DAY IN THE LIFE WITH A NEWBORN | Full Day Realistic Mommy Vlog | 6 Weeks Old

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey guys so it's about 3:30 a.m. and Eleana just woke up for her first nightly feeding she slept a good six and a half hours tonight she went to bed at nine o'clock and now it's 3:30 so that's been pretty typical recently she's been sleeping anywhere from I would say five to six ish hours per night before she wakes up which has increased from three to four hours so she's doing really really well as far as sleeping throughout the night so she'll probably wake up at about 6:30 to seven time that she wakes up when the Sun starts to come up in the morning but I just wanted to share that we do get up in the middle of the night her nightly feedings do last quite a while though because by the time she gets up we change her diaper and then she nurses for anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes it usually is about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes I would say before she's back down has just changed her diaper he's super helpful and then he usually goes back to sleep while I finished nursing her and then I usually put her back down so I'm gonna finish doing that now and I'll see you guys in a little bit all right so it's a little after 6:30 now and Ileana just fell back asleep so she woke up at about 6:15 and she actually ate really quickly this time she had her diaper changed and now she's back asleep so regardless of when she wakes up in the middle of the night she always wakes up somewhere between 6 to 7 and so I don't know if it's just because she can see the Sun coming in in the morning into our room but afterwards she usually sleeps for a solid two to three hours you know for lucky but I love when she sleeps first thing in the morning because she's so snuggly and cuddly and I just love it but this is usually the time where I go ahead and still get up and I get my breakfast I grab my coffee and I go ahead and try to get ready for the day because if I don't do it now I usually don't have time to do it later I don't have an opportunity just because just because her naps are a lot shorter throughout the day yeah you end up just staying pajamas hold it so Mama's gonna get up and get ready if she falls asleep but she's a little squirmy [Applause] you put them up can't boy twirl get it boys it shake shake good boy [Applause] so during this time Chaz is also getting ready for work so when he's getting his lunch together for today yes yeah it's nice because he gonna get this morning time to spend with each other a little bit mister gonna chat talked about with the date bullets this is what my lunch holds I got Chipotle chicken grilled chicken / / brown rice and roasted veggies yeah yeah and I put some sauce on top this is uh yep you just add the salt yeah no one he's doing that I usually pick up a little bit and then jump in the shower if she doesn't wake up before a tea set the arch in Lisa Marcin try to hold breath your heart is my violet what Jenny asleep don't good Ishta we could stay Ishta but shall we it's a good time Chris my little one is still asleep and we do let her nap in the dacha taught during the day when we can supervise her at nighttime she sleeps in her bassinet but during the day since we're here in a wake I can keep checking on her periodically when she's sleeping in the dacha taut and she sleeps so much better in this she really loves it it's really comfy for her so she usually sleeps on this during the day and then I don't know if you guys can see there's a little green flashing light that is her snooze uh so that is what monitors her breathing and movement so if for any reason she stops moving or breathing that alarm will sound so that just gives me peace of mind also while she's napping by the way he's really really good with guys he actually doesn't want too much to do with her he just kind of big noise her most of the time but I would rather it be that way than him trying to be all up on her all the time and in her face and everything so he's really gentle with her and he really just doesn't want to be around her much so I'm hoping that that changes a little bit though as she gets older I think that they're gonna end up being best friends but for now he just doesn't quite know what to think of her because she's so tiny and fragile II think and it's kind of like how he was with the Chewie at the beginning but as he got used to Chewie being here and being out and about then you know he he was able to kind of get used to that and play with him more and so I'm sure he'll do the same with Eliana not that I'm comparing Eliana to a bunny rabbit but you guys know what I mean so she's just so tiny and fragile right now but anyway in the morning Chiefy and I just like to cuddle while I finish my coffee and then I'll be able to jump in the shower since she's still sleeping hopefully because if I don't get a chance to do it first thing in the morning I usually don't get a chance to do it at all so or if I do it's a really really quick shower and she might be crying while I'm in there and I so she started crying while I was in the shower and I could tell by her cries that her tummy is bothering her so I think she's trying to poop good good morning to our day is beginning there's so much to do we had a lot to do all right so I had to set her back down because I have to go finish getting dressed so I didn't manage to finish getting completely dressed yet but I do have a bra on so we're making progress here you see for a little bit longer [Laughter] all right so I went ahead and fed her and you can see that she looks very tired still so I'm gonna change her diaper and then put her back down for a little bit and then finish getting ready so of course that's the plan but every day is so different every morning is so different that it's really hard to show you guys what each morning looks like accurately because it just depends on how she's feeling how awake or sleepy she is so anyway you gonna try to sleep a little bit more girl [Applause] so you guys wanted to see what a real day in the life of a newborn is like right here it is this one's ready for a diaper change oh my goodness girlfriend oh my poopsies everywhere I bet your tummy feels better now oh girl so for these kinds of diaper changes we have a couple of these disposable hats to line for changing table width I'm gonna go ahead and when I'm those down because I have a feeling we're gonna need that one today yes we are that way we can just throw it away afterwards so this is what you call a blowout yes that was the big one yes it was we're gonna have a great day today this is the way we call me here come your hair comb your hair this is the way we come here say I'm ready for the day so she's ready before I am I did manage to get my hair done and I brushed my teeth and I threw em one of Chaz's t-shirts I honestly don't wear anything fancy at home when I'm home with her because I mean it doesn't really need to be anything fancy I just like to be comfortable throughout the day and this shirt I can easily lift up to nurse her normally I choose things that will pull down but I didn't have much time today since she had her little blowout and her tummy was hurting so by the way I will be giving you guys a nursery room tour very very soon are you ready to go play girl are you ready to play so she has this little play mat here in the living room and we come and play on this every morning sometimes we will start on our back and then move on to her tummy so that she can have some tummy time sometimes we start with tummy time it just depends I don't really have a routine for that it's just kind of whatever we feel like doing and then I do have books down here that we read she has this little toucan musical toy that my friend Hilary got for her I got this play mat because it was one of the high contrast ones and something that I've learned is that newborns can see high contrast items better when they're little so all of the black and white items and then of course it has some of the bright colors as well but she really seems to like this play now hmm there you go so I always change her diaper right before I nurse her it's that way if she falls asleep right afterwards or right after we're done playing then I don't have to worry about her having a dirty diaper so I still check it even after I nest but typically she doesn't have anything since I change her right before so then once she wakes up from her next nap I'll change her diaper again and then nurse and it basically is just a repeating cycle so diaper change nurse play and then sleep and that is pretty much the schedule we follow all day long so sometimes I'll lay her down on her crib right here if I need to lay her down in a safe place if I need to get something and right now I need to go ahead and get her nose Freda because she's a little congested so we're gonna go ahead and suck out all of those goodies so this is the nose Freda she does not like it at all do you she'll probably cry I'm sorry but I don't know if you guys can hear her little nose is definitely congested ready and what is that's you let's get that right there sometimes it doesn't suck it out if it's a little drier there okay you're doing so good well you sound better already I'm done you did so good you did so good hey there's a smile there's a smile oh I love you do you feel better do you feel better nope I'm gonna read a story you love to read don't you oh yeah you're my little honey bunny there's no one else like you you're brave and bright and funny you make me feel brand new you're my darling daffodil rain clouds just pass us by so one thing that she loves is to be bounced around she loves to be able to look around she loves the ceiling fan that's her favorite thing to look at regardless or even any kinds of toys that we put in front of her or butts the ceiling fan is always for go-to isn't it she's looking at it right now so she loves to just be kind of walked around and bounced around so that she can see things in the house and then I do step outside with her occasionally as well just to give her a different view and she just likes that so and then she gets to feeling the cool breeze she also likes to be bounced in this position and then this is probably her favorite because she can see everything and she came rinsed her little head so she's in her swing right now just hanging out but right now I am taking the docket on apart so that I can watch this cover because with having a newborn you never know something's going to leak out of their diaper and something did this morning so just a little bit of pee so we're going to go ahead and wash this and then once this is dry I'll put this back together because she does love laying in this throughout the day ha that feels so so much better and honestly I don't do my makeup every day if I don't have anywhere to go and if I'm not filming I just don't do my makeup but today I do need to go to Publix because I have to get some stuff for dinner later I'm gonna get some salmon and I already have asparagus but I wanted to pick up some cherry tomatoes and potatoes to have with that I think we already have brown rice as well but I do need to make a run to Publix today so I figured I may as well just freshen up and I've been breaking out a little bit more so it just helps me to feel a little fresher and cleaner her I guess but I do think my hormones are just trying to regulate since having her but anyway she's sleeping still so I'm gonna take advantage of this time and I'm gonna go eat some lunch even though it is only about 10 o'clock because I don't know when she's gonna wake up and then I just never know how long she's gonna be awake for so it may be a few hours before I have an opportunity to actually eat something so I'm gonna go ahead and eat now while she's sleeping and then I'll try to get a few more things done I think I'm gonna try to edit a little bit as well because I usually do that while she's sleeping sometimes I wear her while I'm editing and then other times I just try to do it when she's sleeping elsewhere here's my girl here's my girl you guys I wouldn't trade this time with her for anything that's the best part of being a stay-at-home mom I just get all the BBK toes oh and the squirm ease what's wrong I think she's getting hungry again so I'm gonna go change her diaper and then feed her so Eliana's favorite place to sleep is right here this is her favorite place in the whole wide world isn't it sweet girl mm-hmm so something else that I like to do when Eliana is sleeping is I try to clean up a little bit in here and make the bed you can see I have wrappers from from my nursing pads I have my nursing pillow and then just a few different blankets and things on the bed so I try to straighten this up honestly I don't get to this every single day but when I can I definitely try to so I'm just gonna do that now hello my pretty girl someone's awake again I know like pretty girl so I'm feeling a little bit tired now and I just put Eliana down for her next nap so this time I put her in her bassinet because I want to lay down too and so that way I'll be right next to her so we slept for about thirty minutes she took about a 30 minute nap so I'll take what I can get but anyway we're probably just gonna hang out for a little bit and then we'll get ready to go to Publix here soon it is a little after 1:00 now so anyway Chaz Chaz chief is just chillin Chaz Chaz that work so I wanted to take a minute to show you guys my new slippers these are orthopedic slippers that I ordered just recently because my feet were starting to really really hurt from walking around every day on this hard ceramic tile that is in the majority of our house I didn't realize how much I would be on my feet with a newborn with Chaz being back at work so I had to order these special slippers because I needed some extra arch support right here my left foot specifically was really really starting to hurt especially on the bottom of my heel and then where my arch is it felt like my arch was falling and I have not been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or anything but that's what it started to feel like I was getting so I needed to get some supportive slippers a stat just some house shoes that I could wear around the house they didn't have to be cute or anything I just needed them to do the jobs your sister's asleep you want to go play I'm gonna go throw the ball I'm gonna go throw the ball okay so Eliana's just hanging out in her swing and it's hot outside so I got some blue Gatorade apparently this is supposed to help with your milk supply normally I just drink water all day but every once in a while I'll throw in a blue Gatorade just because we keep them in the fridge so they taste pretty good although I just don't like drinking all of the sugar so I usually pour a little bit in a cup of ice and just have that not a whole bottle but I do like it so she is actually doing really well in her swing right now so I think I'm gonna try to edit honestly instead of good at Publix right now Chaz may just end up swinging into Publix on his way home for a few things I don't know we don't leave the house every single day there are some days where I don't even get out of my PJs so today it's a good day we have made some progress but I'm not sure again if I'm gonna go ahead and get some groceries today I may just use this time to go edit some videos for you and just have Chad's pick up some groceries on the way home so I'll see how she does but right now it's about 1:45 so we have a little bit of time if I decide to go there's my girl so someone had another little blowout today didn't we yes so this is another outfit which is so cute I found this at Marshall's for probably I think it was around five or six dollars so cute so we're just gonna hang out I think I'm gonna let Chad's go get the groceries and I went ahead and put my tuck and bundle wrap on so that I can wear her she loves being in this wrap [Applause] there we go there we go there's my girl somebody's ready for daddy to get home daddy's home here's your daddy I missed you Lilliana missed you so much hmm it was nice outside yeah how was y'all's day it was wonderful yeah yeah we got a great day won't you chin up a little bit good that's uh short naps it's always a good thing so mom I can have some time yeah I do stuff mmm now we're gonna go get some groceries for dinner yeah he wants me to go to a little mmm-hmm man did your feet grow during pregnancy or something no it doesn't fly very well it feel good outside it does it's not too bright in your face it's like 72 degrees outside yeah nice and sunny yeah you girl yeah is it your favorite game she does not like being put in our car see no but she's doing good all right here we go here we go right how y'all doing she stopped crying oh yeah she loves yummy sounds good and healthy just give the frozen cannon because it's quicker we'd like fresh salmon too but oh look get out on anyone kazeem that's why I was looking at a Mediterranean crusted salmon where's that I guess one that one let's see yeah that were usually go with this smoked Applewood that one's really really good this is the medley everything like that bad okay we're cooking oh yeah the purple potatoes I don't know if they're actually called purple potatoes purple they're purple I really like you we're perfect potatoes she's passed out big young all right so we just got home from Publix and we decided that since at six o'clock we're gonna go ahead and go for our family walk before we eat dinner just because the Sun will set here in a little while and we didn't want to just cook up everything and then try to go on a walk and then come back and eat so we just didn't want to be rushed I'm gonna have with some cookies won't be over and I gotta walk them off too so yeah so by the way we've been taking our walks in the evenings every day because during the day here in Florida it's so so hot I mean it gets up to almost 80 degrees every day if not more so even though it's only April but we like to take our walks in the evenings because it cools down a little bit more and we like to usually go after dinner sometimes you go before dinner just depending on what time we eat so today we're gonna go before we eat and then we'll eat dinner once we get back but chief loves going on walks and I know I've told you guys I was excited to really start exercising hardcore yeah that hasn't happened but not yet anyway I've just been singing to walk walking every day but I haven't really done anything else ease into it I know I know it yes because most days I am so tired so anyway I'll get there yeah well things could work out too for your like your calves they're a little tender after your first couple days of walking oh they are they I have definitely felt it in my legs for sure since I've been walking so it's good but you're right I gotta ease into it I guess I had like really high expectations for myself but yeah I gotta take it easy though I do walk a lot when I'm shopping or cleaning around the house to cardio I drink a lot of milk with my cookies mm-hmm you want to go for a walk you want to go for a walk where's your leash sit good boy ok chief so we put her in this little bassinet part of the stroller when we go for walks it leans back for newborns there we go oh you like to go on walk yes she said yes there we go and this didn't come with the stroller this little head part that was actually you bought that off of Amazon I think just to hope but with Walmart to help with her head it's not rolling from side to side right let's go let's see it hardcore extreme walking that's impossible I go to the dentist today said that Clark was sharp no wasted billy-ray right so we're doing le gonna be sponge bath she had a regular bath last night but she had some blowouts today so we're just gonna go ahead and just do a quick wipe down to just clean her up before bed mmm it'll help her sleep yeah house we good at bed yeah it really relaxes right Alexa play lullabies the station wise in music I enjoyed baths yeah through that seat huh we're just getting ready to eat dinner but Eliana is ready for bed so daddy's gonna feed her a bottle oh can you go check that actually sorry so we just recently introduced the bottle to Ileana she's only had one before this one so I don't know I'm I'm doing okay with it but I do like feeding her before bed however I just fed her probably I would say about 30 minutes ago so this was just gonna be to top her off because she was starting to get a little fussy like she usually does right before bed and so anyway now she's asleep no booth so luckily it was only two ounces of milk but I don't know she'll probably wake up when we go to put her down in the bassinet and then we can give it to her at that time and if she doesn't finish it that's fine because it's not that much so anyway she probably has a full tummy we were just trying to figure out other ways to kind of calm her down but she's out oh yeah yes she starts to fuss every night at this time so because she's tired and then she songs out like that she's fast asleep just relaxed she loves you miss her so much it was yeah I actually like talking to her cry when I call you on the phone and she's like buzzing they're upset in the background suppose you can hear her I can hear her yeah that's like she said higher daddy no she is mm-hmm so it's 8 o'clock now and daddy just laid Eliana down for bed never mind she though I took like two bites of my salad and she started screaming yeah we have our dinner here so we have seen them race that's as far as I got veggies look at Milan we didn't wait yeah yeah so like if we're ready for bed she actually will get a bed but she does not like being alone in there no it's like she can sense that we're not in there with her mm-hm but when we are when we lay down with her she usually sleeps for the night so and then when she wakes up in the middle of the night – she pretty much goes right back to bed yeah yeah it's strange but she like knows that we're doing in there oh yeah she's if we're out here and she's in there she is not happy but I just finished her doctor tot cover just dried it had to hang to dry they just freshen it up in the dry air mm-hmm so that it would shrink but but it would D wrinkle a little bit and finish drying so I'm gonna put that on and maybe we can just have a relax for a little bit out here because she usually relaxes in there for quite some time or we can put her in the highchair she likes that too no all right let me try for me real quick so now that the dacha top cover is clean we're going to go ahead and leave her here for a little bit and I'll jump in the shower while Chas is finishing dinner does that sound like a good plan girl stern ongoing offend all right guys so we're gonna wrap up the vlog here and try to get this little one to bed which usually falls asleep between nine and ten so she should be going to bed here soon and then she usually sleeps until about 3 a.m. or so by the way I have my retainers in because I'm ready for this so if I sound a little funny that's like that anyway I'm just gonna wrap it up here and get her to bed and we're gonna go to bed ourselves so I hope you guys enjoyed we'll see you in our next video 3 you

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