[Applause] good morning trucks oh let me just stop all right you guys good morning today I'm gonna take you guys with me throughout my day as I try to get some stuff done so it's e is 10:13 in the morning and your girls hungry look at MU she's about to jump very much see how long it takes her to jump up here she don't want to be out the mix it girls hungry and I don't really have that many breakfast things at the house so I'm not to go around the corner to a corner bakery to have a really good breakfast that I like and my hair is a new twist today because I'm about to I'm not about to right now but I'm gonna take my hair down and do a twist outside twist it last night because I'm going to film a video for you guys I'm gonna do the what's in my hospital bag video cuz you said you want to see that so I'm going to deliver I like my shirt look ya'll can see it I'll see the cat it's cool because there's a look there she goes it's cool because there's a pocket that's upside down the cat is falling out the pocket and then the cat putting the middle finger huh speaking of cats why are you doing it that is so rude most favorite thing to do is to drink water from the faucets she's like he's a safe I haven't let her do it in a long time she got a preference look she like no I want this one so you just Wow so yeah that's what I have planned for today I want to film a video I'm filming a video right now which is the vlog and I want to clean up before we go I have to show you guys my Ltd so oh you got your girl's got her nails done yeah I got these sweatpants from lounge a gift from Bay and then I got this shirt from zoomies I think just t-shirt I just love playing t-shirts I need to step my t-shirt game up get some more and um yeah that's outfit and I think I might have just thrown some some adidas slides go pick up their food eat and be productive friends up is cry he's not crying so hopefully let me just drop in at this place without any troubles I brought my carrier so I could just put them in it real quick just put him in his car seat on don't start don't start alright we're good to go look at those fat cheeks the baby looks all buckled in we're going right around the corner okay as soon as I get close his door he bout to start crying though all right we made it to corner bakery let's go get my food this place is pretty good look they got all of these treats that wasn't good now it was an arm of Anaheim that I'm with you yeah well as well be mad at me because I might put them right back in this car seat somebody made booby diapered I can smell it do babies cry when I have poopy diapers cuz throw doesn't like he'll how poopy diaper and hate it does not make him no difference why must you do this quilling thus quilling is unnecessary look at those adorable tears look at those adorable tears this is my mail from corner bakery and this is the Anaheim scrambler and it has where is it it's whatsapp avocado in there I won't say no avocado I just like green onions and then we have the potatoes and you have a toast on the side and then I got my my um my fruit well hello there you know what time it is you see the summer here it's shower time Tyrell is taking a nap and I'm looking at him with a little monitor the homie it's keeping an eye on him so um while he's taking a nap I'm gonna take a shower so I can start getting ready for my video doing my hair and doing my makeup and whatever I'm watching him like when I'm in a shower I just put the camera thing right here so that I could see him as I shower somebody asked me for 19 ax what bath products I use I don't know if I'm a film like a nighttime scene just me or when me and Terrell let me know if you I just want to see me by myself it won't mean Terrell and she said what bad product are you so I figure I might as well just say we're bad product I use right now I used the caress evenly gorgeous radiant skin body wash and I use when I'm in a shower moves right here hello move I have not been given move whoa it's been a long time since I picked you up whoa you are heavy F oh my goodness how did you get so big y'all I haven't picked mu up and so long she feels so big she's she's definitely heavier than Terrell like she might be double inside of Turo and I thought Terrell is heady but Yan let me stop talking so I can go ahead half in his shower maybe he'll stay sleep long enough for me to do my hair my makeup we'll see change of plans through I woke up so I just do on this outfit it's not gonna be what I filmed my video in so I don't know if he's hungry or just cranky because I just root fed him maybe an hour ago you're just crying to be crying there's nothing wrong with you at all chill out chill out nobody wants to hear that all day cut it out cut it cut it out cut it out now look I'm trying to get you a dress and this is how you repay me just cut it out thank you yeah don't you start it you better not uh y'all have been let me get into the frame anyway uh actually guys about his neck rash and a few of you it was multiple people in the comment section said I need to try the a in the ointment I bought it last night and I tried it for the first time last night so I'm just gonna keep on using it for a few days to see how it does this one is it has more of a medical smell than the aquaphor so I'm gonna put Aquifer on his face like I've been doing cuz I've been doing really good with like the crest in between his eyebrows and his nose and stuff and it's like not requesting any more so I'm keep on using this on his face and then I might to put this on his neck I just wiped him down I just wiped them down because I'm gonna give him a bath later on tonight so I just wanted him to be just a little bit fresher for the rest of the day his skin is really really dry that's what I've been struggling with this is what's been helping lately the duh lotion is really moisturizing it's kind of like watery so I've been putting this on him and I'm gonna try to put on him twice a day at least so I'll put it on him today early like right now and then I'm gonna do it later on when he takes a bath yeah so let's see what he does with this cuz he hates next stuff just kind of being on you huh it's kind of vehicle you have oh he's talking so much he talking so much you talk is so much lately what you gotta say what you had to say so this is his little outfit his I got this for him and I think it was ain't Monica yeah ain't Monica got this for him and some Ariana but I don't feel like taking it off oh I noticed halfway throw away mm-hmm it's a little baggy yeah it'll do these are supposed to be like shorts right oh look at you you're doing good sorry listen yeah hey big boy look at you making progress why he's awake I'm trying to get all his stuff knocked off his checklist and then whenever he goes like to sleep this one I'll start getting ready for my video thump your feet clap your hands everybody ready for our dance bow to the horse bow to the cow twirl with the pig if you know how bounce with the bull a nice trip with a dip spin with the chicas now click clip clue try it with the turkey leap with the Frog take another spin with the fire your dog are you getting tired what's real sleeping about to start my makeup and then do my hair pretty much down my life good I'm out to do my little finishing spray this Knicks finishing spray didn't so I'm gonna take down my hair I'm gonna put my lip stuff on yet cuz my hair don't get caught up on my lip gloss and I'm not trying to do that to twist my hair I you guys know if you watched my last vlog I think or my last two vlogs I had my hair and to twist I watched it and in last night I finally decided to stylist so usually that's what I do if I don't feel like styling my hair it's a word it knows to accept I washed it for about project three days I think so last night it was dry and I dry started using the Camille Rose Naturals almond Jade twisting butter and then I might have put oil in it last night and I didn't but I might put some oil in it this is the natural natural pure avocado oil so I'm gonna put a little bit of that in my hands so that your hair won't be too frizzy hopefully it's not it still might have a little bit of frizz just because I didn't put oil in last night and I need it dry but they're hanging pretty nicely which is what I like that's all I could do it my hair was dryer down except because it hangs nicely and has a little bit more stretch to it yeah but well all in my hair and now I'm gonna go ahead and start taking on my twists like I always do my videos I love my hair is yaaaas Angie's eyes go one round and then come back and separate it at least twice and I might separate more times in it all right this side is down Oh my hair looks so nice and black and shiny on the camera all right everything's down number two go back around I was snagging my not to take off this nail because go snag over here so I just go through and kind of cool it a little bit at the roots and wherever it naturally won't separate just so I separate it like right here you can't really see it that much but if you pull it a little bit and you'll see where it just pulls apart so that's what I do this gives me the ample amount of definition oh I forgot to take this one down good turn you're waking up why this boy's a headache I tell ya but my headache he's my headache you want to cry little bit come down this shoot like this part mmm before I get thrown about to wash my hands and get my pump and stuff ready some punk while I feed him it's not step out kind of hungry so I'm gonna have these cookies as a snack and drink all of this water and I've pumped so I'm officially dressed um dressed dressed do I have on a jean jacket and this white it's really a dress but I have on my pajama pants cuz who cares about what happens at the bottom it's all about what they could see in a frame on the camera my eye is worried every time I put on lashes it always happens we have Tyrell right here who is looking right at me did you do that we'll play ball and this is the diaper bag fully stocked this video should be actually pretty quick and easy to film it's just the getting ready part that's why I hate filming videos um like oh I don't hate filming them it's just a lot especially when you have him but it's a longer process cuz I have to do my hair I have to do my makeup and then I have to you know take care of him and stuff like that but when I do like a blog it's just wake up and go but um it just takes a little bit of time the production everything takes time like setting up the cameras making sure everything is plugged in make sure everything is charged make sure my memory all that type stuff it's a process but we're finally ready to film it's probably once I mean 30 minutes or less to film the actual video but the prep took hours sir I was really growing he would not like he was real he would not just lay here like this and talk to me what what you say what he gots a lot to say you gots a lot to say today huh can you believe it's already 4 o'clock and irony fill my video Tom just goes boom swear so one thing to do each day look okay today I'm filming video okay today I'm uploading video okay today I'm alright y'all so I am officially done filming my video even though it took me about six hours to get it done it's dad yes so it is six o'clock and I'm not to go downstairs to an event that my apartments are having they are having like a Astros game watch party I guess and a hotdog spin and just turn off these lights and it's supposed to be like Bill drawing hot dog and I love hot dog so much go down there and get some food Indian come back I'm not gonna mingle I'm not gonna mix I'm not gonna mingle I just want some hot dogs okay and I'm gonna get to you know what I might even get three I probably just I think I was gonna wear to real down there I'm gonna put that little thing on them put this little carrier on and then put him in it he's still asleep right now so he might wake up or we'll see I'm back home and these are the hot dogs I made sriracha mustard I think this is so ratchet mail which I've never had before them see how it tastes like mmm it's pretty good and then just regular stuff mustard ketchup cheese relish they should have some chili yeah no chili and then this was suppose to be like for Asian hotdogs and I had like some other stuff to go with it but I was scared so I spit on the sauce I could taste it I'm probably gonna need to go get some more food for tonight cuz alright I'm letting you all calm down calm down he likes usually he'd be like oh oh no I'm fightin it he's so squirmy yxs for me like what why are these extra minutes going on right now so I was eating my hot dog and this happened sorry sorry – row two rows right here falling asleep and I'm just editing my next video which should be up tomorrow [Applause] let's go ahead and put it up for the night so I want to show y'all how I do that it's under two small pineapples well I don't even call it pineapple it's we puffs so I'm just gonna put it up like this like so and then just wrap this around one time and then I'm gonna go this side like that and this is a snappy put this all like that just up wrap it around oh oh maybe that's two different types of things and I'm gonna wrap my hair with a put a new scarf like so excuse me so that's it yes I'm going to preserve my curls Indian in the morning I'm gonna take these out shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake and then I'll be it tomorrow's definitely puffier I can already tell uh I'm just till I was coming puffy but it's still gonna have some type of definition yeah well I shut it off yep i'm marieve these bad boys never gonna take everything else off booty makeup wipes officialy fresh and clean I just ordered my dinner front door – this is Torchy's tacos this is a salmon turtle called mr. orange so it's a black installment and taco and eNOS is a shrimp taco and then this is some queso dip so it's coming on first time ever being here I never been to this place before but I hurt a lot of body and always wanted to go I just never went so pound eight it's officially bath time every time I show him in the bath he gets fatter and fatter he just woke up but I had to wake him up cuz we need to get this done I just want to come and quickly show you guys what new products I've been using I've been using a baby dub now on dissolution but I've been using this to bathe him because his skin is so sensitive so I got the sensitive moisture one and I've been using this for like the past three washes and I think I like it I definitely love the lotion the lotion is very very moisturizing this is very gentle so yeah that's what I'm using and I'm still using this on his uh on his hair they're pretty moisturizing I'm gonna keep on trying these out his skin is so dry like so dry there's a little red mark since this I've been trying everything but I don't know I just don't know all right I'm out – go ahead and bathe him try to make it quick cause it's getting late all right y'all so much end the vlog right here so just got out of this bad look at his onesies so cute so if you guys are not already subscribed to my channel make sure you guys hit that subscribe button so you can be a part of the troll and as always I love you guys and I'll see you guys next time bye say bye say bye say bye


  1. I love your video I also have a two month old an had the same problem with my son Kings skin he had eczema baby acne an cradle cap all in one. i was usein oils an my friend told my stop cause it irritates the baby skin she told me to use Eucerin in the white an red bottle its for intensive repair lotion when I tell you nothing else worked an he was lookin so bad at one point now he is looking so much better his skin is getin to one color now im so happy my beat friend told me about this try it.

  2. I know eucerin helps as well because a family member of mines daughter had the dry skin and break outs and cleared it up in a few days . The soap maybe not agree with his skin it may also be drying the baby out sometimes too .

  3. I'm so loving β€πŸ’– on you and the. Adorable. Terrell. He's so. Exciting to watch& thanks 4 showing me your hair, like i asked b4 im so into your vlogs you'r e. Entertaining and hilarious.. πŸ˜†

  4. Hey, your boy is about the same age with mine. Dry skin is common as they are trying yo adjust to new environment and also it paves way for their real complexion skin if I must say. However, Dove or Aveeno didn’t work for my baby. They worsen the dryness. I use Eucerin Repair for his skin and that works like magic within 3days. I apply little shea butter with the Eucerin.

  5. Question! Does the baby carrier you have, the waist part, how much does it expand? I've been looking into getting that same one but want to make sure it's going to fit around my waist as well. Thank you! Btw I heard breastmilk works really good for dry skin and rashes

  6. Do you bathe him everyday? If so that may be contributing to his dry skin. Try natural products dove is scented and may also cause dryness

  7. If the A&D don’t work for baby’s neck try Coconut oil!πŸ₯° Great video. You’re doing a great job as a Mommy!

  8. Use cerva ve for skin. It’s specialized for diabetic skin, eczema, dry and acne skin. Beautiful products been using them for years my diabetic grandma put me on works like a charm my skin stays moisturized all day with 1 application even after I shower

  9. I've noticed when my son is being extra squirmy when feeding he usually has to burp lol love your videos ❀❀❀ especially moo 😻😻😻 lol

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