Day 6 of IVF stims

so hello ladies how is everyone I am doing my last like weekly update whatever you want to call it I'm actually gonna do this from the very beginning because last time I already had like my stuff drawn up and if people were asking me about objection techniques or whatever so I'm gonna do is from like the very very beginning so I have my strange channel I have a three milliliter with the 22 already attached forward the draw I already snapped off my lids for my med impure and these sodium to go ahead and snap theirs off take a alcohol wipe wipe off your tops and obviously wash your hands before you do any of this so you wipe off your tops just like I did with breathing room and package you know were syringe EP were 22 which is like the long scary one that nobody wants to ever look at keep that one on there now I do have Q caps I don't use them and I don't really know how to use them to be honest I don't have those in the field so sorry how about that but I know it does help to prevent needle sticks so if you want to use them certainly advise that you do so uncap make sure you have the double check when there's things double check make sure you have a sodium you're going to place it down on your counter give your fingers away for like using the Q cap insert it into your vial you're going to pull back until your needle point is just below the bumper which is like inside on the PNC F but then you're going to draw doesn't matter how fast though whatever you're gonna draw it is going to look like you have a tiny bit left in there that's just normal so you can see let's say there's some tiny bit left in there which is fine now when you take your file off you're going to take our needle push up lick it take your menopur powder so it same thing sets down the counter insert your needle just like this and work your solution in there achieve your needle recap just for safety reasons take this don't shake it don't throw it across the room and then go edit whatever and just literally take it and rub it between your fingers so just like this for a couple seconds alcohol again it's just one of my things you only have to but that's how I do it alcohol again put the 22 stolen there draw up do not use your one that you're going to inject because you can Avon the needle and B break your seal so you're going to draw same way we just did with the sodium chloride uncap read happy needle and then we're going to get the bubbles out so you can see then I kind of have some bubbles in there sort of kind of see you right here you don't want that because that's going to cause problems so push up very slowly very gently until you see that it's kind of right at your needle holder this sounds not be a hoarder sorry middle attachment and then you see how I still have bubbles down the bottom there click until you don't have them see they all went to the top tell you what unscrew it now you're ready to inject so unscrew your 22 put your 30 sub-q needle on there and make sure that you have nothing in there now I'm currently I think is this does hurt me at least now didn't used to but now it does maybe just leave your somatic Ottawa so I used my little cute magic okay so since I am ready to interact I am going to get my own alcohol wait I'm going to try to show this sorry the best I can you can see I kind of reach myself a little bit there I'm gonna do both sides I could did the first time oh my god I need lose weight okay so since I iced this side that's already know that's where I'm gonna inject now everybody does at different places the best place to do a sub-q is right about here so right words nice and cold and just go for it don't hesitate don't do any of that just go slow slow there's a lot easier I have figured that out and always see you in mind up for your first and of the two so yes it's going to take you a couple seconds and then pull out I am a bleeder so just dab a little bit there I'm done and now that I can come back to you guys we cap unscrew the Oh needs to go in sharps it's just your actual sharps these do not need to go in there your preference but I don't like to waste space so that one's done now for fall so pretty easy I actually already prepped to this but so this is kind of long video sorry guys put your cartilage in there if it's not already in there just go it in and attach a needle I'm going to continue this on another video and I think this one's too long so hang tight

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