Day In The Life Pregnant With A Toddler / Preeclampsia Update & Mom Burn Out

you're styling hey guys so we just we're kind of just running errands today it's gonna take the life log slash shop with me slash home slash I don't know or do it you know I just did if you guys missed it's all crooked on Fridays video I posted about Valentine's Day and doing like photos and stuff so this is a photos so I thought that was my favorite I do like two of each I'm just gonna like mix them but the grandparents all have a big one tsch like they all have the same big one so these are with the glasses I think I did yeah so I did a couple of them in different sizes so some of the grandparents will get one like a smaller one so we'll do a bigger one side glasses again and then this is my absolute favorite and it's all over all of my social media right now what's so special about that one is she's actually looking at Eric Eric was standing behind me and so that's like her face to dad so I printed out five because I want all the grandparents to have one of those ones and then I want one as well for like to hang up because we don't have many pictures around the house so I would definitely want it to like change that up so I'm super excited about that but we're gonna go get some lunch and then come out to the dollar store you look a really tight PJ masks why don't we just need to get out of the house this girls like drive me nuts we're gonna do it yesterday cuz today's special raining I went to the garage to go throw something away and I realized that Eric had the car seat in the other car and I was like Oh Mickey Mouse good job there's Mickey Mouse in their car huh and then I think I'm gonna do a mini update with you guys today because I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow and green means go this is like our last night we have 12 weeks to go our last trimester I'm super excited I'm just ready for this baby boy to come out because I'm having a hard time I'm I feel I mean I had another breakdown not too long ago I had a call Erik home from work early I just I couldn't do it like she wasn't listening the dog wasn't listening like I was just going insane and I was like sitting on the kitchen floor like crying so that's the only bad thing about this pregnancy is I feel physically it's not that bad like yeah I have more joint pain especially like my thigh area but like just mentally and emotionally I'm just drained and I'm sure it's harder because I have a toddler and I didn't how about the first time like all I did was work the first time so I can't go it's red and I think she like I know kids can sense it I know my dog and my dog will not leave me alone she's just constantly on me so I know like everyone can sense a new member is coming we try to talk to Aria about like a baby and stuff like that like she loves babies like we're gonna have a baby but she doesn't understand that there's baby in mommy's belly but I have so much to do we still have to do the nursery we still have today like point I just started planning the baby shower if you guys saw on Instagram I upload it I'm doing on the invitation so everything's like DIY I just like formatted that then I still have my breast pump from aria I'm not sure if I get all new attachments cuz I have the madela pump and I'm not gonna be pumping that off and with her I worked full-time so I had to take the pump to work I had a pump while I was at work it was like exhausting but with the baby says oh I'm gonna be home full-time I'll probably just have to do it like in the morning for like engorgement purposes but I'm not sure if I have to buy a whole new one let me know if you've done that before if you've just kept though like battery part like the core pump part and then just purchase like new attachments for it if that's okay I'll probably ask my OB also when I go in so I have an appointment on Wednesday I'll do that but okay enough chitchat I'm pulling up to the store right now I'll just check in with you guys and a little bit it definitely gives me a workout I got distracted when I was in the store and so I didn't really fell much so it wasn't really a shot for me but I'll show you guys what I got so start with a dollar tree which daughter almost choked in the dollar tree I'm like she's eating her fries and we're standing in line and I hear her coughing and I look at her and she has like three fries in her mouth and I was like oh my god like what are you doing and so I'm trying to like scoop the fries out of her mouth so she can breathe um Oh everyone loved my daughter but she was okay it was just super scary because she had like three pieces that were broken up so I don't really know what she like she was choking on but basically I have like chewed up fries in my purse because I was in line and they didn't have a trash anywhere so I have no like empty those out of my purse now that I can see the viewfinder I'm actually looking at how swollen my face is so that's fine okay I promise what I said in the car about the pregnancy was not my update I'll give you guys my update I'm just going to show you guys what I purchased real quick put Aria to for a nap so my birthday was last week I'm the big 3-0 but he got me my three-tier tray so I can do my coffee pot like coffee bar on here instead of just on the regular tray should give us more room too because that tray hits the coffee pot and it turns it on every once in a while and we don't like that so I wanted to like break these down and kind of like put up around so you guys can kind of see somehow I don't know I'll figure it out but I'm probably gonna film it because you guys really liked in the decorate video everyone loved like the coffee bar area so I'm just probably gonna do like a dedicated video for that because there is not much st. Patrick's Day stuff and then the rest of the house would probably just be like spring decor Eric's gonna love all the glitter because I'm leaving everything to litter all over the cartoon and then I'm not sure if I'm gonna do this I gotta be kid I was like a little basket from Ariane she picked up some stuff to stick in here for Eric so that's like his little Valentine super basket for him I couldn't find anything else but I feel like this is too big at this cute little sign I'm probably gonna stick above our fireplace yeah I got a ton of these little like hats one says luck and the other one has shamrocks so sick those around the house this is where REM when it's like a little Valentine's Day basket for her she has so many things so I didn't want to make it too big I've still got some Garland's that would be cute around the three-tiered tray so this says you're a pineapple another little summary I like this one I was hoping I can hang it somewhere in the kitchen I'm sure if not I'll try to hang it on the door they hide so if you guys saw my tea I wake up and see the foam hearts they have the same thing but the phone like shamrock so does a set of two but it is it's only one but I can find something else I think I have white towels so I can put with it and I also have green towel so fun because that's all the st. Patrick's Day stuff that might sound I feel I'm getting burnt out because in our niche like there's only so many videos we can do and I feel like there's only so many day-in-the-life videos I can produce for you guys before they start getting boring and that's coming from me like I get bored you're doing the same things over and over again so I want to make sure like I'm providing a variety for you guys I want to make sure that you guys are enjoying what I'm putting out there so if you have any suggestions anything you want to see like one of you said that you want to see longer videos cuz I know a couple my Valentines Day ones were short ones but that was honestly because I was just like burnt out of ideas so I will definitely produce longer videos for you guys I'm listening I think my inbox my comment section is always open and I'm here for you guys like I would not be doing YouTube if it wasn't for you guys so I just want to make sure that I'm giving you what you guys want and yeah I can't do that unless you guys are vocal and it's not gonna hurt my feelings just wanted to sign off with that real quick gonna give baby girl on nap and then I will be back with a pregnancy update because I have results on the preeclampsia for my last screening but I don't want to get too far into it because I'm a talker so I'll see you guys in a minute okay I lied I got cool stuff at Target so this I got because our baby shower is gonna be co-ed and kid-friendly so I wanted to do like kid-friendly favors as well and then I always do these for parties and the kids and parents love them especially if they have a long like heart right home these are the signs I was talking about so these were both a dollar you guys can see that so kiss me I'm Irish and then I could care about the dollar yeah yep both the dollar and then this I'm hoping will help so it's a good habit chart and then these are magnetic and they go in the board and then you can just hang the board up wherever and then it goes through like what she's done today there we go so I thought that was super cute but it has a little dry erase too so I'm hoping this helps us with the attitudes all day long [Applause] [Applause] someone who's got vim now it's really hard to hold the camera but I feel so bad so it's finally raining outside so I am super glad that we didn't stay out to look got it good job oh okay so it is pouring outside and someone's dog is crying and the dog has actually been whimpering for a while I try to look upstairs but I can't see a dog so I'm hoping it's the one that has overhang so the poor dogs not getting rained on as far as a pretty clamp SIA screening so I had to go back in for more testing I had to do another urine analysis and then I did another blood draw I don't know what they were looking at yes I don't know what the blood draw was for but um so after I take the test and they like scan everything so their lab well it does all the lab work as soon as the lab work is done it gets released to my doctor and to me at the same time so my doctor has not gone over any of the results from me but the main ones we were looking at was the protein in the urine so it did say that the protein was negative so there was no traces of protein this time and then all of my blood work seemed to have came back normal so I don't know if that means like it was something else and it wasn't pretty clamps yeah because I don't have the high blood pressure and I don't have the swelling that's associated with it my work was being sent to a high-risk obstetrician team and then someone from their team emailed me and said they wanted me to start taking aspirin daily so I guess which I thought aspirin along that nono list I guess for preeclampsia it could possibly like prevent symptoms from being too much but definitely discuss this with your doctor first don't just we start taking aspirin because you see swelling or whatever but yeah that's pretty much a little update on the baby in the preeclampsia one of the main things that we were really worried about is everyone is saying that Dave similar situations and so they're doctors basically induced them at 38 weeks and that's something I don't want like I want to let it take its course because my water break whenever is like the hospital knows that I want to birth that home as much as possible and then once my water breaks at home I'll go ahead and like head over to the doctors that's what I did with her and my doctor was like an hour away so what the doctors only being ten minutes away we feel a lot safer that I like labor at home and then water breaks I could just go to the hospital bed but that's a little update and then I will give you guys a formal pregnancy update video after my doctor's appointment but I think I'm just gonna end the vlog here I know we didn't really do much but we're not going to do much for the rest of the day so thank you so much for watching and spinning half the day with us and just getting out and about not only am I having like YouTube video burnout I'm having like stay-at-home mom burnout it's just a ton of burnout happening right now don't forget to let me know down in the comments below what types of videos you want to see as always I look beautiful and I will see you in our next video [Applause]

14 Replies to “Day In The Life Pregnant With A Toddler / Preeclampsia Update & Mom Burn Out”

  1. Awwww, honey . . . we love you so much! ♥️ Don't burn yourself out on account of people wishing you posted longer vlogs. You have a toddler, you're pregnant, and that's a lot to deal with all on its own. Take life at your own pace and comfort. When you feel up to longer vlogs, you'll rock it! When you're not up to it, people will understand. I'm so glad the protein in your urine has decreased . . . sending all good wishes and vibes and mojo that pre-eclampsia winds up being a total non-issue in the end. Love all of the St. Patrick's Day decorations . . . great job! Irish eyes are smiling! 😀 ♥️💕💞🍀☘

  2. I agree about getting burnt out on making videos. Like you said if we as the creators are getting a little bored we definitely don’t want our viewers to get bored. I feel like you have been doing a lot of good variety though! And your pregnancy updates have been great!!!

  3. LOL you daughter in the back is sooo cute! She is just chilling in the background eating and happy. Also when she cuddles with you at the end is so cute! Great stuff!

  4. 1st. Your face isn’t swollen it looks gorgeous! 2nd your bump ahh so cute!!. I love Day in the life but I know what you mean about feeling like it’s boring.. but I also think what’s boring to us isn’t boring to the people who watch our videos. Your the best 💖😘.

  5. Girl you are doing amazing we all have moments. I totally understand this has been my most emotional pregnancy as well. My five year has been very clingy here lately we are 8mths and baby will be here before we know it. Lol yup that made me cry just thinking about it hahah

  6. That's great news on your pregnancy update! I had to take aspirin while pregnant with Sebastian since I had preeclampsia with Adalyn.

  7. Omg, Aria's glasses 😍 Aw, toddlers are draining. It's hard but give yourself some grace ❤ It's my understanding you can use the same pump but a lot of people opt to get a new one since it's covered by most insurance plans. Glad you don't have preeclampsia (at least it doesn't sound like it)! I like your ditl vlogs but I get it, you feel like you do the same thing over and over!

  8. I’m going through the same thing with pre eclampsia but I’ve been high risk from the jump on blood pressure medication also. I had it at the ending of my last pregnancy at 37 weeks and had to be induced so I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting induced again. I’ve been going to the dr every two weeks and started getting screening at 19 weeks I’m 21 weeks today and I’ll be hearing about my results and I’m hoping I get good news

  9. "Go" Aria says. Love her voice.
    How cute are those St. Patties hats!
    I actually LOVE the DITL of videos!! I always watch those daily vloggers (ItsJudyTime, KKandBaby) when I get ready for the day….and I never find them boring. I actually love watching the cuteness and realness of families. I think you're doing a great job gorgeous!
    Wow…I thought aspirin was on the no no list as well.
    Aria's laugh at the end. Cutest.

  10. Thank you for the longer videos and I do UNDERSTAND if some videos have to be short ……🤗🤗🤗…..

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