Day 1 I'm Vlogging My Period

oh I do butter feeling so groovy today good morning it is cycle day 1 and I wanted to vlog a little bit each day in this cycle just to share with you what I experienced I feel like my cycles are pretty good I'm really happy with them and yeah I just wanted to share a gal I follow did the same thing and I really enjoyed it actually I don't know if it seems like a weird thing how like some people are obsessed with pimple popping or like YouTube videos about like foot fungus but I like cycles I think it's so interesting because I track my basically new cycle day one was gonna be yesterday or today and so I placed in my cup yesterday and it started in the middle of the night which hasn't happened to me probably in like 10 years or so so so that was easy there's no problems when that happening on the random time and also I just woke up a because it's a weird one spilled at the end of the previous cycle feeling cycle day 1 it's just it's like a wave like crashing it says to me as a feeling today I'm gonna focus on just hanging and join I should be able to do all my regular daily tasks might rest a little bit here and there I am feeling really good today but I know that I'm gonna house and like achiness little discomfort in the birth canal area so I'm going to do some golden milk milk is inflammatory for a lot of people but I do totally fine rod Jersey not homogenized milk I'm gonna do turmeric and ginger frost that with some coconut oil just making the milk warm it's not gonna be like it's pasteurized and then I'm gonna do some essential oils for inflammation and that's gonna be a really good start to the day otherwise they did all my normal supplements like glass of vinegar water already this morning I take greens capsules B vitamins fatigue MSM and I also usually add a little bit of powder vitamin C to my apple cider vinegar but I am a subpoena because your hormones soften your stool and vitamin C can also do that as well I just don't need extra of that so I skip the vitamin C for a couple days to put Agena of my cycle otherwise singleton today feeling groovy until a meeting motion Lee doing pretty good discomfort it's a very minimal got Taurus done but it ended very well last night because the cramping was kind of waking me up and he used bathroom a couple times so I'm going to take a little bit more sore like my veins are a little sore just kind of – sit and rest but luckily now that it's dinner time I because I'd be super dinner a break this time I just marinated some meat for like pork sandwiches and cold slaw and we're good to go day one I wish the varicose veins were there's not a thing but it's not the end of the world they were really mild today a little didn't notice I'm a bit sees a previous cycle I didn't use my progesterone enhancing supplement for about two-thirds of the cycle so today was definitely heavier than usual and I had to rent out my cup twice it was totally full and usually I may be through the whole day without messing with it at all so that was the thing progesterone helps make your paradigm as heavy but it's one of the things that it does very cool anyway so I just was not my supplement as much last cycle and I definitely noticed that specific effect otherwise I just felt like mentally clear emotionally kind of like lifting from breaking hormones and yeah I'm just looking forward to tomorrow I hope hopefully my veins will feel a little bit better and I might not even be able to work out so I don't push myself first couple days in my cycle if I can't work out that's fine although something I super love to do and like mentally and emotionally like I definitely I'm like could do it but I do like to get my body a little bit of rest I'm going to actually stay up a little late get some work done on my computer chat with a friend although I probably should get some sleep but whatever and you can never be in today so it's gonna be fine anyways I'll see you guys tomorrow hey thanks so much for watching this episode of the period vlog look in the description for info and notes references all the fun stuff and happy hormones summit has a free Facebook group for women that are empowering each other to go from enslaved by their hormones to empowered by their hormones you can also catch up a hormone summit at happy hormone summit a hun Instagram and don't forget on these YouTube videos to hit the bell for notifications so you can see the next episode as soon as it comes out I will see you in the next episode

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