hey guys welcome back to the vlog say hey no hey no hey no hey Wally happy Saturday I hoped all having a good weekend we are relaxing Parker Braylon and tablets the pool earlier today me and know that have been chilling I had to run to the grocery store to get a few things but other than other than that it's been a pretty quiet Saturday I'm actually about to get along for the first time with Parker and Nolan have had a photo shoot another photo shoot yeah the photo shoot in Birmingham so he's gonna hit there in a few minutes and then he'll be back tonight but this will be like my first time alone for hours upon hours so we'll be fine Parker will go to bed like at 8:30 it's already four o'clock so I should not be that bad she has my head of nap today so hopefully she does not get that fussy but over there they got this house of high miss tab does Liv Berlin jizz left marker sad he said yeah you'll be back to play oh yeah shaky sigh [Applause] and yeah my free I got them because I'm on my camera now but it's about to die and tab has the extra two batteries and yes the camera charger so they kind of just put a damper on my plans for vlogging for the rest of the day because like I can prop my camera oh but I can't really prop my phone up anywhere which kind of sucks but we'll make it work I'll have a vlog on my phone it'll be fine the quality would just be not that good but way back to go so it's four o'clock I mean I'm probably gonna go ahead and I'm gonna put Nolan asleep first and then I'm gonna cut Parker some dinner and just some pasta I guess I will eat that too so I had to cook to my staff room you know then are you sleepy he's learning how to like turn his head from side to side yeah follow objects look he is so sleepy sleepy you see the camera yeah no they well II know they Wally who is there who is there handsome boy I feel fine thank you baby brother heat rhymes like are you trying to go to sleep Pete no baby do mommy do mommy all right no one is asleep mate Parker so we'll make this faster let's just say that Parker and Bremen had a great time today look at this wowzers wowzers every gonna help mommy clean up okay now right now you can play right now on the phone well I'll go cook see I'm just making some veggie spaghetti real simple I guess I can show you all how I make it if I can set this phone up somewhere I am missing a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of diced tomatoes which I kind of need but I'll just make a smaller portion that's all I have today issues a jar marinara sauce it would make it work gonna need just a small portion anyways so walk over here to check on this look around and she is asleep which is a no-go because it's five o'clock and it's too late for her to go to sleep I will let her sleep for literally 15 minutes like she can get her a good power nap in she is not napping for that long okay the girl is still going to bed tonight for your stuff in there I like to add a little water to this right here to get some more salt okay this is kind of thick if you don't click some type of loop it in there and then you just pour a little bit in there not that much just a little bit the latest ember 4:30 I'm not longer but at least 30 Parker Parker Parker you gotta wake up baby you gotta get up okay it's not time to go to sleep yet okay get up baby wake up want some candy okay wake up I win I just cannot I cannot with it visually stuff from the start to finish all over it you ready good a bit okay so she got a sucker yeah wake up let me open it for you color is it okay now you can go watch morning eat your sucker yeah got a little bittle is the only thing that would get her a present okay so while this is cooking you're on that aconite like I got the Queen is it that looks 10 times better I wipe it down with Clorox later but that was literally driving me crazy so I clean all that and the water is still and not even bought and the spaghetti sauce has 11 minutes left so yeah so while I'm waiting I may as well do this room it's not that bad so this will literally take like five minutes so Parker will eat dinner like around 6:30 ish we'll put her in the back like around 8:00 and sure got a bit hopefully Nolan will be fine while I give her back normally he's around 8 – so that's good that I'm pushing the feed back to 6 so he'll eat at 9:00 instead of eating at 8:00 right when she needs to get in the bath come on Parker has time to clean up all this mess [Applause] that was pretty easy and soon as I can use doing it I heard him in here wake up anyways [Applause] get mark here did you pee on yourself no baby Parker listen no no no that's a no-no what yeah no pee pee goes in the where where does peepee go hey where does peepee go yeah where does it go where does it go he and they collect it goes in the toilet so why did you pee on yourself but yaki and up I know you put your feet in your underwear Parker that's a no no no you put yucky your underwear get off the couch my uncle brought your wet why take your underwear off take them off your wet yeah I don't know what's going on with this potty training but she's been regressing a little which I've heard that I heard you like the peepee in the potty Parker okay say okay meanwhile this boy is back knocked out he's not even finished eating all right so baby brother just finished eating no then just finish eating guys guide for changed Parker is right here you ready to eat hi guys you go grab you another shirt so you don't mess up your gown okay hmm okay so that my brother is okay it made me ready okay watch baby brother okay go grab you another shirt so you don't mess up that shirt you gonna wash baby brother yeah and we can watch never you guys 101 no my baby she hey hey I'm a member you go – to you dad we do that yeah I really hate that I'm having to vlog this whole thing on my phone – oh don't worry thank you baby yeah status and post on that which is possibly a fourth girl obsessed with saluting everything sad say that oh okay all right all right I got it no one is getting and sleeping in yeah I'm like I'm like they're a little pasta it's alright okay we are done eating I got to rock a million to sleep and then once he goes to sleep then we're gonna put Dan Parker we'll take her bed we should go to bed and then no then we'll eat again like around 9:00 and then we are chilling for the rest of the night so has not been that bad hopefully he goes to sleep right now time for bed so Logan is back to sleep right now so hopefully no stay sleep goodnight hear me I love you just sit down Parker Parker will be sleeping no time because she is worn out from playing with Braylon all day and also going swimming and also having no nap besides a little 10-minute nap it took earlier so she should be good no then we'll be up again I'll get him up around 9:30 unless he wakes up before that it's like 8:00 it's like 8:50 right now yeah so I'm about to sit down oh yeah I do not I repeat do not recommend that lentil pasta it wasn't it was a novella just to be honest it was not good it was super grainy super chewy the rest of the night will be Neifi to Nolan and that's literally it I'll take a shower our biggest stuff so I'm gonna sit down I'm watching me a show I want to relax before he wakes up so I hope y'all enjoyed this vlog I hope y'all enjoy spending the day with me for my first time alone with the two kids it was not that bad I think that having Nolan on the schedule Parker's on the schedule as well but she's much older but having know that on the schedule really allows me to be able to know we and I can do things like okay cool I can clean now I can go fix Parker's food I can give her a bath like knowing exactly when he's gonna be asleep literally like save the day so if you enjoyed this video be sure to give us a thumbs up be sure to comment down below be sure to subscribe and we will see you guys in our next video bye

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  1. Nolan is very blessed and highly favored handsome baby boy and the lord continue blessed you and your family have blessed day 🇬🇧 families

  2. Nolan is sooooo handsome!!! I got all kinds of baby fever going on 😍😍. Look liked you handled everything mama!

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    Yes! For the monitor, not sure of the appropriate name of the camera… however, I love the idea you have it to watch Nolan as he was sleeping.

    Nolan is your twin girl. 😍😍😊

    Parker knew she had a accident in her clothes.🤦🏾‍♀️ When you said “Parker” she said “Mommy” like girl lol you knew to potty in the toilet. However, accident happens. But she knows exactly what you were going to lecture her about before you completed your sentences.

    Ms Parker🤦🏾‍♀️😆

    Overall, great video! I pray to be a great wife and mommy like you one day🙂🙂

  4. Great video! girl I pray I have as much patience as you when baby #2 comes along😩 I’m pregnant now & have a 3 yr old. I’ll definitely be taking some tips from you! Much love to you mama❤️

  5. Nice video! I literally stalk your subbies number every time you post a video. I pray that your subscriber number grows and grows in Jesus name Amen

  6. Parker's speech is clearer…she's growing up… I'm going to try your veggie spaghetti recipe minus the pasta you used😁

  7. Parker had me smiling from ear to ear when she was sitting waiting like what do I do now 🤔 she like forget it I’ll sing my ABCs lol 🥰🥰 so precious

  8. Congratulations, great job! Awesome mom! You make it look easy. Thanks for continuing to share your world with us. Blessings!

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  10. Nolan looks just like you!!!!!! Holy crap…your twin!!! Color, Nose, eyes, everything!!!! That's so cute!!! His ears are darker so he will be just a bit darker but still you all day!!!! Too cute….proud of yall

  11. I am about to give birth to my second son in about 12 weeks … i have a 7 year old and I’m nervous as heck about having two kids .. you do such an amazing job ! Def make it look easy ! Keep up the good work !

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  13. Nolan is your twin even though your daughter favors you but she's your husband twin all you all together blend into a beautiful family and you doing a good job being by yourself with a children you can make it just ask God for strength and patience and he will see you through

  14. Parker reminds me sooo much of my niece😩 but my niece is 3, her birthday is in November and she’s a Scorpio like Parker😂 same skin color hair texture everything! I wish I can show you a pic of her lol

    But you are super mom and wife I love it!😍🙌🏾❤️ and is it weird that I wish your vlogs were an hour long? Lol

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