Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss: Quick & Simple Hair Tutorial

hi guys welcome back to my channel so today is a very hard video for me it took a lot for me to actually show you guys so basically I am dealing with postpartum shedding honestly I really think it's postpartum hair loss at this point if you can see in the front of my hair where it's really really short and it looks kinda like I mean it looks like it's falling to me it's very thin and I'm losing my hair in the very front but the doctors say that it'll start growing back around 6 months so you know I try to distress it too much but whatever so this is a hairstyle that it's really really simple you guys you don't need any products from my hair I showed you guys the products that I use this is what it lays down my hair than this um without making my hair really crunchy so my hair is still soft it's not hard what you know like hard Jill with the products that I use so basically with mixing both of those products I'm just gonna put it all on my hair I have to do my hair section sometimes because my hair gets too curly for it for me to lay at how nice anyway so I do it in sections but basically I'm using both products and I'm putting them both in my hair and I'm gonna smooth it down so I just want you guys to understand that even if you're having postpartum hair loss or postpartum shedding that you're still beautiful it's really hard to do it trust me I've had my emotion so I'm trying to be mad too being upset but don't allow it to take your shine honey okay did you feel a bad okay so this is black eye shadow you can use any eye shadow of your choice or whatever you want to use the kind of feeling you hear but I use this to kind of fill in the areas that I feel like look too thin so I just literally just put it on my finger and try to just kind of blot it in to my hair I don't use too much because you don't want it to look like you got black spots in your hair but you know just a little bit so here is the final look you guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. I’m going through the same thing! My edges are all gone 😩 I have locs so it’s kinda difficult to cover up.

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