[Applause] [Applause] good evening everybody it is a little bit after six o'clock this evening I have some kind of habit of every time I start talking to y'all a lot of times I like migrated toward the blinds to either open them or close them I don't know why some kind of weird habit I've developed over the years anyway it's about 6:30 this evening and I am just now starting supper I'm switching out laundry at the moment so today I kind of took like a rest date because yesterday I was like really tired from the leaky and I my daughter's appointment early yesterday morning and tomorrow I have to take Tyler for his appointment to get that tooth taken out that needs to be removed before he sees about getting braces in the future so today I didn't want to go anywhere I really wanted to do some like extra cleaning organizing that I've been having on my to-do list you know but instead what happened was after lunch I laid down and took a smaller nap of the telephone ringing so that was Ty's anyway so yeah I had plans to work on my to-do lists today lists I have mini but instead I just kind of took it easy today because I know tomorrow I'm gonna have to go pick up my groceries which I got to put the order in tonight and Tyler has that dentist appointment so I did however get the laundry caught up damn starting the last lobe right now so when it goes in the dryer for the moment there are no clothes in the laundry baskets but people will be taking baths this evening and it'll feel right back up so yeah I'm just now starting to suffer because titus and Jacob he told me they'll be home around 7:30 so I just wanted to wait for them and us I'll eat together tonight I'm fixing the pork chops but I'm not doing the fort chop recipe that Titus wanted yet we're gonna do it maybe later this week or the beginning of next week because they don't have all the ingredients here for it I'm just gonna do like my regular pork chops I was gonna frown but I don't have enough also I'm just gonna sear them in my iron skillet a little bit and then stick them in the oven which I need to turn my oven off it rained a lot this morning so it's really not that bad hot and stuff out there this after it was really humid this afternoon because of the rain and all but this evening it actually feels really nice out there right now I have like 1 2 3 4 8 pork chops here so I'm gonna do some and however many I can fit in the iron skillet the rest of them I'm gonna put on the George Forman because the kids don't care if they're cooking on the George Foreman tide it's just unlike meats cooked on the George Foreman because it drives them out a little bit or says you know kind of the point of the George Foreman grill but not to dry them out but you don't know what I'm saying anyway so that's how I'm gonna do it that way it'll be faster I don't want to have to you know do two rounds of pork chops I'll get Tyler I can get my George Foreman out for me in a minute though cuz bending over it's hard and squatting down it's not hard to squat down it's hard to get back up oh and I'm gonna go ahead and start the green beans too this morning I made some bacon and waffles and I saved the bacon drippings to cook in with my green beans what else am I gonna make green beans pork chops don't wanna do mashed potatoes or baked potatoes I have some sweet potatoes left from when I made my sweet potato pie you got a calculator Tyler gave you that calculator what's he doing with the bags are y'all cleaning up there oh he needs to here you go here's my last one or two loads of laundry I don't know how many Tyler folded those up for me I didn't even know he had folded them and switched him out until I got up from my little wrist and saw that he had done that for me so I'm gonna do the sweet potatoes I think I'll do them in the microwave porkchops sweet potatoes do I have any other kind of bread or am I gonna have to make bread let's see I guess because of the love I have for my husband and the love he has for biscuits I'll make some biscuits wrong I was hoping I had some rolls in there still but he ate when we got home from church Sunday night we had sandwiches for supper and instead of the bread like loaf bread he used those rolls to make himself like little ham sandwiches on rolls anyway so I'll make some biscuits but what I'll do I have some country ham in there or I have sausage so I'll make a double batch of biscuits and then in the morning breakfast will be just about ready I'll have the biscuits and I'll just cook up some kind of meat to go with it I'm ready for our chickens to be laying some eggs they should start within the next few weeks I know we'll still probably have to buy eggs but at least we'll have some fresh eggs – and y'all all the Ducks are gone Tidus tried to tell me that the Ducks would not stay but I didn't listen because I was like I want ducks to be swimming out there in that pond but we just live around the river the Chattahoochee River is seriously like four miles up the road I guess not far at all and there are so many wild ducks and geese and stuff that live around here and you can hear them like you know how when you go to the mountains or when you go to wherever that there's a river or water and you get up in the mornings and you hear like the call of the birds we hear that almost every morning you can hear birds coming from and then wild birds come to our pond just like if you saw the video where the mama and her baby ducks came here and that day they were our ducks were trying to go with them that day yeah there's just so many ducks and stuff everywhere there's ponds everywhere so many natural water places and so yeah our Ducks they didn't want to stay with us but I just tried to tell me I think that's why he went and got some chickens that day – cuz he knew those Ducks we're not gonna stay but we loved them while they were here but anyway I was really sad about it at first and I looked online to see if I could order us some ducks but y'all I'm coming over here now to do my pork chop so I brought y'all over here with me but yeah I looked online cuz I was gonna order me some more so if you're new and you don't know where we got the ducks in the first place we got a some tractor supply during their chick days they have they sell chickens and ducks little chicks and ducks and all ducklings anyway yeah I went online I was like I'm gonna order me three more ducks cuz I want me some ducks in that pond maybe these will stay Oh you can order ducks online but you have to pay for like 16 of them for them to ship on so I was like that's okay so anyway I guess I just won't have any ducks I might try again next year with maybe one duck maybe one duck would stay because it wouldn't run off with its brother what my pan get hot here for the pork chops I'm just sprinkling some salt and pepper on these and then I'm going to brown them on both sides in my iron skillet and then just stick them in the oven buy mine here with the cat in the hat' by myself now they all went to their rooms doing stuff and with me with the cat okay here we go let's make these pork chops biscuits sweet potatoes alright y'all so here is supper tonight we have some biscuits sweet potatoes I just didn't match sweet potatoes I just mashed them added a little bit of butter and just a little bit of salt to them and then I just put a little extra butter on top there because I know Titus likes butter with his taters and some green beans and pork chops this is one of the ones that I cooked in the iron skillet and then stuck in the oven for a little bit all right that's what's for supper tonight let's eat all right y'all once again I grab the camera and I grab the block for real I'm shutting this up because it's already dark outside and I just don't want people driving by you know seeing me okay so this supper was of course a hit there are like no leftovers there's one pork chop left over that's it oh and the biscuits cuz I made extra biscuits for in the morning but there's one pork chop left oh there is a little bit of sweet potatoes left I'm gonna clean up real quick and go ahead and get ready for bed and all that I need to put my grocery pick up order in tonight all right y'all it's a little while later now I got everything cleaned up I'm just olan up my cast iron skillet here so I can put it up for the night and then I'm gonna be eating my cereal and figuring out the meal plan for this week oh yes I'm glad I said that I need to get my chicken out of the freezer I move it over to the refrigerator and make myself a note to start that in the morning before we leave for Tyler's dentist appointment I'm gonna write myself a note to start the Nashville hot chicken before we leave a little hard exclamation there so I've got my biscuits here for in the morning I think I'll probably do sausage and gravy biscuits in the more I've got sausage or I've got country ham but we haven't done gravy biscuits in a few maybe two or three weeks I guess so I think I'll do great B biscuits in the morning and tonight I have just enough left for one more bowl of my cereal before I get groceries all right eat my cereal and put in my grocery pick up water and they need all the same time goodness she had my while


  1. Falon does Titus ever work in a city that has a Rural King? They have ducks and chickens. Love you'll.

  2. Hi Falon, gorgeous supper. Right up my alley. I made meatloaf and couscous. I hated all of it. I did something horribly wrong. It's going in the trash and I'll eat my Creamed Peas and Potatoes instead. I guess I'll have to do a do-over.

  3. Hello Falon. I am so sorry to hear that the ducks left. I loved watching them and the chickens walking around the yard. Supper looked so delicious. I love mashed sweet potatoes. I add a pinch of brown along with the butter to mines. That's some good eating!! 😀 Well until next time, take care. Love you guys. See you tomorrow ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. We had ducks & geese and they never left our pond.
    We never had any leave, we did have them get snatched up by predators.
    When they were little and just a few, we put them in the Duck House at night.

  5. What we do here is, we buy a male duck decoy and set him in the pond (anchored down of course). He attracts female ducks. Problem solved ! 🙂 Suzanne xo

  6. Hey guys! I am finally back, had a second stroke and have been a rehabilitation facility. 😰

    I am playing catch up now, I hope all is great with guys. Absolutely looking forward to seeing what's been happening. 🤪

    Have a great night/morning!


  7. I love homemade waffles but they are a chore. I always make a double order and freeze the extras. Then I heat them in the toaster.

  8. Yes just get one duck we have one duck and she stay's in our yard.Plus if those ducks poop on your porch it will smell so bad lol.Your dinner looks great!

  9. I know they aren't the same, but I thought the great value frozen biusuts were pretty good. Those world be nice to have after baby arrives.

  10. We got 3 ducks back in April. One white duck and 2 mallard ducks. Well our mallards have flew the coop too. Lol I was sad too.

  11. If you get more ducks, you have to have more than one. If you only have one, it will get very lonely. They need partners.

  12. The chickens are HUGE!! And they have the nerve to use the front porch as their personal bathroom 😂😂

  13. Hi sweetie. I was wondering what happened to the ducks. Oh well, they are a wild bunch😄! Breakfast and supper looked so good. Thanks for the great video today. And mama, rest when you want to! Sending love and hugs to you all. 🤗💜🧡💖💛💚❤️💙💕

  14. I love your family i'v been almost a year watching the older boys are cute, the ducks need wings clip so they dont fly away.. like watching the new smoker grill. Nice… could almost smell the food in love watching you cook all the food for churches home comming. Im thinking about trying your .bisket' s they look so good..always….

  15. Oh my gosh your waffle iron is so cute, looks like a purse . Hope Tyler did well with his tooth extraction 🌸

  16. If you are interested in getting ducks, look at Cackle Hatchery. Oh, I just saw that they say you must order 10. 🙁

  17. You can get ducks from someone who raises them, I'm sure there's someone in your area. I'm sure that you could get as few as you wanted.My Dad back in the day, got Ducks for us once, they didn't stay either, so you're not alone!! LOL Has Titus ever tried Cinnamon on the sweet potatoes, it's pretty dang good! Thanks for the videos. Hugs and GOD's most wonderful blessings to you and the gang!:)Love, Teresa

  18. Girl, you and them blinds 😄
    We have 2 geese and 6 ducks.. We have ours fenced in the backyard so they can’t get away though. My husband ordered them online from California? He said you don’t have to order 16 at a time there 😆

  19. Happy to hear you took a nap. Supper looked delicious as always. I keep meaning to ask you but I keep forgetting. Where did you get your Christmas tree muffin/pancake maker? I searched a little online but couldn’t find it. My kiddos really want one. 😁

  20. Sad that the ducks didn't stay in the pond. I always catch myself watching a cartoon when my girls aren't in the room & honestly I don't mind them at all. Great vlog as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. We have two ducks,chickens, geese and a guinea! Our neighbor came looking for his two guineas this morning. He said that he thought that maybe they heard ours and wanted to join the flock!🤪

  22. Wow! There you go making those delicious biscuits again! I'm starving looking at your supper! It looked so good! I had hotdogs!! Take care! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  23. So happy to hear that you were able to squeeze in a nap. 🙂 your dinner looked delicious, Falon. Have a blessed evening. ❤❤❤

  24. Hey Falon! This is a link to another youtuber who has had a lot of luck with a type of Duck called a Khaki Campbell. I believe she said they don't fly so they'll stick around.

  25. Pork chops biscuits and gravy is the y'all ever eat that? Or chicken biscuits and gravy 😄yum.

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