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Oh this is the first time anyone seen baby Chris’s hair well, on youtube If you’re on Instagram or Facebook we saw her hair Its so pretty Okay, hey what is up? It’s Tuesday? so um I’m running some errands Well, I’m going to Walmart Not for baby stuff I need to get things for the guinea pigs They need new um I don’t use bedding I use carpet and the carpets have done their life, so I need to get new ones Because I change their stuff like two to three times a week. It’s a lot actually if you ask me. It’s a lot to maintain but It’s worth it because they’re so stinking cute, so I need to get new carpets for them I need to get milk I need to get a mister just not a guy, but a sprayer Mister because you know we just got in a chameleon Which I don’t know if I shared with you guys on youtube, but Instagram knows so I feel like when I go to Petco. It’s a scam all the time But they know that when you take really good care of our animals and a chameleon was returned They don’t know why but if you guys know anything about chameleons they are high-stress Reptiles so they stress very easily and They they don’t do well with a lot of change so They were like here, let me show you something I was like I don’t want it And I’ve always wanted a chameleon like before I got Rico so they were telling me about her And they said you know here’s the thing we just want her to have a really good home We’ll give her to you for free And I’m like oh free always you know makes you want to do something that you don’t want to do really So I was like well in that case you know shoot all take her um And also the thing with chameleons is you know they don’t socialize very well so either They like humans or they don’t like humans And the majority of them do prefer to Sorry I’m trying to watch traffic and talk to you guys turn to turn in a very busy raid They they prefer not to be handled. Well. She is amazing like we made your Disney her name’s Disney She’s super amazing She loves to be Held she’s really cool, so but Even though the price of her is free I still have think we still had to get an aquarium and all that set up for Her so it ends up being free, but I mean it saves you a little bit money in some babies So yeah, so I gotta get More, she needs more foliage in her aquarium which just started out with the foliage and like things to climb on because it is very expensive especially like a Reptile startup, it’s very expensive if you’re doing it properly We’ve already put in like probably $200 in her set up. That’s like a stand for the cage the cage the Bulge feeders water a Fine things to climb on it stuff like that because they love that’s what they do they climb so yeah, so we should I suckered me into that but she’s really awesome So I need to get some things for her and I bought I brought baby Chris with me so this is her first outing since she got her new sympathy hair to you, and then I Think I gotta get coffee because I finally got another Keurig You guys know my Keurig story. I well maybe you don’t know my character. Sorry but some of you guys know my character, sorry I Got the Keurig when the kerrick’s first came out and then um We did some like I don’t know a couple years later, or so I think it was a good year later I had my Keurig I Had seen an article talked about this bacteria and all the stuff in there and uh So then we threw it out well Jackie made me throw it out So I got rid of eight, and I haven’t had a Keurig in several years now, so Yeah, I got another keyring so I need those little cups for it because I don’t do that like the filter work so my own Coffee in it. I like to pay the money at least I like to waste my money should I take on the little cups? So because everything’s already done for you, but yes I need to get some cups from Mike here really and let me just show you out here. It is a Nice bright day. Let’s see. It’s 62 degrees outside, so It’s going to show you guys something what I love about this car. This is a 2016 Malibu Limited edition that we purchased well We’re making payments on But one of my favorite things about this car is that it has cell phone holders check that out I have not seen that. I really like that and then I really like the seat warmers of course I’ve had seat warmer than other cars, but oh and I really like this. Let me show you that That is so cool, and it has like a massive storage in there, and there’s actually a light so at nighttime You can see in there but Yeah, so I really like I want. I love this wood looking grain feature. I know it’s not what it’s just plastic but I so Ya Think that’s about all the talking. I got to do and then we’ll uh we’ll be at Walmart soon okay, so We are at warmers Trying to cut down to the baby stuff just to see what’s going on over here Let’s look here. There’s baby Chris sleeping away and see if they have any new Pacifiers not that I need any but I do like look And see what they have Everything looks to be about the same from what I’ve seen so Yeah, so Over here, we’re gonna. Get some guinea pig hey, but first of all look in here see what’s going on. Oh my gosh it’s a Minnie Mouse Wow I Have never seen those That is really cool Super cute. Oh, I wanted to get I want it so bad. I want this set But really just the brush, so just the brush you can buy the brush separately so I want just the brush because I don’t need Everything else, but it’s so cute so let’s go over here to the diapers and our diapers stuff and Yeah You Wow they finally have closer that is like a freaking miracle they never have anything here I Am totally shocked because I saw every time I come here. I’m like oh my gosh nothing I Got some cute sleepers. I haven’t seen this sleeper. What is this one? It’s not a monkey I really don’t care for the monkeys on the clues Really good, they have these Gerber sets Oh what is this? Well, that’s cute Shorts Trying to see a little shark suit I’m surprised that they have closer. It’s totally shocking It’s like every time I come here. They’re baby stuff is so depressing not today It’s all looking very good In the dog stuff, that’s weird look at that it’s in with the dog clothes Baby bibs, huh interesting Pretty sure that doesn’t belong there Okay, so we had to upgrade our cart to a bigger one We ran out of room. I thought I could do with that little one but apparently I was wrong and this one’s kind of broken so it’s Shaking her all around But I just found it like in an aisle and So I took it Well, I made sure nobody was using it. Don’t you know don’t judge me? Make sure nobody was using name like if this lemon num num That’s probably really good vanilla cupcake flavor I have to try these just because They are the minions You know come on everybody loves a minion all right? I’m looking for English muffins, I think I passed them As iowa’s coming down here So we can have tuna melts I make English muffins tuna melts on these It’s really good I haven’t had to do melts in a while, so I thought that would be a good Mill and now the last thing on my list is my rugs, and then we’re ready to go home Subtitles by Maddie Wyatt

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  1. Super adorable doll. Im in love… But i just have one question. Is it really smart to bring the doll, and in a car seat at that??? I mean, what if you get in an accident, and youre hurt, or your car starts on fire, or whatever… A poor firefighter, or cop, or even just someone who sees the accident and tries to help could get killed.

  2. Novel I’m so happy that I get to watch someone that has experience with reborn since I am saving for my first one!! They cost a lot but I will be happy when I get her!! She is an Ashton Drake “little squirt” and I have a guiena pig 2!!❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🐷🐷🐷🐹🐹🐹

  3. Plz reply back where did u get her from like what website I want her so bad and I can’t find babys like that

  4. Awe!!cuteness! !.. I would love to have a silicone baby .. I just can't afford one :-(.. But I just love watching all the videos on them the Reborns and silicones

  5. Hey I was wondering where I can buy her from because I’m getting 1,000 dollars if my sister gets this job and I’ve been wanting this doll for 3years and I haven’t found her😕but if u ever get the chance to let me know where u got her,let me know🤗

  6. You are such a good YouTuber I love how you aren't one of those YouTubers who just talks and talks and talks and doesn't show the baby and I love how you can show you shopping without it being a fifty minute video of you walking around . I also love how you show the baby and you can also talk without the video being a rant sesh. And you also tell us what's going on in the video. I love you your babies and your channel. I wish you the best of luck.

  7. I’m 12 and I feel that if I go out places with a reborn I’ll get judged and people will know it’s just a doll because I’m just a “child”. The reason why I’m telling you this is because I feel that just for that reason I shouldn’t get one. Help me choose to get or not!

    Much love,
    Hannah L.

  8. These babies are beautiful and so realistic. Although I'm a little curious, do you take them everywhere with you like a real baby?

  9. Hello im a ten year old girl who is in love with baby dolls i have been asking my mom for a reborn/silicone baby and she said for my birthday the limit is 100$ you are the first one i would ask do you have any dolls for 100$

  10. Wow it's so amazing looks so real , but can anyone answer me , why buy this dolls ? Or is it cause some woman can't have babies ? With all respect ? 😶

  11. Can I have her please please please please please I will give you 19 dollars and then the other week or weekend I will give you the rest of the 19 dollars 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. can you please send me a reborn my birthday is March 10 can I please have one I want one so bad please please I love your videos please

  13. Aawwww I wish I could of afford one of those Precious babies. So realistic in Every way. Love her😍😍👣👣😍😍

  14. Awwww those realistic baby's are soo cute but my mum moans at me because there so much money even though I want one 😫😫😫😫😫

  15. That isn't a real baby. Christ, don't you think you are too old for dolls? Mental health issues for you big time.

  16. hi i love your channel i have been watching for quite some time now and i am so in love with all of ypur reborns

  17. They don't Te e información de Google para todos los derechos reservados la empresa que no se puede hacer algo con la factura del mes

  18. do you make the dolls or where do you get them . I want one so bad . i love your vidoes. : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 i love your vidoes

  19. I have a question why don’t you just have a baby of your own instead of spending it hundreds of dollars on a fake baby

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