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hey guys my name is Brianna and this is Presley Jame and Landon Landon is two years old and Presley Dane just turned eight weeks and today's video is going to be a day in the life which I know you guys have been waiting for for so long so I'm so excited to share my day with you and I'm super excited to be collaborating with my girl Liza Adele if you have not checked out her channel yet you definitely should we have really similar content she is a stay-at-home mama of a toddler Camden who is almost one year of difference from wind and so he just turned one in April and Landon just turned two in April and they're like three days apart but I love her you'll love her too make sure you go check out her channel I'll make sure I have the link up here for her channel as well as a day in the life video linked in the description box below but grab yourself a drink and a snack because it was a long day when I shot this it is a long day with the toddler in a newborn and I'm really excited to be producing more content for you guys so if you are new to my channel I hope you subscribe to see more videos of Landon Presley and me especially because in for very short weeks I'm gonna be going back to work so there are we a lot of content around that as well [Laughter] we hit a cupcake malfunction so so cool plant is getting washed up Adams take care of it in the bed this is life with a newborn into toddler here's the video enjoy is doing it's just kind of is maybe her hustle I just made the bad back because Adam woke up he was in his underwear they also couldn't show you guys and I'm going to get lanten good morning you're all done sleeping Hey okay you're ready for the day aren't you water come on morning baby I love you this is some mornings are crazy not usually retired for God to call twice and leave a message every time it's trigger that's quite all right and most days I just let them off like that girl tag team you're the only one I take back you know where the party now you're all better huh lil sis ever ovv hi gang she's all done crying yeah she likes here he's new she's come on we got to change her like we changed to you some say less than the tiny dresses and then I bust up hands looking like a princess can even tell what's a day in presley's like my huh it's not eating and trying to avoid sleeping huh what do you want for breakfast what do you want to do then oh you want to play okay you can play a little before breakfast that's good it will give me time to CT you know you like to turn it on not there you go good job Landon I so need it would you drink Wow Brown calls chocolate milk brown so this is what time it is library story time starts at 10:00 you'll see if I can get us out of the house on time okay so it's like ungodly hot out today so I'm wearing this like really loose black tank this sports bra and these are actually maternity yoga leggings but they're really comfortable and keeps me cool today's is the baby storytime which I prefer this one's so much better over the toddler one the toddler one gets a little crazy but we had go and we'll probably just make it on time as we walk in the door they'll probably just be getting started I forgot to mention so what you didn't see this morning was Adam saying goodbye to the kids when he was leaving for work I just wasn't able to film it because I was trying to throw on clothes to make it here on time and we barely got to talk to each other this morning but that just kind of comes with the territory of I'm trying to get the two kids ready for the day plus myself to get out of the door for something and he's trying to get himself out the door ready for work kind of sad but that's the state of our relationship right now but I was able to do if I go fast like three minutes a little bit of makeup so that I don't look like a complete dog so if you want me to do like a five minute mommy makeup video let me know that in the comments because I could probably try to do something like that to show you is what I do to just get out the door really fast and looks halfway decent and also I wasn't even able to eat breakfast myself so I have my on the go breakfast of protein bar and the caffeine banana coach Landon a the other half for breakfast we do long time you have a bun at the library yeah you like story time you got to play with his to two trains which is always a big hit with him but now it's time to go home and this is a ton of data can be a little chaotic because I'll have to feed P as soon as we get home and Landon hungry for lunch but I've got them hooked up with a little clattering both kids are eating lunch now it's always like stressful trying to make sure everyone's getting said when their schedules are sort of coordinated to be eating at the same time anyways I got a jury duty notice for in July and there's just absolutely no way with the fact that P is nursing every two hours one I'm not leaving her and two even if I were to go they're not going to have me leave to pump every two hours at the rate I would need to so I'm calling my doctor's office and we've been playing phone tag and the nurse is asking like this wouldn't be an excusable reason to get out of jury duty and I just don't understand so if anyone lives in Ohio please let me know if you've ever gotten some into jury duty when you've been breastfeeding because to me the fact that this would be in every two hours like they're not going to excuse you from the courtroom in the middle of a trial right it just doesn't make sense but anyways I'm a little bit stressed out and I wish my doctor's office could just pick up the phone right now so I could get this taken care of that's b1 you're complaining but I just get a little frazzled over this kind of stuff okay so I finally got ahold of my doctor's office and then had to call the courthouse to confirm that they received the facts which they hadn't received faxed the woman told me the longest they'll post bail in my jury duty is nine months which again it's just crazy to me I'm like I would still be pumping at that point maternity leave in this country is so wackadoodle it just blows my mind I totally understand that it's like an obligation as a citizen of the country to serve on a jury if you're able to but to me a bigger priority than being on a jury right now is raising our future citizens so shouldn't I be you know taking care of them rather than you know I can't believe they can't even wait longer than a year or to the point where you're done nursing your baby to be put on a jury I don't know if that's just my opinion maybe I'm wrong – let me know in the comments if you have one but that's just the way I feel about it you're totally OCD like your mom I'm putting them away very good got time to go up her nap change pee in a second I'm trying to get another video uploaded for you guys and I made some sliced Apple just as a little snack while I do some work and I swear my baby is always really want me to lose the baby weight because as soon as i speeded up my lunch yeah someone got really fussy pompey nut went to seat more hungry again so pa was not feeling naptime so we're going to do some gym time right now instead you like a gym Coley's there too huh trying to do tummy time huh I'm trying so hard to decide I'll you see you hearing heart stronger oh oh here you go miss jaundice that head oh are you going good good so I just got pres laid down for a nap and Landon is up again probably because he pooped he does this thing where like barely and down for his nap so I'm still poop and he needs me to come in and change him directly so who knows when I'll ever eat lunch okay well JW okay go back to sleep okay night-night my god oops not so bad we seriously need to get him potty-trained I don't know how much longer I can change those diapers for so my lunch is totally gotten cold but I'm going to try to wolf it down really quickly I had a girl night last night at my mojo so I'm having some leftover chili really no and black beans hopefully while with these babies neck and just trying to be real not trying to be whining or complaining but this is why it gets so tiring because the whole like lunch nap process started around 11:45 when we got home from the library and it is now after 2 o'clock so it's just like two hours of constant eating trying to get they could snap changing all of that and it is like you don't even have a second for yourself to even eat so that's just why adjusting to this newborn and toddler right now has been really really hard it just can require so much energy when you aren't getting a good night's sleep because your waking every two hours to feed the babies so that's just state of life right now there's two she'll pass I can do it and that's what I just keep telling myself every single day so some little boy has decided not to nap this is now the second day in a row that he just talks and talks and talks away on his monitor so I went in there and he's like eat mama yeah you've got nuts and cheese and Teddy Grahams now you can eat there's going to be an early bedtime for you oh yeah Landon and I are just hanging out waiting for baby P to wake up huh you're looking at her on the monitor but she's sleeping oh one clukey why she's not crying you wouldn't hear her she's sleeping you're right but we will go for a walk baby P wakes up from her nap okay so as soon as we come outside to play in the backyard baby pea started crying so get ready for a toddler tantrum because somebody's not going to want to go inside after he just got to come out to us Playhouse come on buddy he did so good to come in the house normally he's like fighting me is like no no no no good job big brother Oh a joke hey peanut oh hey yeah we're here for you there you all better now after being all changed did you take a good nap no it's well I know you didn't because you didn't nap huh okay another huh that's a good girl my dentist said you're pretty good today I took a couple of cat naps this afternoon I did better than my brother who didn't nap mmm and then you got to show Pete how to now yeah this is the only way I feel like I've cured the witching hour a little bit which is that clumsy period usually around dinner but it's taking her for a walk at this time so I'm walking her while Adam and Landon play in the backyard when I was six years old my leg I was running from my brother and his friend Adam just like refinished the whole like pergola and all the deck and he filmed a video so stay tuned because there's going to be like a before-and-after of the deck this is not a stressful time because he's getting fussy Landon's like dying to eat and I can barely even make dinner for lanten let alone anything for me or Adam so Adam said there's some like leftover pizza so I think him and I will probably be doing that tonight he yeah I'm trying to get it cooled off from you oh do you love dad so if you saw our nighttime routine video Adam and someone who gives Presley her bottle and like puts her down to bed these days so I'm heating us a bottle for him while he is giving her bath and landon machines eating you you say way too young to read a little drummer boy I know your sister is trying to sleep one bite oh please Wow then I searched you to choo choo choo choo oh here you go good land Kayla get in okay you're taking it back what have you got easy got your baby take a bath – you're seriously so dirty you look like Pigpen yeah the camera yeah the lens that's what takes the picture if Landon goes peepee on the big boy potty he gets one of those racecars hey buddy Oh mommy's had to do that quite a few times Kevin she hold her baby while she goes potty the happy hour what do you get landed green or red racecar because you went on the big boys hide good job well that was a long day if you stuck around this our new note was a long day especially with Landon not napping but overall they were really good yeah he's got to get over that napping killing me I'm starving so I think I'm just going to go over heat some of the pizza that you ordered sorry that we don't get to do family dinner that's all right I'm excited for pizza again I'm feeling in the wife Department these days but trying to be the best mom to these two littles that I can be that's more work thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next video bye guys I must confess when I wonder strength I feel like dancing all night when you and when I go does it fit do I feel so happy I'll stop on you

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