hi everyone welcome back to my channel you know it's been a long time since I made a video last time was Joseph's first bat and a lot since then I've just been so busy and the last thing I thought used to pick up the camera but I thought I would film a little bit today hey Joseph is one month old and he is sleeping right now that's why I grabbed the camera just thought I would take you around and show some snippets of him it's about 1 o'clock so not a full day in the life but a partial day in life oh he's moving a little bit No No please stay sleeping please please please give me my lunch here it's Turkey cucumber and string cheese rolled up with some mustard so I'm gonna eat this as fast as I can okay so he's still sleeping so I'm gonna clean up the kitchen while you sleepy and if I have time he just decides to take a super long nap I'm gonna make some but meals for Steven for his lunches last week I did like chicken and broccoli and quinoa this week I'm gonna do ground turkey Chipotle bold type of things with rice and black beans and stuff that's pretty ambitious that's only buy every time so for now I'm gonna pick up this mess it's really not that messy but I'm just gonna pick up a little bit okay so kitchen picked up clean living room picked up for the most part and the battery's gonna die so I'm gonna try sneak in there get the charger and charge it so that I can get some footage of the baby what you want to see looks like someone's waking I charge a battery a little bit look at this sweet angel face really mom the camera so cute little hand asleep I'm so glad he had a good nap he's been he's been taking shadi that was just kind of like 30 minutes one hour max so that was you know I don't know two hours or more for three Hey Baby wanna stay sleeping okay okay here we go here we go stretch stretch oh yeah oh sure so you not to forward diaper hello what's that thing in my face mommy this is where he sleeps this is his crib this is no bassinet and this the doctor taught he likes that this is his changing area diapers wipes and then all his clothes are down here he swaddles diaper genie this is my nursing station I sit here and Stephen made me this he's just staring at me today is your one month checkup you excited one month how is it already been one mind okay come on I just said I'm here until he gets hungry he's still waking up you listen to his arm up like that today Joseph is one month and one day he likes back time he loves that time it doesn't like getting out of the bath though he is wearing basically like three month clothes the newborns fit him but they're too small this is a three month outfit they fit him but and but they're just tacky he's got some baby acne we'll see how much he weighs today it's doctor's office but when I weigh him he's like 11 11 and a half pounds so he's definitely gaining some weight he he can kind of look at people now I've seen him smile I don't know if it's just a reflex or what but I feel like he can sometimes smile now you definitely know his mommy smell and mommy's voice he likes tummy time he can he can roll over if he put his arm forward on Matt I'll have to do it so you can see happy boy eating little feetsies started eating at 2:36 will see when he finishes a little video diary this first month that joseph has been crazy i awesome and amazing and also extremely difficult and learning experience and humbling to say the least I feel like I thought I was ready I thought I was prepared I thought I could handle it and I would say I'm handling it but just so naive to how much it would take out of you you know just especially getting this having the c-section and recovering from that physically mentally and then just like all the emotions and then the demand and like I just feel like I was not caught up on sleep forever and I still am NOT but I think I'm getting better and then you're dealing with all that and then everyone else is so happy and wants to see him and blah blah blah and it was just like oh my goodness kind of overwhelming but things are much better now and settling into kind of our day to day and I'm handling things better and I'm able to go out of the house with him taking places before I was like I didn't even go outside ever and needed Stephen to help me but I can do more things with him I feel like just that freedom like okay we can go outside go to walk or we can go run errands if we need to things are awesome now I've able to I put him in the wrap that wrap up there I just feel like we're figuring things out you and me huh and dad too yesterday we went on a date Stephen and I first time in second so we're gonna try the other side cuz we had one side that was good but now we're acting like were full that was only eight minutes he's some do you got milk on his face oh so I was out saying last night soon and I left without him for the first time ever and my sister came and watched him for like three hours two hours but we went to the mall and there's a sushi place in the mall it's like the malls like a date all in one so we like shopped around while our name wasn't the line for the restaurant and then ate dinner and then we were like let's just go have dessert at the food court so that we don't have to like spend more time so we had sushi and know he went to Cinnabon such a like junior high date we were gonna get boba but I was like we always give up well let's get cinnamon rolls which Steven loves so we got that then we actually went to Walmart to get some groceries like while we were out we were like let's just head over there my sister did a great job and everything was good it was really it was really fun to just be out and not like worry yeah I was weird but we were saying how its kind of fun cuz it makes everything more special again like oh we went on a little date like when we were just the two of us we could do that every day any day whenever we wanted but now it's like even more special and so that's like one way to look at it it's like when I used to visit him in Virginia and we didn't see each other for months at a time so even just going to the grocery store together was fun or what going on a walk was so fun and we just everything was special and I never want to lose that and so brings kind of excitement to the relationship and like our time together and we see everything in a new light and it's special to be together and be with him as a family so either way it's good but that was really really fun so please hurry up and eat and then we're going to get ready for the doctor's appointment ain't enough for now time to burp time to burp oh yeah I need started yet and you're already burping well that probably was it good I do a little tummy time he's so precious I could just slain there he normally is always trying to get his head up little booty in the air he's just contemplating life there we go there we go I'm just gonna record these sounds cuz I know one day I'll look back and be like oh my goodness he was so small the sounds you know right now it's normal we don't know anything else someday you're not gonna make those sounds and you're gonna be bigger and these cute faces and what are you thinking about I could just record him all day yeah well while he's there I'm gonna get dressed real fast I'm just gonna set the camera on you while I get dressed good boy look at that what are you doing huh see sometimes if you put his arm out see he lifts his head up he always does everything surging you just a II you know hungry so we're just showing the swing a little fussy still all right that way mommy can get the stuff together got the diaper bag ready car seats ready is only 303 and the doctor's appointment at 4:00 so that's only like 10-15 minutes away okay so I didn't tell myself making these but I did make Stevenson lunches I just made three because that's all I had rice and meat for but they turned out really well I made the rice purposefully a little more moist because he doesn't microwave and rice tends to get dry in the fridge so it's a little moist now but I think he'll be perfect when he eats it and then I had the turkey ground turkey with taco seasoning and onion corn and black bean with like some seasonings in lime and some just onion and tomato and then this is this like hatch green chili sauce so I think this is gonna be really good I tasted everything it tastes amazing if I had lettuce I would have put it in there but I don't but he's going to love these and now we're gonna go to the appointment I also pump some milk last night these are insulated Wow all right ready to go being such a good boy today right now okay someone's getting a little fussy but we're almost there probably oh it sounds like one minute away and daddy was able to make it so he had a job today but he it's okay it's okay he had a job today but he was able to finish up in time so he actually beat us there daddy's here no you boys calm down all right how is it work what is long and busy yeah oh we already talked on the phone but I wonder why he calls me Joseph well get some items to discuss I should be in bed right now where are we mom don't keep those offices pounds 14 ounces the number on there okay little teat up dress on aim for the doctors [Applause] so we woke up from the neck and we a CA and we were gonna go to the Bible study tonight but he's just a little fussy and I don't know why and I don't want to be distracting and sitting there with him crying I did that one time and they're all happy to see him but I felt bad oh my goodness so I'll pick them up but Stephen wait okay so Joseph is still sleeping it's 8:12 he's in sleeping since 6:40 men's group was good and we're having enchiladas as a freezer meal that I made with salad after a nice two-hour nap mommy got to nap somebody's a week [Applause] hey handsome oh yeah we go after he was fussy earlier I turned off the camera when he was fussy and he got super fussy and he was like something was going on but he finally pooped I don't know if he's constipated or what but then he finally went back to bed so I'm sure he'll be in a better mood now right right oh my god it's like it starts in space all day I think I just recorded you forever every day [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hi-oh are you thinking about huh think about the day the doctor's office yeah – good naps you had some good milk okay oh oh you like to say that mommy oh there is [Applause] you know so we're getting ready to do bath time I'm just gonna do it in the sink here I just put a towel down and set them in there could be so small and then then I said put them in here we have to set it up just dry em right here put a little lotion put on his jammies and swaddle so we're gonna get right Oh you can avoid the screams this is the softest towel okay baby [Applause] thank you [Applause] thank you [Applause] are you a cleaning fresh caught you here hey giggling good boy nobody's teaching there right well that's it for today's video thanks for watching say goodbye good subscribe like and subscribe goodnight


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