37 Replies to “Daz Watches MISHKA teen pregnancy”

  1. This is NOT a laughing matter. The purpose of this film is to normalize this sick and wrong type of abuse: incest. People need to wake up. Children should be able to grow up free from abuse. God help us.

  2. Wondering if he did know and took those pills in front of her all dramatic like that as a sign for her to take them. First time seeing this as well. Did not expect that disturbing ending

  3. Me waiting for DAZ TO REALIZE HER DAD IS THE FATHER OF THE BABY:┌ʕ º ʖ̯ º ʔ┐
    Daz figures out:⋌༼ •̀ ⌂ •́ ༽⋋
    Me:HEE HEE

  4. dud the dad is the fathere do you cant see that he know wht happend he was sure he make here take the stuff to kill the baby no body will sleep with his fathere like that soooooo

  5. I knew the whole time. I was just yelling at you like, what the hell don’t you see the signs 😂

  6. When he finds out it was the dad

    “What! What? No! No! No! No! Really! Really! Really? No!

    Lol 😂

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