Day In The Life With Newborn Twins ONLY👶🏽👶🏽

you ready to go you got your backpack on alright y'all and then there was two kids and I have the twins over here I'm not gonna sit here and sugarcoat it I'm they were up all night so I'm about to go get in my bed and take me a long nap and then we have to go to the WIC office have to go swish their formula and then I have to go to the store cuz we're out of milk and I have to cook and fold clothes you know mom life it never ends but you know what I'm about to enjoy the little sleep that I can get cuz you know you know when they're sleeping the older girls you know I have to watch them or I'm I get to do stuff like when I took a little catnap yesterday on the couch within 5 minutes and my food everywhere let's just say it got real real anybody was going to bed like I fell asleep on the couch watch it now so now I had to finally get me some rest shewill my mom I packed her up lunch and everything killin with school my mom took her to the bus stop because I was like rushing like look I need to renew my braids y'all I look a hot mess so I'm not gonna see you like I said sure Cody you girls tired ok ok I just woke up and I ate a little bit of a bagel and I gave him some ayah and she wasted it mom life good afternoon family and friends so I'm about to get the twins dressed picked up the clock thinking don't know what I should do and I wish you be right here with me my mind's filthy patience I'm going use the dance but now I don't where you are I miss you so bad won't you come back to me I've got you in my head you're all that I see I've lost all my chances I know that I am too late I'm sinking ha I'm sinking out here wondering if you're thinking about me too now it's too late now it's too early but I'll still thinking of you keep some bleeding I have scars but one stop feeling hey hey hey yeah so you thinking all right bring it up bring it up oh we got a special delivery they must have came never sleeps put the glass in the house all right all right looks like it's just us three come on babies all right you guys so I went to the WIC office and they basically didn't do she was just like so you have to schedule appointment for your formula and I'm like I'm here like there's nobody in there you should say yeah we're booked and all this stuff I'm just like where look weird so long story short I had to schedule my appointment I changed my address what frustrated me is to like no one's there and then she's like our nutritionist is on maternity leave so you tell me got more dilemma interested a nutritionist I'm like what the hell but so they got that week employment on the 30th that's thinking yeah and I'm just like man y'all just trying to keep me getting guys it's a lot of work and getting in out the car with two car seats and then you gotta put them in the stroller and show there be hot as hell be burning my damn you know I threw a tantrum on the ground so I was just like man whatever so basically I didn't get to do that I just did everything I scheduled appointment and got me some gas and right now I am I'm about to head to want my god I always tell a lot of people in my comment section I was like yeah since I'm out the mug beam there's like girls who look good and I'm like you just don't know I got to go get me a plate tomorrow and tomorrow it's today so I'm about to go get me another plate and then there was something else I needed to grab a storage don't remember I need to get something else I can't remember I can't remember I hate when that happens I needed to get something I feel like it was for the babies it might be a some formula or I don't know need to hurry up doc I mean get back home I was gonna start dinner the my ACOG talked to me my baby she said I may see mommy at BC to feeling just at the house around three o'clock something hurry up and get back to her anything up I really don't know what I was to get the story I hate not forget that fast but what is it milk I'm melody animo that's sometimes I remember milk so yeah about to head to Walmart all right just a suggestion one might really need to think about making baskets for twins it'll be so much easier if I have time for two babies that way I'll have to put them a head like this just a suggestion yeah they run out of these quick so I might mix it I'm getting into my craving again I don't care cuz I'm eat this chicken in my life you got this my hands on mic but look at this y'all don't this looks so good they ran out and he was just covering for somebody they didn't have no more for the ranch I just mixed it and then I my broccoli I got both sides broccoli cheddar and since I got mix I decided to try this honey mustard they have him in the front and see how it tastes with him I'm about to try it real quick before I go to the house I also got some things for the babies I'll show you how I got all I got Aiden some pasties and I got some other new T then like campaigns Chrissy has said that it's a lifesaver so I noticed that my babies we put theirs their hands their fist in their mouths and they're like choking me shows so I got both of them one all right the ranch is done didn't have any pork banging spoons not the ridge was it horrible Lester I did one compared to the our time you start cooking for a computer now just like a day in line for this man you know I was gonna vlog extra but I was just so tired I came to the house I had to start cooking the chicken was seasoning the chicken i seasoned did frog seasons on it was kind of a hurry and then I put it in an oven huh and then what else do I do I put the milk up in the frigerator there I put a formula up I made killing some Bagel Bites I mean I'm Bagel Bites pizza rolls and I put her a drink in the freezer how was your first well my first day house you get school okay did you have a good day mm-hmm good job yeah so I did that for her I made me eat my food ah here's your juice I put in the freezer for you are you gonna sit down eat yeah I turned that on too yeah I'm tired eat your plate and the twins I might to actually feed the twins but let me show you out what I got for them real quick alright y'all in the cabin so I already took them out because I had this fear they kit their hands you know that whatever but I got one for a ten and one for Ava all day I did not take away anything is the pacifiers or somewhere I think I got yeah see there are six and mine's pasties and I think for a minute these cheap ones he all likes the one with the weird shaped nipple so I got these for him and then they got these little hand mittens yeah but I'm about to eat my food why the dinner is cooking and I'm about to feed a because she has not eaten since she woken up it's hot yeah I'm making me some water but I hope they like it cuz I've been showing on their hands like crazy and crazy with Sam you want her video that this is helpful so hopefully this is good for the twins because Lord all this chewing on your hands and slobber everywhere they need to put their slobbers to you somewhere else which is gonna be on here or maybe not he's showing on his hand do you want to try posse he's like bro I'm busy with this hand here anyone try this he was a morning he's like how much these was nothing but like 97 cents but who cares you got chewing your hand he goes to Ava are you chewing on yours all right yeah so it was crying so much go deal with her but um I need a coffee I didn't have coffee up all today and I am hold on okay I'm back she her passing came out so I didn't have coffee all day and I'm so in need of coffee today off even though I didn't get me some good sleep I am still kind of tired and I'm ready to start by taking my team I think we start by taking me tomorrow because I stopped for a couple of days because you're cleaning you out like cleans you out for real so the coffee that I'm using is from mama job Java I think some jalis I'm like that they are a company on Instagram and if you want to get you some coffee go ahead and head over to my Instagram and I have hazelnuts and I also have of course hazelnut creamer I like to use so go ahead and get yours hopefully this coffee kicks in because I need it but I'm about to go put these babies to sleep so catch you guys in a minute are you guys I just finished taking our picture for Instagram and I messed thing I think it turned out pretty good but it's extremely hot outside though that's the only thing I use for my 10 extra boxes ah he's extra heavy and so this is a Mama's type post I use a baby hat for prop that is heavy and he's falling asleep so I'm not gonna bother him you take him a bit outside for that little split second put her to sleep cuz she's over there knocked out now but I might to finish this food and then Cayden Kaitlyn and then I'm going to give her back and in my OB I'd be home later on my shirt what time my mom said but it should be home later okay Cleo I can't really tell on camera but y'all I think it's my camera settings is so bright but it is dark and is thundering I don't know if I can hear the Thunder or not but it's thundering yes my camera don't do it justice god it's like I don't know where it came from this thundering he's lighting over there it just got out of nowhere I shook him till it's dark it's crazy you guys I broke out so much I'm gonna want here you can't see a lot of it it's like covered it up but I put a lot of makeup on here in here and it was one of my next somewhere I just broke out I think if I had like free sodas I know and I'm like Jasmine Apple is drinking soda I'm not drinking no more soda okay I just had my cheese's my cheat button soda so I'm sorry about drinking my tea and the tea I'm gonna drink is a to me energy I got the skinny and I got caught up here's my mom look who's home she is so tired ja she'd barely talking when she ain't talking she's sleepy she about to watch her baby dogs and eat her chicken and macaroni he's hired Maya and then I'm gonna give them a bath

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