Day 8 Cycle 5 after Miscarriage. TTCing Update

hi guys welcome back to the channel just a really quick catch-up today to see how you're all doing and to let you know how I'm doing so as you know I'm trying for baby number six it's had its ups and downs and we begin cycle 5 after my miscarriage if you have missed any my story or you'd like to get to know me I'm Ingrid a married to Aaron we have two beautiful daughters three beautiful boys and we're currently trying for maybe a gender suede pink but we're not bothered and it's gonna be baby number six but as you know if you've been following me I've had the miscarriage back in February and January beginning of February and it took until the end of February March to get my periods back there's been lots of ups and downs so if you'd like to follow my channel go back and watch some videos there's even really old videos when I first started my gender gender swayed pink I've got my little girl in 2016 and there's the ideas how I did it so like at the end of the video because it really helps me and don't forget to subscribe and when I hit 500 subscribers I will do a gender gender neutral goody pack and it will be the first at the Hat so do subscribe and recommend me and share my videos to other people um little update then so today I'm so called eight eight I finished a s on day five basically it was a shock that I came on because as you know we baby danced a lot we use digital ovulation sticks the advance clear blue along with the cheapy apks as well but I didn't oscillate till day 20 which was a lot later than I usually ovulate I have a 28 29 day cycle I'm pretty much regular I stopped breastfeeding in October so probably took a little while for it to sort of completely get there like with my regularity of my cycles but to be honest give or take I'm 28 to 29 days and if I come on it's usually like late in the evening on the 28th day so this time I came on as as clockwork the 28th day in the morning though at 6 a.m. and I was really depressed and down because all you TT see is them now whether it's your first baby you're trying for or maybe your seventh baby you're trying for it feels like you've suffering grief and a loss the first day of air and it really takes a good day or two for me to snap out with it so the first day I obviously did you a video to let me know how I was feeling I wasn't feeling as downbeat as I have done some cycles but I sure was feeling horrible and I just couldn't believe it I think maybe I might baby dance too much we did do it like every single day we only missed like three days in the hope we literally started two days after I'd finished my period right the way through it was good not knowing when I was gonna offer late that was really really stressful and full of anxiety oh I'll be back in a minute okay then you go and I'll get you some more in a minute good girl bribing her she's been to singer Ling's again this morning we went to another group today to meet a few more new mums which I thought it's quite nice with my friend Joe we sort of um have a few people we know there but it's really lovely for her she enjoys it and then I have to do some mundane shopping so it was really nice to get back and she's just been in the garden but today we're currently getting a little bit of a heatwave yesterday and today the humidity is gone it's just a nice bright sunshiny day but I think she's had quite a lot of sunlight so I've put on a cartoon for her and we're doing marshmallows of bribery I love these little cute pots there anyway truce they're so lovely they're like Tommy need but if I fill those up with mini marshmallows she thinks she's getting a treat so that's good so as you know I have a period usually for about normally four days this one was a little bit unusual so I came on very regular although I had a twin isolated on day 20 I had a good 12 I had 13 days after ovulated when I came on my cycle so it was like having a 28-day cycle if you know what I mean so I didn't come on on the 28-day but it was a good luteal phase so if there was a good egg it had every chance to implant my East region was detected on the clear blue digital coz I'd a flashy light as you know for 11 days straight so that meant the estrogen was good in my body it was being detected so I was perfectly happy that that was all going to plan we baby dance my husband has been on the prenatal vitamins were going to the third month now he's definitely been cutting out a lot of sugary drinks and he only has his two caffeine drinks in the morning which I'm not going to make him cut out because he doesn't smoke he doesn't drink alcohol it's just two coffees he likes before he goes to work and yeah he eats really healthy here so do i we always had a healthy supper I try and put out granola yogurt berries for breakfast he might go with a bowl of granola so our diet is really good and everything's in place so I don't know what happened last month I really don't so yeah I came on basically after a good long luteal phase people were saying which I knew anyway but thank you it really helps if you ovulate you really do need at least 12 clear days after that ovulation 2:16 for that impact implant if you've got a short luteal phase that's where it's good to take vitamin b6 to obviously help with the implantation it prevents miscarriage it's great for hormonal regularity it is a good vitamin to take and those prenatal vitamins have it in so if you've got a really good diet you're quite young and healthy and you're taking a prenatal you probably won't need b6 extra but I'm taking it because obviously I want to take every box I've been trying now this will be the fifth cycle we're going to cycle five after a miscarriage now because I've suffered that miscarriage and I've not fallen like two or three times that's when I said right I'm gonna take b6 if I don't fall last cycle so I've kick-started that as you know I've got quite a low dose it's 375 milligrams along with magnesium in it because magnesium is amazing on the baby girl diet and the gender sway pink diet but also it's so good for fatigue and tiredness and I know I haven't got an iron right an iron dip because I eat so much greens and I have lots of umm don't I bread me but I know iron is found in lots of things like licorice if you like that lots of green foliage nuts and seeds and I do have a lot of that I really enjoy liquorice seeds green foliage and I don't feel anemic I feel that sometimes I get that in pregnancy a lot so I dunno the feeling of that and I only have bloodstone probably about nine months ago and nothing was showing in that so I'm happy that I'm the iron deficient but the magnesium really helps me tired and fatigued so that's really good so it's a low dose that I'm taking reason being I want to take it all the way through and I've got a prenatal that I take anyway if you take higher dose of b6 like a lovely lady who's absolutely wonderful she's following me now I think subscribe to my channel she said only take the b6 if you're doing a higher dose it's best to take when you have your first day of ovulation because you don't want to like muck around the ovulation and things like that it can upset the applecart so to speak if it's a high dose and you're taking all the way through which I sort of understood anyway so low dose all the way through is normally fine you can check the GP anyway or your health provider because I'm not medically trained remember but this is just what I'm doing so I've got a low dose of that which I'm taking all the way through I take it at night my magnesium and iron I'm sorry my magnesium and b6 tablet just with a glass of water before I go to bed however I forgot it yesterday so I did take I took it in the morning so I just think it's for me I was taking it at night I just thought it was better because I take my prenatal vitamin in the morning so I do that usually about 10 o'clock once I've had something to eat I also when I'm not pregnant in the 2-week way I take a vitamin C tablet I don't take these all the way through I just don't because I eat tons of oranges again prenatal vitamins got it in anyhow but I've been taking these now basically every day until I go one DP o on one DP o I will not be taking this my husband however takes one of these everyday he likes his vitamin C tablet and it's a cheeky drink before you go out so if you use a tumbler that sort of size filled up with ice-cold water with one of these in basically he's had a good drink so he's had his two coffees with breakfast and then he has one of those boy goes out so it doesn't really matter doesn't get a drink for a little while I've also been filling up my big drinks bottles which I'll show you in a minute with lots of ice and I've been trying to drink two of those a day just to keep my water flowing because as we know you've got to have lots of watering you for a good cm flow as you get to your third soon as you hit 30 you'll see em will go down a bit which is annoying because a lot of people don't stop TT seeing nowadays till they're 30 is quite well-known however it's proven medically that is not me saying this it's proven medically the more fluid you drink it really really helps with your cervical mucus and you need to cervical mucus to keep the bacteria and harmful germs at bay you need it to help them swimmers go up you you need cervical mucus and I monitor that as a part of the ovulation stage and I know that I go dry after AF I know that I have one to two days dry then I get a very watery CM followed by quite a lotion II followed by my egg white stretchy and it's not really really stretchy like it was and I was like 23 24 but it is it's there I know it's the proper stuff that's fertile sorry if it's TMI but please it's a tea it is a tea tea seeing channel about ovulation pregnancy and well-being and you know this is what we want to know the facts if you're doubting what you're getting down below hopefully this will help and like I say get the tree going comment down below ask me questions give me advice because I love it I absolutely love it I've learned so much from you guys it is untrue so yeah if you've got a question ask me then someone answers it and it's amazing so perhaps today you've learnt something drink lots more water incorporate water into your daily routine of drinking and you will get that lovely cervical mucus you might not get the egg white stretchy if you past the age of 31 32 it might go to that you know it's fine but you will notice difference it won't be that lotion e tacky like a body lotion in your hand it won't be like that sometimes it's a bit gluey like if you imagine PVA glue in your hand it won't be like that I get that normally I normally get that after the watery so I get nothing followed by watery followed by that lotion II followed by my egg white and then I usually get nothing until a F shows and if I do get creamy get quite excited because that is a very good symptom that you could be pregnant if your creamy creamy serum carries on through that is a very very good chance you might be pregnant it is a good pointer that's the only symptom I had before I came on AF it was a good symptom to have but obviously it didn't turn out well for me so going back on track as you know I've been incorporating all my vitamins but I just think something wasn't on it wasn't on schedule was it number four wasn't my cycle so let's hope number five is so yeah basically I'm taking a vitamin C most days if I don't remember it it's not heart breaking but I'm doing that and then I stopped on one DP over before one DP o because I don't wanna take too much vitamin C because to be honest I think for me vitamin C especially when it's a big one like this like this is a chunky old effervescent one which means it fizzes in water you can't swallow those obviously um it's a thousand milligrams so that is quite intense if you've got a little seed fertilizing inside your little egg you don't want to do any damage so check with your health provider if you do want to take this all the way through I personally wouldn't recommend it because when I was late on a period and I was worried because I knew I wasn't pregnant I just wanted my period to come it was highly recommended that I took one of these everyday night heat pads on me and I did do that and on day three I came on my period which is great so I don't want to recommend vitamin C to any of you ladies in the two week great just in case but if it's alright for you to do so go for it so yeah I do a vitamin C tablet right from the day I come and yif right the way through so I've been taking those so health wise I feel good I feel positive now now that that horrible first few days is out the window my period was really different this time that's what I was saying so I often late it late I'm day 20 we did the baby dancing I came on now I had one day my first day was really light like I came on about 6 a.m. in the morning it didn't get heavy flow till about 5 6 o'clock in the evening normally I come on and I'm quite heavy almost within a few hours it was a little bit longer and I'm normally heavy for two days medium for two spitty spotty for day five this time I was like for day one heavy said two days really heavy and yeah the fourth day hardly anything and then day five I wore a panty liner but there's nothing in it so I probably say my period was over and done with within four days but I just wore a little panty line and I'd the tiniest bit and spot on Friday on the fifth day so day sex all clear and I was bone-dry of cm on both day 5 day 6 day 7 I'm on day 8 today day 7 I had so much cream ECM yesterday well creamy watery I mean water ECM lots I've been getting its the weather's hot which doesn't help but I had a lot yesterday I had a shower halfway through the day after sports day at the children's school so yeah cm was flowing yesterday and today exactly the same it's probably going to that lotion needs consistency today which is a bit sooner than usual I only have two days of watery I've had a bad day and a half of watery and today is lotion II however I started my Oakley case ticks on day six reason being again so I bought cheeky ones this time because I'm not going to do the digital's till I hit like 1314 because I've only got six cartridges and they're majorly expensive bloody expensive and I don't want to be flashy for flipping 11 days I can't take it my anxiety goes through the roof it's horrible so I'm going to just use my Opie pay sticks as a guideline which all of you put on there and recommended which again really reassured me thank you so yeah I've bought tons of packs of those from the pound shop this time not online and the ones that I showed you in the last video don't sex I had quite a dark reading not positive but it was doc I'm gonna go through my ope progressions on my next video in the two week wait video but yeah I had like quite on day six did know PK at two o'clock in the afternoon and it was quite dark which surprised me and day seven yesterday it wasn't as dark as day six but it was dark so I'd be looking at them thinking in two days time I'll be a positive that sort of you know candy pink but it's not the same colour as the control line or darker like it should be it was a negative result but it was dark as in you can see color days day a I've not done my OPP out at 3:00 o'clock I've got school run in an hour because there are clubs tonight but I really am tempted I've just done literally a PE ten minutes ago before I came on here I'm gonna quickly go and dip in a minute and I will show you my progression line I'm thinking that'd be the same as yesterday but as I say that's all I'm telling tracking it Aaron I've looked online and I don't know whether you know this I knew this anyway but I've done some research and poor Aaron I feel a bit awful because he's on a prenatal and he does take prenatal vitamin and he does take one of these every day and he's so lovely but he was more gutted than I was this cycle he was quite upset not crying I don't mean he's not a crier but he was like when I said it's not our month as she knows in the shower and he was on going to the doctor's and as a note right so he has gone and invested in these they're from a chemist you can get from the health shop better known as Indian ginseng it's Asha waka and uh uh shove wagon ashwagandha right but it's better known as Indian ginseng it's really good anyway it gives you real zest and energized like vitality it's amazing one to take I take Royal route ginger in hot water which always does it for me but this is particularly good to nourish sperm really good and to get your energy levels high it's really good actually if you have low testosterone or just low sex drive as well it can be a really good one there's another herb you can do horny goat sweet as well but I don't think you can have that well TT seeing because that's the bones as well but I just thought to nourish the seed and make sure everything is taking the box with Aaron as well you know there's no problems in the baby dancing department at all but I just said to Aaron would you be willing to maybe look into taking one of these with your others because it's not in a prenatal vitamin you will not get indian ginseng in a prenatal vitamin not the ones we use anyway you might have it but it's not one in there and you can't readily get it from most foods ginseng so it's the Golden Wonder vitamin I think you only get 30 capsules oh no sixty and they're five milligrams that's quite a good one but you only take one of these a day normally after breakfast again really good for guys with low fertility or a sorry low sperm count or just for energy or to nourish the seed so we're just trying everything at the moment it's natural it's not going to harm anyone it's not gonna hurt him it's not like a drug a medically medical drug they are expensive we've got 60 capsules from Amazon this was from speed orange spice is calm and that little pack was $5.99 plus packaging so that'll keep him going this month and next but I'm hoping we'll be pregnant by then so we only bought the one pack so Aaron is taking that along with his prenatal vitamins and along with his vitamin C again the vitamin C's just upping because he doesn't want to get a cold work and things anyway he's always taken a bit Mincey most days to be fair and this was just for the whole wonder if you know perhaps it'll help me spur maybe us baby dancing weakened it maybe this will help and also oh my god fenugreek so good if you're breastfeeding to encourage your milk flow if you haven't heard of it it does work so if you're breastfeeding do consult with your health practitioner but when I was breastfeeding what they said if I struggled with getting my milk supply to take fenugreek capsules but I never did but my friend Kate did and it did help her she took them about a month into breastfeeding carried on till she stopped a little while ago and she successfully breastfed her little girl for four and a half months and now she's gone on a bottle quite happily and she's happy with that and it's great she used it and it's great for your hair I mean it's such a good supplement to take but I'm not taking this because I'm TT seeing and I don't want to upset the applecart I'm happy with my magnesium and b6 that I'm taking I'm happy with my vitamin C until my two-week way and I'm happy with my prenatal everything's good but this is what Karen's coking fenugreek he has taken two capsules a day he started it a week ago again from Amazon this is from supplemented co uk and it is 600 milligram tablet and it's recommended two tablets a day it's to support sperm and it saying if you have low testosterone or if you might have low sperm count or if you just want to try and nourish your seed it is amazing it says don't exceed the recommended dose it says it's only a supplement it's not a substitute for food so you know if you're getting it in a curry or any other food or vegetables you might not need it I know fenugreek again isn't one in a prenatal vitamin so it's not harming and it does say if you're breastfeeding or pregnant do consult your GP or medical professional before taking it but and it's not intended if you're under 18 so if you are trying for a baby you might be at 16 17 I don't know whatever your situation is it's not recommended under the age of 18 but this is purely to Aaron not myself so he's taken one of these they're tiny but they are 600 milligrams I like that they really smell disgusting and I've got to be honest they're not coming out through his skin like garlic wood or ginger chilli but he was a bit paranoid when he first started taking them but he's been on it now for eight days and he said he felt a little bit more energized and if you look up quick fenugreek and the benefits to male fertility it will come up with both ashwagandha I can never pronounce that sorry or Indian ginseng and that is such a good little one to get your hubby to take if he's on board its agenda sway in pink another good vitamin to take is the cranberry capsules but I like to get that in a whole food like a drink because I'm not keen on taking a capsule but I'm not on those either anyway so we're up on our vitamins a hundred percent so Erin's taken two phone agree one of those and is prenatal all balanced all grades and that's what's happening we're drinking a lot of fluid because it's hot now and that's sort of 2cn so everything's good yes and what apks are getting stronger I do feel maybe I'm gonna oscillate more on day on my normal time this time I don't feel as stressed this time I've got to be honest I'm just thinking I want it to happen now desperation was at its parama at is most paramount time last month I felt so deflated but then I thought you know what we baby dance seven nine oh my god we literally did it every day didn't we we just we missed a 13 day 16 day 19 and we did it Tuesday 21 from day 7 so you do the math we literally did it so much and Aaron did say I felt knackered I don't recommend sperm and semen would have been any good at that time he did actually be sat down and chatted about and he saw reckon probably the last few days was a chore and that was probably the most important days so this time have taken a different approach again so we baby danced on day 7 I'm on day 8 today and we're just gonna do it every other day and like Aaron said if we feel like it tonight we'd do it but I don't you know I'm happy every other day and I'm gonna monitor my apks I'm gonna kick in with the digital like I say probably day 13 but when that goes when I get a dark can the coat when my line is as dark as the control line I will then do my digital I don't want to miss the chance and we all know that you could only get an 8-hour LH surge we know that I know that you should know that now because I've just told you but yet you can have a really short period where it's only eight hours you could like pee on an opk stick in the afternoon and by bedtime 10 11 o'clock it's gone some people have a really short LH surge that's detected it could be this diluted in your body and it's not as major because your baseline might be quite high anyway or it might be that it's just you you know every cycle is different you might be like that this cycle and then have a really strong LH surge next cycle everyone's different and every cycle is different so I don't want to miss it so we're day out today I think by day 11 I'm going to be doing two o PK's I will be doing one at like two o'clock one at 5 o'clock so that I can really monitor it for day eight today I don't feel like I'm ovulating and the CM is all on track and everything's good I think but soon as I get that dark line I am going to get on the digital's but I will only be testing once so if I get a flashy I will only be testing once I'm gonna chance it because I spent 40 pounds last month on digital and I don't want to do that so yeah I hope this videos helped you all any questions do ask it's a really beautiful day hunts the flower in the hair I just felt a bit chewier today and I tell you what I did feel on Saturday which I've never felt like it before horrendous pain on my left side I really prepare ly walk it stayed there for about three to four hours it was sharp it hurt it was I had watery discharge a little bit anyway but it was the day after my period and I would choose when Wednesday today so it's four days ago it's on day four it's the last day of my period I hardly had anything going on but it was such sharp severe pain and I said to Erin it it does feel like ovulation pain but it is worse I said if it gets any worse I'm gonna have to go to a innie see what it is but I did read sometimes you can have like a phantom pregnancy and that basically means apparently the egg doesn't dissolve want you know there's still that remaining like cysts there and it might go naturally in the next period or the next one and that can create a little bit pain so it's not a topic pregnancy it's no infection or anything to worry about it can just be it's called the lutein something you probably correct me down below whatever it is I could look up the right meaning I should have done before I came on but I forgot to mention it but it's know can be known as a phantom pregnancy not a chemical pregnancy it's a phantom one where you've actually you've um it feels like you're pregnant there's symptoms there now on Saturday my breast was so painful my nipples my little girl always has comfort by cuddling me and she always puts her hand with lips here and touches my boobs inside and I had to literally say oh my god get off get off darling I love him I bet it hurts my boobs hurt my nipples not my boobs my nipples were really sought as if I was pregnant because I don't get sore nipples when I come on my period very often they might occasionally have a look no I don't get sore boobs if sores ten before my period maybe a two so this was on an eight or nine on Saturday and Sunday sore nipples and sharp pain that lasted about four hours on Saturday but it went I came home have something to eat chilled out in the garden with a drink but we went on a really long walk back to three miles round a harbor and I had to say that we were going to go longer and I said no I really hurt it was like right in my groin area and I said if it carries on I'm gonna go to the doctors I'm go to A&E get them to scan cuz I was like what if oh my god what if I am pregnant sit topic and stop worrying and then I came over thought well I'm not pregnant I know I'm not pregnant this is the fourth day my period and literally two days of heaviness one day two days medium I suppose but day four was so like by the wall eased off I was only wearing a thin panty liner I'd like to say five nothing really a tiny tiny tiny bit so yeah I had this really severe pain for about three or four hours and it really stopped me in my tracks it was a little bit different to ovulation pain but yeah I don't know whether you've heard about it but I've looked it up there's a lovely lady who I follow on here and she's amazing she's like a health guru and she said there's a phantom pregnancy where you have symptoms such as you know you might get sore nipples or you might feel nausea or anything like that and then you're maybe a day or two late and nothing happens you do a test it's negative and then you have this like almost like an egg that hasn't dispersed properly still inside you that's what she had and she's going from her experience and she felt pregnant she literally didn't do a pregnancy test till she was four or five days late because she was so certain she was pregnant and she then did it's heaven it's negative when and got a check our person Aquifer said oh it's basically this luteinizing like this thing that basically your egg hasn't dispersed properly when you've had your period but the egg is still that the egg lining is still there he said it should go naturally within like one to two months or one to two cycles if you get severe pain go to A&E and anyway it went she said literally the pain went within a day or two and then she fell pregnant so I don't know but yet severe pain on Saturday to the point I was like flipping how dying but it went I would literally had it for about three or four hours came home chilled out and then at about 6 o'clock Aaron was like how do you feel I'm it is gone it's really weird it's gone and then I start thinking pass my b6 I shouldn't take prices making me off the load straight away and I was like I don't think it'll delay I'm Dave four or five even I know that you're on you and I said well yeah because I'm the last day my period so all I did day five I just didn't take a vitamin b6 and I just chilled out and like the same all of it went away so yeah that's my center I'm all happy and I hope you guys are please subscribe if you haven't please after the videos remember to like because it really helps it goes on the recommendations then and I've loved chatting to you and the next video I do is in my two week way and I will go through all my OPA sticks all the baby dancing and everything else love to you all bye

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  2. Like #1!!! You look BEAUTIFUL friend!!! You are so blessed with all your babies! I WISH my husband wanted more 😞🙏🏼

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