Dead rat in pregnant woman’s soup sees restaurant chain lose £145m in value – Daily News

 A restaurant chain, where a pregnant woman found a dead baby rat floating in her soup, has reportedly lost more than £145m from its value  The hugely popular Chinese hotpot restaurant Xiabu Xiabu quickly became a talking point as the video spread across social media  Mrs Ma had been out with her family on Thursday, September 6, and recorded the rat which had been picked out of her meal with chopsticks  She had been eating the meal before she spotted the tiny creature which had been boiled  According to Kankan News, who spoke to the pregnant woman’s concerned husband, Mr, he was offered 5,000 yuan – equivalent to about £550 – in compensation, but the couple refused  Mr Ma also alleges that one member of staff suggested his wife should get an abortion if she was concerned about her unborn baby’s health  By Tuesday, September 11 parent company Xiabuxiabu Catering Management’s share price had fallen 12 5 per cent , reports the Sydney Morning Herald .  The restaurant initially put out a statement on Saturday saying that it had “ruled out” the possibility that a lack of hygiene had caused the rat to end up in the hotpot, but later withdrew it, it said  Authorities in Weifang city, the restaurant branch where the rat was found, said they would conduct investigations into Xiabu Xiabu’s restaurant  There are at least 300 Xiabu Xiabu restaurants across China.

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