Dead Newborn Baby Found In Trashcan At Irving Applebee's, Police Say

breaking news right off the top at 10 o'clock tonight Irving Police are looking for a woman actively right now that they say gave birth in a restaurant restroom and then put the baby inside a trash can and left live picture tonight of that restaurant in question this is Applebee's North Beltline Road right near one 283 police say it happened around 4:45 this afternoon they tell us employees found the deceased newborn with the cleaning crew in the restroom that's how everything happened Irving police who say this was avoidable are asking anyone who may have any information about who this woman is where she might be tonight to give them a call this is on that line Road just two more exits down 183 as being her hospital so very very close proximity to the restaurant this is just kind of a senseless thing that hasn't that occurred today when there's fire stations there's bleep police stations there's the hospitals they're all in close proximity the department also shared that the restaurant managers and employees they're all cooperating with police and with the active investigation tonight

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  1. And again these 21st century Millennium people does not have no respect for life all I want to do is stay f*** up and living home with Mom and Daddy do lazy do not want to work do not want to take care of their own kids they just throw them in the trash or throw him in a land filled What a Sad life in the 21st century for any kid being born in this world๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

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