of finding ourselves hilarious, without worrying about the proper uniform or label. Awesome.

  15. Dave is still funny, but a little sensitive. People critiquing nearly every thing you did comes with the territory of being Rich and Famous. Get use to it Dave.

  16. He's the ONLY comedian that can bïtch slap his audience, have them laugh their asses off at it and get away with it.

  17. Porte Richmond; season one [Amazon Prime]:


  18. It’s hilarious that the audience was yelling TRUMP!….then he comes back with “NO….THATS YOU!”
    Perfect!! I can’t stand liberal PC thoughts, and neither can he.

  19. Dave can predict his future , he understands American politics, they will come after him as soon they are done using him. If you dont believe me ask ..Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, R Kelly…etc

  20. Oooh My, Goodnessss" You must remember you cannot say anything bad about women, demo Rat, black women or women of color, feminism, Jews, homosexuals, transsexuals, gays, dogs, and the corrupt child support court system!! If you do they will be coming to take you away!! ***American Born Black Men For President Trump!! WWG1WGA!! ***

  21. You means, all of us who has tolerated this censorship / ban / sensitive environment that has taken away 1A. Career is over because you said this, message this, think this. How the god dam am I suppose to act? Like a little controlled dummy. DUHHHHHHHH

  22. jokes about molesting kids
    doing drugs
    degenerate sex
    all encouraged.
    jokes about marxist ideology?
    ooooh….edgy bro
    jokes about jews
    to know who rules over you….

  23. Richard Pryor —> Eddie Muphy —> Chris Rock —> Dave Chapelle …. The succession of the Comedy Thrown. Dave Chapelle is now a Comedic god. This is brilliant.

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