Day 3 Part II: Increase Your Confidence. Channel Your Menstrual Cycle.

second month day three of the series so as I mentioned in the previous videos I am working on a course and this pertains to my long term business and life and for you ladies you get to work on your own business as you find out your purpose and find out what you're being called for my point in saying all this is to really make at least one or one and a half hours of working on that each day I notice a big shift in my life ever since I've done that because I actually feel like I'm getting something done for myself me the CEO of my own business it's giving me the confidence to reach out to other high levels people versus when I didn't do anything anything done and just went to work and that was all my life I felt like I was unworthy of talking to those people who already have all these things together and the thing is these people who supposedly have all these things together they're actually pretty open as long as you speak to them with respect even if you don't have any of the foundation yourself yet so because I've broken that ice for myself it's starting to become more easy and asking for what I want and not just in business but for everywhere else in my life also I sent something in work which came out and I didn't intend to say it it just came out but I said that Wow my breasts feel much more full because I'm on my period and it sounds gross to say at work but that actually turns several guys on to make it even freakier I said yeah whenever I'm on this time of the month I tend to get very horny and then I got several of these men very curious and I've made it very easy to quickly take them to the VIP room so you can actually lie and use that or switch your mind frame into believing you're such a freak that these guys want to get you so badly when you are on your period cuz I know ladies most of us we do not feel good when we're on our period it's hard to feel sexy in that way but you can practice feeling sexy with that line alone or with that idea alone so I hope this helps happy hustling ladies

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