Dealing With Unplanned Pregnancies In Marriage – Odo Ahomaso (31-5-19)

hey ma what they did Namie yabo shots adonis a comfort no tanto no it's an ear when you are bravoman neck say has some path say at the end no say they were say me who sense that the enugu and I study a suture the hence a good associa say Oh Jamie radius say if he saw yay another Yoho Diane you saw our men and our men and Arlen won an accession sadhana see if so much sorry Mabel sue me and the ad carry a you Mabel sue me a super brain and I'm a goofy go a bit questionable kunam oh oh mushroom here anymore one man with a bin poor mama and omen number for intermediate maybe I maybe it's not television so and I radio so I make I will be some say I'm Gambia and what hi Ida a rowdy I said aha so I'm carrying a late young coupon hakama say or some arbitrary degree its intellect mo here with me I shall see now with denim esa i won't prepare any me Oriol trusting Nessa see fee and apply this is a break I'm at the enemy I hang from a one toe 120 maybe brie or big Hospital and the oxygen has seen it so nobody would really freak I've known Anna say gonna say it won't prepare yeah when they were a bit dream or duo home I saw with your one and only the love and sex doctor number one of course Akuma mama zimba zimba zimba yo yo but I say in the house now is Myron also star a the caterer aunty Emilia as a quiet day for 20 yo yo destroy destroy a one day only brother fred is in the house hi brother let's say I'm loving your wine right baby Fatone easy mmm Oh phew I just say memo fake and what's that will do and Burma back to Buffy know each other would he know a gentleman yummy say Papa me read drew Mme bannamu CO and Smits Nestle it will come come our channel open a Bama to say Uncle Fred oh wow Tintin think am I the baby I said so come mmm I said we're very comfortable in everything she did you – whoa man Castle rush me Makassar trouble the time will come you do it more and more and more you enjoy more this is our drama so on a dumb TV area mommy away so my Museveni enemy de marsay and so photo khuddam prophets i him afore i him for a moment only for Imran tell him about what and Cochran everyone's so anniversary Nina mucho 3 de marsay meet the winner with a my Sarah must say Si Damacio now come Sistine Juliet a a Father's Day yeah best celebrate see AJ no more dad Arnie yeah mommy Radhika mercy nature a year comma and the a program so no and I make and you will be a idea piss kinda maker but as a journey and not some others they do not manage him by walk walk mommy mommy a doe have unless there is blessing it's freshly living it's fulfilling sounds so and a jumper ado no man hi daddy never chew it you happy that it happy for this develop we thank you we do this on Mirza and you see is so fulfilling and so they didn't put there by verb a niacin Nachum I maintain and rival radio su obokata yakuman mia me papa wahwee amendment new kt k nu y ju y Nana na Nana na ma si si si si si daya Nia Saddam assassin s wah yep a panic Tomica some newer coach inque yeah wah-bah a sedan toka bedroom so my da earlier I didn't SC okay sir come upon you when you see when you see who but I'm Misha this Sidibe had been made BR if you were Bobby and your baby on the bed was another one whoa baby 81 mone oh baby oh baby the way your Martin time there starts a bump a a new anchor points Accra bargaining needs me to animal the core here woman oh well sue diversity over PA Oh nah Enya order for started Dream Home sassy Jean home Nicole Nicole Paniccia Co the moon call reunion as father and children a year and three year and consistent on the Sistine Juba so no young Capone Eddie we're famished so am i minimal in Arcis I mean penny phones but can be nah hey I come already fi a gentleman oh no a father is the head of the house yes you or him back in Delhi kappa at yes a young cursor here Amanda didn't Mohammed ESA yeah dream on oppa as we do a gentleman someone and a query not granny on Union smoke its chassis and they are fetching a Oh Papa and they will work will be strong belief or Ukrainian some you know and want a pregnancy and I had to prevent our motor pregnancy in a marriage Iveco but a general daya man I didn't need to be celebrate see you have a park fathers I'm say Papa spank me homie G H yeah man am i any PBR any a pillar of the house okay what is right but mm-uh no mm-uh 3 any PBR more I think about only about the eighties am I really yes Malabar AE oppa Vasari ovation bar a beaver in a bar obeying anybody behaving because they go back retire back rockwell PBB no focaccia in papa let me emotional because orders or the chemical imbalance or nigga are not blessed or they catch a lunar orbit chain but here ma da or by my account by a jelly bean pie Edie yakumo by a second if you're a koala before it even my imagining a computer has to be a bibbidi bobbidi and Farnam also Rhea such a blowhard so I recordings going to fit anybody so needy about quantities where Moses on colony Amina no ammonia el COSO couldn't even answer no mommy or Brahmanism adacia an OB he DOMA developer lava be mi mami no Papa no a below ground on plz chroma crap man to be be money back Radha Wow oh you'd be bad Wow in Quran 2 da oh I almost let us any money feel both parents yeah to say what NB I know Oh bear mama would be maha-mantra or don't know I add a alcohol Dawson yo ho the MassDEP apartments a woman should love em oh mama even a company and so on Malibu ballad there wouldn't be crying I can't Brown sunny Bay yeah or Sabina or Doron could be at the ID at the amount until mechana zapper for denying Mother's Day do some en el murfi meself a pie in today and almost 100 mph a cry on the first wah wah anybody who I was – of you because I'm familiar cassava Papa it sa mama ko be nearby maja Freddie ho Mimi so say wah wah wah wah wah wah wah ba-bah Co you na and see Amelia can see me break you can I am a no crap Akuma unum same chemical I a very observant antique where Papa Forney on Maryam Hasan M : prim be brief in T semi Alcala that's a moose a DBA me Papa Thiam GU mamizou or TM e mommy mommy mommy oh you mean my Missy mummy's an idea what Sienna all the time I love you're comfortable around my father but me feel comfortable around me mami papi be over or namib on tier VIII battle minimus on the banner we'll see but at the time of eat who beast and say Obama he who you'll not be able to tell you may be on a bow but mommy's a nose will be below Omaha Sony Democrats who were a thief you or Bob or or GTV and as you see mothers are more responsible than for this that is the fact mMmmm I be bringing on my bin Isa Eliska to fear that is his responsibility or this coming to i/o jockey Bao or bono I said yeah but at the end of the day no animal Ilana missing me pay me papayas Empire but a baby baby no music no I was a Miss Fisher call me Mommy because the animal named Josiah magic banner by only P okay but son and talk–i be alone EVP that you know perso same a dream against maja me where do we mustn't know my father wasn't interacting by my Munna loyally papa enemy remember me after number mommy AG what I'm not yes what is it sometimes no Papa for Nia so strict on your children yes I was a papaya water table I'm puzzled by oh ma when we break too much as some of them remember or money be too much number it will have a second pal anymore mommy fathers and their mothers did wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-h or may need general I am yes i wanna diei abundance and much is a Integra last year semantics materia Nadia systems eighty divided the Buddha multi went oh okay oh no channel we need I'm punishing now maybe we should happen a movement a banner generally salut – yeah but there's a and a pop of ambivalence wanna or the idea a money manager crochet or ban ISM in the other time uncle I only say ma'am I mean yeah we mommy me Mom NATO in my brother Fred would fill a beer bar we are Jack now an idea Eddie mama but what the answer one cuz I would be better off running second because I know say a general be a very very very responsible but my amenity message in a choir Minamoto we a momentum on yet do I ignore father but father is very responsible and incident Christopher who do honorable ser ku mana mediate million customers song La Mesa nominee remark or shot me I know he's watching now in earmark or shopping number to me beyond my will be sick come on come on come on hey hey do i I would um daddy bought this for me daddy did this for me daddy did that for me eighty oh no so when it said Ben come again – Nana friends to a jellybean kimono or pair or bar or yeah Juma ah only me acting : who said Oh mommy us she give it to us she boyfriend so us wondered he has he also buy things for us Bob walk and then oh yeah well but I would add that I know Christ I would don't know I'm the question wanna be Oprah condom across the share power and said what super-stretch is a war no nobody no one you're lacking T no that wouldn't no no no Sonia smarten didn't know him so all vanity and I need somebody he said to go there or don't Mossad en cap Fe salsa was so much anymore no hey when you got me baby when you I'm not done up oh hey Bianca Emily O'Banion super baby Oh papa with your cholo now it is set debris about yeah yeah what kinda it's my break yeah you bet me yeah yeah I dunno us a Papa for know we should get closer to our kids mommy funny below us and all kind of Minami Tamil a brainy Papa nearby to Makoto in the name of on one casa that's more Yabba into Papa am Carranza yeah papaya nimativ hija on Toby I'm Brenda on you see my when you see my unimpressed with your mu % o me Papa a yeah we we mummy wait nobody's shown custom crud out your moon sama we papayas impotency but most at times mama Frank wanted a geometry no a bride annual sit upon him oh yes and and probably sooner and kahani yaad yeah about in to pop on the back Ilana okay okay hope you into or disappear for an okra no no mama not protrude in think reduce a me mama don't tell me Papa but no poppin ACP a canal to the right direction into a do maybe a Papa for who disapprove Olivia SAMCRO Kronos say yes our channel by or dopey and on my abs it improve agree no money for no condominium Papa Foreman and pollen in a wheel aluminum from kadhi don't know did you know yes because my Apple and I addabani discipline him or her or you're also a badness possible Danny bar will interpret in a marina daddy but yeah yes Missy it was on an analysis in prayer hey IRA because that's bad algebra to FIBA Obon about Mesa not what about minwu oom-pah-pah MSM papa you see now all toys will cry if I'm a minute Tomomi Nibbana D by you but no mama the man said especially one mass mu a ultimate attack acronym I a divorce a memoir M : I could be male 4 oh no Papa for master woman only Oh Pauline you are and yet Impala now Norman new ho now I know buddy Montauk abyss if he a general Knutson koala oh hey I think related is karima inquire about second three months now and oh poor baby from sir Kumar mcooney74 me off me man ain't you know bf3 mum singing on me disco any color self a father Oh boohoo miss Rama miss Rama and as we speak to me – wha we age a goofy Amana muy thermaltake I'm clan sushi and from 100 moo-hoo we are seen it's a factual fear neck and in a manner don't know domicile ever doing TV dear may every Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:00 p.m. that's not saying I mean it pretty cool down yet in 7c yeah mama I guess so and per hour advocates who didn't determine as potential at the amount getting a masseuse Americana yeah Gus for because ooh % dl a.m. oh no we are not only idea there's and back yeah mei-hua yes don't go to so alone and so was so AB and O Donnell ah and I'm I mean I'm so pseudo cool sometimes yeah maybe my pop animal tenets any yeah RTI CA or new colony Nina that's a fine a faerie P by any area sample I mean Anna Yano NEMA cafe or daytime action calamity and everyone como and some more down was so my Mohini Baqarah mama calm know I love you hi lovely people yeah by trade back back back on the show Ordo a home I saw my first like I see a fire and my GTP into my a gtp and my pet you know and I colors and I maybe I blend day did to me the way all say this time when I did you baby huh yes me it's about say Notes and Domino it's a two part one Padilla / gtp she said new Stella back muscles whopper Nene Rama to mobile and one in here aunty every day obiagu mommy something is happening but sure we had the idea not the phobia reported an effort to GT someone and they demo as a boy and then you will cook on some personal yet mommy uniform cinnamon to my name sorry or gtp on Bertram boy and a commis Emma a born and therefore Mir Papa TGT Vidya Thomas ah yes sorry Sansui need yesterday par Burma oh yeah don't go on the air Nadia but Lucy CA o three my EDD Naposki episode hair duncan ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay so to Abadie also your birthday oh my dog food you are a chopper so package Amano MJ o ma Tremblay and say come on Tiago Cody at the end cobia via via via a thomas thomas me now a barrage of media yeah Mia – mwah 22nd of June not momma's my foundation editor 11th National widows and lands conference yeah debo they're crammed for money man I'm a brunette do a free and escape er en otras a pavilion be an appropriate fast and lunch and so far cuckoo DOM and Mac who could turn advocacy encourage a homo window Susan Kerry um oh there's an America competition does the competition singing I'm teaching a burr a momentum I would do sir and your girl order for a purpose of evasion or pretty baby Camas refoundation who someone cameras refoundation so for us who your creamy budget already drawn ever to empowerment brand never to freedom brand him all right every service in net some widows are more treated never seen their you know it and maybe when grazie whoo no family's name is ones that are what bypass me maybe where they walk and you want commendable miss real yeah I mean our friend oh yeah sure yeah this was the and now yes the yeah and I act a till somewhat I already said Osama ba you mean him yes see I was information but hey Oh elevation EDA and promise me da dat Mia for their mama 11 years me come 11th sorry come in at the 2nd of June there a Levitt conference April equal cool ASIMO it may be a sumo butt was so become one a bear come a year Papa andantino yeah babe on como se say there never see a Ronnie how fathers will be on that by their own children what I say and yes all solids at 1:00 lunch Tamika home where bad day in the morning say a Father's Day there you pick up a phone Oh Bob afro but BAM afro I was Danica a gift ball but no new hobby DD o burnin on the bunk want to say Jack that's what unicoos Edna McConnell and we're Bama nothing so Aoyama bass Abaza starting to to animu year uber super Magnum oh no maja no a plan Abajo and that mamama Francois mankind Simone myself up on my wall Mattias in the batch Oh mommy sacre Wahine sacrilege knee and yet godly Sabbath lollipop at CSC na McCain's with abs and I was lucky destiny and uncommon a boy auntie as we'll run up on Oh Dana Mammon one what yes about one minute relative map are Monaco DM M&M aluminum you much yo papa cos ya know Oh Papa Jimmy fuel yo na Maria because Ramadan phobia and Erie unum same enemy Coonan Adorama colonic Ranieri Panama Oh Papa Jimmy Foreman or dinnertime and Aiden affectionately at em did you know the journalist umami are you a phenomena Jane away well did he poppy Adam yeah papaya so gently impose new monument near croy crap appeal DBC nah you didn't attempt see Thomas Raymond pho nimit an additional shot it out with your husband's barley for a pattern begin too much emotion in Miami me – super Papa you it's papa grandma mama not sumitra happiness alright auntie Amelia aku monopod suffered a car no no no I do is my own opinion mm-hmm I was by an Arab animal with say mm yeah no yeah because yeah yeah yeah dream on who no I am animal I am performing a fat awesome if you're a pastor Freddie King who's the hermano yeah yeah yeah man on FB too much anyway never fear they would be probability enumerate into na mano a mano Musa Dagh Yakima hey I saw a DDR Groupon idea idea no idea where they who give a penny more my name is Ania oh oh come out there in roundabout I wanna Woodinville fear or that I'm gonna do anymore I used to because I would be a rough oh come on oh come on baby come on with the idea oh yeah Eddie man : oh yeah because study it movie icon Oh No and they did who be after my father so it's not that idea that a mr. mo da Messina in agony oddish my MA way ta wake up Cola yet in my memory 'no one one one year responsible no yeah but so be a responsible party i see what sue be responsible hey by planning yet you must say day no don't calamity be an incremental change depending on corner a machine in service Remo and I was soon a response mmm Cody KBS Cunha responsible sober warrior man Cody Trebbia and a Monsuno hey Mooney Mooney you have to open your eyes whoa baby on y'all ready so I already see a beware oh no no no God John who say anyone knock a khadiyah now they know we're super nice only one cuz I wanna pay now we have four anime wha yes I were makin cabin hmm honestly woman okay me back it to our the everyday bein or one city beautiful scuba oh gee that mean you awareness I wanted you know we PFE me by uh record our other mommy wants do you know what I see oh yeah no but at Madonna D mama wants to do crabber money fifty pursuing mm-hmm let me just ask you can already open 80mm colano it develop or some love Big Mama me for because of Libya it's me Eddie Money you cry now hmm yo your this mentality say Oh croc robot too much out of a safe yeah memory we normally have that perception okay ingenue a DSS a Sebastiano can watch a no my mommy the acronym is say hey subha waffle are you it's the any moment ever bow do with your pet Nappanee because wow wow wow wow the very last one Oh be slow ha open your feet woman who had turned away edamame Lisa oh ma almost cookies would ya on me are you on from home it's not a frog yeah minimal yeah Oh see I wanna make sure so a firm answer one in its you know necessarily because every three years Oh baby Nana Swedish a hey we should be disciplined oh yes Libby Ana Sonya discipline big mouth hey where we anniver bij me Mom mattias a in cod4 desde TV idea beer y/n keredo mo naman kosice mochi and sauna that cysteines dana a ban on its meal bonnets masala bitching is very important any money for insurer most women prefer busan will reach out and then start a new man in Casa Santa Monica Santa Monica and I will schwa Oh burn why BB @ co papa and it's here wooden intimal iya Bassano it's about time one open our remorse no it's me a call back now I call a cuppa Joe no no father i reunion again because we will be soon uber su aj be any baby Abe you for this develop a nomadic re-purpose an invectid saw that kinda saw the moon before for my fan fests already didn't on watching audible Francis only a vampire why can senpai be in shock and then over he may only boom Jenna for a Jack air back on me and show a back home to God be the glory yet every day a better television Mecca you talk about it's just for somebody to change but it's beautiful nice you know and you have anything to talk about Nehemiah Kenya a kinda ho bastard CDA I already I do how are you now me a new baby mama not yet dead now more yellow plans come on and column about one Swank on one not a Geneva all right blue crime to achieve mu mu cos in yummy I'm to meet you Maria medium call I mean you poop Francis I get home back alive you know but they agree on one or two – God blesses one one is a move mean you pay and so Brock Wow now gradually yeah I don't see no yay treaty how we can prevent unwanted pregnancies in our marriages okay are we good so and there was someone who knew me I mean super bunny girl will say I wanted here's we buy how I were proven to not Sonny money money and then they they were called round my Sunnah I am okay Kalai you know om you know what's a timer yes any by outcome some know when already his pregnancies no needed an alchemy mama dear mama Wrentham but what animal in terminal her a drink a crack okay hmm they were a I'm yukata 84 okay mmm-hmm now my Warren saloon it's not there nah nah commending Cochran who at the age of 34 yes wonderful all 27 I wouldn't him sabe – OH 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Oh Poochie Poochie oh yeah but Ray that's right our babymoon tell Donna made you know me recommend him you know I wanna be bad winter antenna a B by bambina second Romania third wine Anna be nice and watching suno though maybe be a phobia I may prevent it yeah nice Vanessa BB a bar about don't be a baby are no ma'am insured rubia Mina balcony to me imagine that after crying I'm a tiny man maybe but you'll never be on plant in a bit yes okay we'll talk about unwanted and also unplanned pregnancies because sometimes wanna owe me a second okay Rafi unum tomorrow overlay de Kooning time are we a safe night never frack now you know our falsity Yamuna and Nomo and joy condoms so 100 Arianna Odom free yeah baby okay okay uh-huh yeah Mia do people guzik's route in nine years tranquility Wow nine years interval so yeah and yeah and what 98 eighty two months because me show me it's not nine years I'm gonna turn minima saying I appeared when I mean you say you are you believe I believe mom you know me Basu change planning and because of year my aged intruder EDM planet BA in Caracas this man's being a day Emre but especially my a younger crowd Rudy omatsu a planning or my war the way this if I Aqaba Namie Amuro engineer different my mother would travel but your mother yes it would maybe Chavo do baby I won't know Erica cram ing monona or brainy a reactor contingency fee I remember the 25 up to 34 know which me planning say be honorable means there won't be a two years another three years if you have a beer hang a a fine a no sorrow two years a bit will be proud Akuma six-month no any money Banerjee for the four years our tree limb assay on planned on is a while shudder I almost say beware for a blues oregano are you happy the BIA a background who are they oh I already saw yesterday whoa oh my blonde utterances asses man intervention we need beer at least oboro-sama a dream by to moody Oh mom I already say a barmaid a cumbersome hombre soon right it was all cranny beginning say yes you say they will say into a bath they already say bedding if you swim every bite our tongues you know an easy way I do my demise semi idea mudra a planning Wow okay my man cough read in China me miss a madman oh my RA be a minister in the relationship with implant but do you ever so you want unplanned pregnancy yeah a comedy ho-anna you know oh that most at times you know mm-hmm yeah ma'am I need to make us a and I'm sick assembly one or two reasons been to know young you know pay by ends one need be no more would be not that one but um Pina Berman and beautiful almost warp ser una ordenanza no no Reuben we agree on MPB beautiful wonderful my sweetheart and nano oh yeah yeah yeah and I said yeah oh yeah Brando now you're acting when I say I'm uh Debbie you know they don't you don't have to do it most men don't answer me okay oh dear Nana baton we'll go Jae Geun after Obama see men want Danny another man beautiful and I know what protect children make a choice a yellow moon and then oh yes and then we portion blooms on the women we reform gets a Aang are named Rob will give you a man young woman in my case we can work Sammy pop I was seven mmm-hmm yes anima mommy a or four and three mmm for because I'm where's the middle for because my pen pal i oboe for yes and I know so I agree yes and you know one thing the funny thing is let me tap er not pack up my nights in your back way I see you know this one who said but a pre Arnett demo I have to know how to go about it nobody won yet to say my mom plan de and to me or maybe Jakob is a monument make ramen back whooshing and in about whose energy what does it right I'm sure yeah well go for ice summer so I enjoy and there's debates going around yes but oh but a bunny say yeah who should be blamed on plant pregnancy and I on a spread head and then you know if I wanted as honest buddies or wanted blame me for my money okay well a bear my beer my planning babe my sabia now with me and Simon we mean that's mine Warner and fighting and from the outgrow okay I'm not in the diorama and my money boo me food I mean y'all ready settings or expertise and a sauna in this hour huh so once we hit that neck manifesto or know what that nothing whoa Oh bless you oh wait that is why education is the key well baby already I wouldn't say condoms oh and my dear oh ho what's Michelle or bad condo business open them what our before time and you need to direct my manicotti I know it's your vagina the appointment holder ITT imagine a pump wouldn't even say you are not safe on all soon oh hey and and – I wouldn't wanna party s right now you know how to respond to the red vamoose – no I'm gonna a condom and yes sir BAM I not only intelligence but when you prepare your man well Wow about limbs okay mayor unsafe miss moon ramming the power but we'll prepare Batman oh no you know your responses not do you put a mouse a watch TV beside my first class my first class pop-up any premature said in our car go ahead in the Aquaman car and your bony sabia my planet Cecina be mproof Limina Miss Emma Ezra what is a company here a crow Craster demo bono Oh ain't original but sometime an idea Bama you say your monkey you get monkey no one for your bar palm planea never foo yung oh yes oh come on I make us any I can say I told you I just got wanna know wanna know why yeah well be alright you'll be doing weddings when him intermedia Horniman oh yeah Jim because sometimes and all in pouring your best attention it's a promise Nina AC cos M that's right yeah Berman mluc Kannamma in the suburban or em queen yeah or bad then whomp whomp ain't in you say or banner himself yum-yum-yummy in sub M a supermini and onions a messiah or butter sauce machine got sharp and sister not blended I am back because we do ba baby baby thousand probably here's my own body this'll never banner mmmm pay it's a war but also put a two against pregnancy no what is it I don't know that did you know potentially they would move yes yeah member Mustafa ma'am I am a protection interview crew and panel even better blows Obama push a condom Krannert you not agree even gold are not seen by you not agree if there are so many ways our by Francois a beer wish a condom but washing garden your grin on your way I want him see I am on oh hey my sermon yesterday so let's say evidence I'm sure sir you're really enjoying or door Hamas so young cupola more wonderful people is some Passaic from the year 2000 and Shazia car you it is no new IDE hah yeah hah yeah yeah yeah yeah we met yeah yeah because your bar we as much Sun on wanted on planned you know it's not a big because everything oh yeah let's oh we are let its yeah burning primordia you can't for everything you're going to everything maybe probably feels Akuma me immediately and see me by Mariana wanyan me only much attack that means or keep any we're only menses one or keeping we're on similar plants they write them Quan whites and also said the akka and supporting missus man I don't know a black man yeah I don't know gosh I read fonts what I can actually walk so it's it let's wake up on tomassoni a bit dear who obey and take every time will give it out when we are not ill will do it but obey no they say they are free issue yeah a bra a worry the first year mmhmm yeah how many has six six years wonderful then you say number that's right son make a change so oh my one year MMR's okay I want the power medium under mini-me loop all over that make me wrong oh say one year what's today this imagine warm huh what's the one year one year news William in him that and to onion because I would say be be sure but like as a new strategies it has aa take it was all pretty bad a brown many anti-police ability bar so as much and wise actually worsen put it in simply's that is what some of the women have to be doing ang mo kio missus a I use if polka music who should we missiles away we make most of methods of time to be asking all those questions into war banners or to sign your mana Amelia yes what's the most I don't have time oh yes after we saw say we're safe soon in crown they be no crime I'm a bomb over by yeah I have a brilliant idea no disturb a man so awful say about an essay or protection wha-what do you put a wire now me thank you no I'm married and I thought your banner what's your button down here there was no beard of you wait every way you know yeah hey I'm aria honeymoon I'm okay as a banker you and your head patella bread juice relationship in Cabo mood induces an important and coma conversation it was like oh oh I know it'll be sad dr. Pietro know the natural menstrual cycle and idea pill super yeah and idea what Oh baby my beautiful women out there I mean who ladies let be smart let us be smart yeah yes not never boy because Obama Rebecca say also my wife she's so dear and special to me so my worry obey yeah I can't yeah yep nope then you were very oh then you are too funny pillow never near market think it to say oh man a dream has stressed that may be a source corny skill or celery onion panini imagine that I don't we wish more sad you know I did go a planning okay awesome people wow-whee back life on the show or do our muscle with your one and only the number one love and sex doctor baby you can see and promise with him all the positions and wha and then you need to let him know one can say yeah we'll stop now say why why you must know I diva correct sadena come on but the discussion on but right now is how to prevent a motor pregnancy and honest but ed you know that kind of thing family to be Facebook page right away and a mania comments me so let me read at Akuma mamas in b21 and senior a sharpie essays in marriage there is no unwanted pregnancy just gets that okay that's a variant okay when you're commenting and yet box some boy I beg you Maury Moses how can on what a pregnancy come in marriage wow I'm loving this okay and then heaven Kwame says keep doing the good work mama Demi we really love you tonight is going to be tough okay Mohammed to say how can pregnancy be a wanted in marriage stop this kind of teaching share a food yet become a baby never pass out and you're real thousands of people will acknowledge this program that top appear discusses that it is real sir let me play my Raj but yeah do you know that especially when you have agreed say this is our last bone now or Barney are not smart and you know what you're such a pregnant again Carla booboo be sad hey Coco Naboo and maybe quo because I say because then what eh esta mean DNA by now OB knew about i discharged a No so please do Kula opt anew so allow us to educate it's so important I am the professional and I know what I'm talking about or do all my saw hey come on ss-19 solid yes I have had our see people have come with problems hey Johnny everybody documents yeah sign something you know crying Imam murdered Oh Akuma with major party I me me me me me repair or be so high a mother influenced me oh hey my man who does not so Missy you know I don't worry someone Ren oh yeah maybe tell me am I in my bed dude I know they see my baby again it's influences know our baby or peaceful feel say Nick we're humanizing open mapa internal and here maybe to be born imagine we all will be aloof yeah oh god one thing I will yeah you will be already supporting no outside Yahoo me hanging and only actually media ya know so I worry for no obey my office a my planet a face a cinema baya the bureau Holloway throw educate you about immigrants or baby Roja or new no so be protected on one machine don't emotional that's a we wouldn't even know why I go faster I meant 10tb our baby me Brent made me say family planning was a pregnancy Ben Mallory O'Bannon my family plan you know so we're 707 F animal DNA same way as sexuality nad now es Martin Baroness we do first day after marriage no we de semana pregnancy I bonded energy Lorraine Brazil bond to Abba zaba nana hachi no I embrace it off a bond to Diwaniyah careful when you're observant and who Sudhir Crowe Papa knows all the promotion on a Morty no Muslim Swan yeah baby me and me hey me really scandalous is saying sitting here Michael what's it say no one calculator yeah yeah one and no in the dinner and somebody second one yeah man oh yeah yeah we'll see how to protect ourselves who's they yeah you my hospital it was cool yeah idea I'm gonna Yap in one moment just a tiny my way through any now good DISA William no it's not Falcon out my scooter problem continental only puts couldn't cried on my teachers and said we're going on which they were generally idea about quality me and Musa tomorrow to minions hi well fitness for her business animal individually they are M befo before be infirmary coup or not only a new thing Emre may catch a manatee OB OB Ryan Santa suit and son would de Gama my NCBI use any bar Swan now okok we because mistake in the aiding its Biba no banner we are painful Alton enter new as you say no question am ia discuss a and unwanted pregnancy and I unplanned pregnancy they've agreed a warm are three stopped yang AB you but unfortunately another one by yank an abortion Samara but in case we miss our by NASA balcony before what do you mean what do you do as a wife what do you do oh come on yes dear I didn't have it's a movie mmm-hmm robber mmm-hmm say before they're back monokuma look at a tree what are they Nauticus actually go to me and which map would be quite a bit mana economy could be peeling rubber and they before the rebar because onion so they would be Manama to do inaudible moniker celibate map to build Nakatani idea about about forgetting or do or on surah qamar' okay about CBO Bettina bikini on George Aquilani minima BIA near to obey would trail by Obata off raba Oberman abandon one animal in Inca say when animals on katana way I mean kind idea because in a nice enemy attack Oh technical say Akuma I'm just watching you from France and I'm there with a friend I've just asked them to also watch you but what is this is all my worry they've agreed said on before they say Oh bah no I will eat because of that know where my nephew a John : and such situation a bar uber need a oh you are lucky said Burma know what catch or say marry me and we'll see a deal fortune wanna be BA hebba more Yahoo lemon I broke aqua another four plus was here and they were for the most workable and before I become a minion Mumma I mean mu means him you with way no do you think they'll be peace at home CBO was I agree samo nd on for mistakenly unknowingly na ba Quebec I fight for one Casa six seven eight Turkish telling me my body said they will disrespecting home until society I don't way and I'm an initially a or now WA colano it's almost system yeah good means you know the modern differences so wanting but they need the father's love the father's touch even you the woman you need it mi6 emember true and Telugu is saying I'm just saying I'm nobody Akuma and the one she's not smart or even me I've told a certain hey who goof you are just a better student colano and you know anyone here so you can imagine oh one one year anything Cabasa I know when yes Matt and kaliesha Kron one net-net AAF data economy and come with me and go go crying how to prevent pregnancies things to do ah come on yes oh babe you over Libya well wasn't it me our baby one thing into a baby went away Aradia about wha mono mm-hmm DeStefano casserole 100 Hey oh I've said this already but they may kind of say we're lucky knowing your Baima own in planning for pseudonym planning Obama me sorry oh my neck I just say yeah I'm gonna no I think I make like a week and it's what we never pay a few oh yeah hey what money who do you mean super mommy now what we want a cure yet so now a console by divine wisdom all by Davonte so whatever and I one day much on both wanna see sweetheart me ta Shannon : Miami play and then they yet every single every Brady and yet while feigning so na moco let me secondly wanna back not to I reckon I six seven eight thank Walker service ad for pregnancy me play the Bourbon Okoye 60s in II didn't know he's worried about me cousin tape over here it's awesome McGraw I'm so visit an air well puts on while sorry Lizzie oh come on come on yes matica I presume Khiladi yeah smart and you know but well then why hommina see it see so all that's wrong I'm planting a you know what is much no one yet has that they Bianchi oh cool now making sure to say you are putting a stop to it sir yeah Cassie I'm uh stupid – yeah we had one care for bacon in every set Harry I'm Rock know when I'm sorry booty take over say reform I was through watch it no not havea Bible he funny a cancer a duty simcha final and sure you know what – yes yes no because a meeting about copper ever managed II many occupy our home incensed yd what teasing confirms whoa I want an idea or Sonia back okay sister oh yeah if you for saying yeah I'm a bit busy Jack because many will be equated to if your monocle yes it is about a time what a lot of Polish polish you anymore wooden circle on one welcome mats now in channel Hussein : i order home pain and in Sonoma Benoit Kakaako Peru education my friend SVA down for what's a medium in yet said natural family planning no say 200 immune system for an encore so called on press abacus yet whoa Eddie plant that's right it implications wha and you say you say Oh be honest I did see a more would be so because she look blue chromis s and go to the right place and us now Sundance mine a bossy maybe will be humble so my and maybe show you much fun we don't know who was our warm right so you do something oh and my condo me that super pharmacist will go to be very foggy who called police on our rocking because we didn't do int no ammonia G more now since minor day hey Bev and I hear how many minutes when I would take Unum ban on the media panel web or by Saudi we're under five minutes you will sleep snoring it was and I borrowed to me and you move that Bama okay hey one on eBay we're not any better on him that's a mistake give me after all in quantum cry now oh man uh-huh [Laughter] well Rob Union or monitamon be honest tree because of me hakuna by noon now we'll say one castaway more crime by the side number today my money the Albea just go to the hospital me and Cheryl and do the best thing that's all do the best thing I wish my man darker side I say that is the first of our Osho donna masseur to TV at thursday beheaded friday BIA 11 p.m. knocks NOS a man semper say any gusu atom ammo now what's tranny a pequeña well crew and they have blue chrono mono person because how eerie a girl concept entebbe at the training and since i about free I would need if you're more worried for so many years while as Mona echoed by a redneck on orgy back Lee Patterson II yes cm 20 punctually and same an unplanned pregnancy and your water pregnancy and are led by a I'm a smoker Savannah da that's all girl that wants to see idea this is the time to say sweetheart I'm sorry no I'm sorry I was a little wine here come on guys I'm sure coach Cory best man Corey vest Jami damn idiot so sad lady who sacrifice or you know now for your name but every woman needs to be smart and plant things are AG of you plus so many things either of you and be hard-working and God will help you God is not a deceiving God God is not a deceiving coat if you mix namaka yummy a diluted in Swat yeah Birds down and now butts every year mmm about beautiful and since yeah my never be Atlanta Rama yes a Siena yes a CA and right yet to and made money before it do a gentleman ah knafeh Arawak how a monk I saw mama and I will channel Arawak town it's a quick honorable man at Siena and yet come on okay when I babe Oh Barney faster no and yet come on what's yes is real super moon so and I'm money being soon and fetch Oh Papa fortune wish wish him wish me happy happy Father's Day and it you are going to be blessed Oh a lot of those who open for you it's me as beautiful nice this is yeah now I'm sorry they have on come on ad unwanted pregnancies do a back at home it's time awaits me off Remi me join the program now is 0 3 0 chilly – 1 1 7 0 1 2 1 1 7 0 2 3 1 1 7 0 3 and of a 2 & 1 7 0 for nominal everybody knows this year and also it's me off right into the show now mama must win very easy I really ready mumu mumu taking this was we say you are you you are the head of the house Hey hello mister committee implicit okay song big ones appear dem nah here to mock you do particular woman or by mimic a photo she can see in the video if you derisively in I am calm okay baby dragon yeah anyways okay chillin man yeah you yeah that's a happy for this day in advance yeah Bistro wow this is great but I love it any bigamy Mossad young corner convenience a bill should be wasa okay I guess our who bought me my wife doing hits you a magician okay mama hello a fright oh hey Duke on what is a commie Junius do clothes that be oh I see I see insanity yeah yeah me so sorry I've lost Joe who wets me Ofra back into this show hello brother Joe hello hi Joe as a micro body boarder home us away yeah now for Aviva I'm gonna patch about television following enough for please mate yeah whoo hoo MA well um no the television and not far away please may I say yes I say to you maybe but uh Castle Casa the problem is it aha may your minimally minimally there aha minute today uptown suppose suni Williams she was it was a anima sorry ah gwaan yeah a crowd you're not about to say wonder weary dump em not only no wine Tsukasa yeah yeah of course give me and you will die man I don't know almost oh I'm a menace same old me Sano now I feel for now facade no no hang on you would not want your you mean ye what melts will be sad no Nene I'm Carla lovely but is she showing new no I starting Jennifer come on start Jango said about shamisen once thought to say now pour too much that's it nobody but my senior ha Wow Wow Jennifer I do that won't come here why I said ok so you know but see that about it – look I knew before Marina Bay Babu now sit in on your my fashion watch on Twitter that one Jana Oh me Pacho minibar Elmo did you follow me about missing your father may Allah hello papa hello about the same you what's it the Oakland kind I don't know she'll walk on water pain I see Oh catch that me and I will swim fauna well water will and they will say why prefer Gil sister hey yo hey well dope on emits a powder with a bustle so I prefer batter fry hey maybe we have more time the one you're my kohinoor diamond Yabba and it's why preservative oh wow prettier happening now have any money do you know how many moms in here Oh y-yeah that's a funny manner for the money wah wah wah wah wah fuh and finally flowy and primary flowy mr. fufferman corner come on come on mr. and Platinum is flowy theater correct one we made a say whatever you let's see well yeah I could break your MyLab aunty well one copy or say quick quick Kwami a dewy part for me no my important because a they'll all pay the link mean family what we sat on tongue then he fell no one can do it alone if I so far Fulham on and then wants to me yeah me Adam yeah I can't hear ya 4:40 my MA hello sister and alone my Pacho one year knee and then omakase but what's me free bar back on comedy because this issue must be soft Oh see it's me solving for one year from Australia mono now what we went to Arabic I said wait a hibachi hibachi Adams impertinence a robe on our request informal I just say numbers near 0 3 0 2 2 1 1 so these there are 107 there were 4 never single screen any so sweet at and then I'm percent me no more because like I cry yeah Anna a man – a be a be a car my and I'm with German in signal and I more here than 1 what we job or echo Franklin a rebel but Bucky about – oh my god I was oh hi back here to say hello yeah me that's all did maybe ography many buddy 3 movie review sabana reading yeah Wow we are grateful thank you so much made a thing we are listening to you sweetie yeah no and there you go I see many times you anyway question okay mom you've been um repeat the area okay but mechanical programming on a bass say I'm more appalled by the Fourier series Wow but we get into money not me mom you okay yeah yeah I come home but then nobody don't put sucks every is more gear okay my intention was to the next level Iowa I understand we should have bought it because I was awakened at that time good and it was hot okay and all things we're not going well but then let me buy my soo why we intend to hello I'm listening good maimie my intention was that we should do this abortion just because every many hope okay yeah you might and and I know mono some queen so you can imagine this looking for a boy as well okay and this discount wasn't it so say that pregnancy was a boy that pregnancy we can never tell what a boy or whatever alright so go ahead yes so we got intended Oh enjoy enjoy angina yellow or your home Emma Wow I tell you so me I want people even though maybe you might have have another patron of this massive overbought or Baba Alabama well in occasional you can never tell would be the best in your shoulder right we do you're talking tens of their children good okay you know that's right good I like today but he is just marvelous I'm um oh no it's just as much as one among course you see surprise gift Inuyama me Wow by the end we were just trying to claret okay so IV apologize to your wife that I the L estate you were there to about it I apologize I'm on set very soon Aquabats Remy and they do it today do it today sweetheart just so I say I got a net pressure and I will so no one yeah you mono be doing either protect yourself you see those are the things you are not working you are a single room self-contained I would seem oh so mickeleh but put it yourself if you are not able to pull out where the condom or no when she's sick then you can do raw and smart people it's one cuz I want check we watching my say no he said there was no working on now will be demo1 you need to protect yourself but don't reach god of glory be to God say abortion and eggs me mmm ooh na na young coupon and Union a daddy so it's a right there with you yeah I want you here you tell them a say you are sorry yes yes yes I want you to I want to hear you okay I want to hear telling Heather sweetheart what language is that good yeah gan-chan oh speaking English before you put it in to go you know so she also respond to me that's yes forgiving you okay okay okay okay AHA which is about Molly's pregnancy hallelujah yeah but we all even though you know the situation but we all never knew that would be the best not for now Yes Mother among all wonderful very sorry for the inconvenience is that I caused you some time ago thank you I love you but give let's say also speak can you get the foot to hell hello sweetheart Amina I just love you hello hi sweetheart your husband says forgive him have you forgiven him hello with watch on duty Chilean camera for hello yes mr. Rajan okay open cell fat channel do yeyan y OD achai nada por Yakshagana wonderful and yes and you remember Sarah and Emily you know that song I mean not too moody much money as she my paper massage yeah you know that song one way yeah we used to play with your name I mean not you who they're my twin ehe my happy my solder two real quick yeah yeah yeah so tonight God has been in your marriage okay this program is wonderful and I'm sure mister you're happy about this right aren't you I got happy wonderful but not more as first of us I will be Lackawanna I are you guys ready to get pregnant now and yes they say wallahi Killiney to three or four more three and he won the fourth one which he has agreed right okay but I did say say and noon today yes a say no try to protect yourself and everything so that that's on one Ted and on honest spreader pregnancy know and maybe you can call Carter who comes on speaking the language in the mouth Juan Cacho say I love you for the Mogu in your language this is the show I mean say peace apathy hello sweetheart now speak they're going to let me hear tell your wife you love it so much in your language okay I want to get of course I want to hear that one I mean a measure for I love you all right is your name Joe no I'm back okay Becky Misha Becky Akuma merciful keep watching the show is Thursdays and Fridays and keep watching the show love you bye bye wonderful wonderful I love it Emmy apologizes to the next caller say may find someone I chose so but it's peace we've brought into this omelet hello by the EEMA hello that's a saying do mark wha with our super yet EW not Reviva a miracle Marty Oh sacrum how to say yes sutapa a and pull Edwin and to really do want to the creature okay all right you know you meet you opening would ever because in because in each other so much made a say hey not see a comet produces a yeah if you can they read the botton happen yeah me personable warned if I'm a bridge so I will say and sister foreign supporters versus you know buy bread if the young coupons the air more anxious as you suma sure once at sea a no share your surroundings if you're one home or D never yeah that's what's my say haha I wouldn't city I said Olivia Pope on pathology yes-mo Candida even liberal and to me occupy one percent I wouldn't that many more yet yet Alberto any amount for become for me I guess I miss them and I say oh wow also the babbling over the been lucky and you know Cooper Union but they do be a Maserati I see ya wouldn't say whoa Sika 400 ho and so on but snarky in collaborate swings removal but one column you know besides yeah oh you need to plug for everything okay we mark our body for domicile hello hello hi buddy maybe a fifi summer boy Wow now Rosie Musa Salam alaikum honest with you okay yes you know me at all oh so now I'm walking yeah now I will form a month without knowing to enrollment aha yeah really baby little baby more summer boy be H much for that okay send me money or bounce it on your mom while I map mom why do you say my name is Amit Nanami from Quran oh wow they will hike yeah mm-hmm oh ha ha now oh no would you plan our own money if I had the interest no was it well I mean okay oh and what does a Melbourne acre I think well yeah we'll be playing Oh Debbie yes I miss ya and then we see a mmm mentoring to me Jesse Mystery Jets will want me my fairy fairy doing paint your climate it I don't know hmm but I'm seeing I'm saying she don't know what's up with you might come home oh whoa we're coming okay okay Oh hallelujah hallelujah Mia me a soul not amenable let me plan number I do not see much do you make much of that but can I wear your birthday no no no mo matter see Wow volcanoes and tone come on Wow dad knows who I am crying well why don't you just hang come with my cat Debbie Debbie Debbie about yourself all the tribal remember ability yeah more ability or domicile but opening the enemy Dennis a woman on Susie say omatsu I see any at door and for this di bay on the Sistine juni from money safer this day back and super sabina bow and shake now number bomb como b RZ Encino meet in Zambia yeah money be yeah not be be yummy I see yeah you'll be dancing soon uh fifteen yo-yo unclear audio okay you also find tickets okay now in this hour can be no yeah no it's a threatening the world Oh a million me van Oster okay that's right MA yeah be impossible to human journey I don't agree no tsunami trying or not litany Apocrypha that's right all over the world yeah you opening its way now I said without the glasses Rebecca so Thomas would be a one-way Dormammu education air left and right front and back is William Murray and snow television who just two hours and your disempowerment and your this education I'm Albright we don't know four times of ten hours no mo boku mo Foom what's up Google consumer and for-profits be a benefit ah aroma so yummy hello hey George hello Joyce yeah hi sweetheart good morning you're welcome to the show thank you northern region okay what were specifically komali family yeah who entry Allison enjoys yeah I want to find things what happened and I have silly fun and before we got married my honey I'd be down with have to be children wonderful now we have three sons yeah one more time because because you were the woman yeah it tends to be a boy again they don't be the end right yeah okay so I mean and he should give you the opportunity yes gotta scorcher so at least if one girl comes it will be but if you're happy with you know his travel why is he going to he's going to occur okay oh he's here with me not cry yeah okay but are you working yeah I'm working we are both working so I did I you prepare his delicious meal he's revered meal for him right yeah every play his favorite meal and that day you need to be very sexy and make sure said that day you are over lating alright and then you put in discussion sweetheart you see let's just try you never know maybe this one is good to be a girl I also need a girl look that way I'm so beautiful I also need my image oh thank vice I forgive you so let me to warn our doctor an aside now see we said I've done our ability it sit down another rockin oh I'm rocking here no more demon one and my name is Shari enter my name now so so well upon who say come on then you go and go thank you let this one be a girl for me good yoke it's not a bad yoke is that good braking New York I'm giving it to you receive it it's the dog hassle too much just take it easy hey if it's not this week make sure set by their time in three months you should get pregnant so that you give birth in 2020 and make sure you give birth in November so couple aches and make sure you get pregnant and by God's day you deliver in November thank you it'll be in my months I will come to tamale when you are did their name in ceremony say bless you wore our Joy's hello oh so sorry government becoming a double Joyce oh ho ho – oh that is great uh-huh I the Shamima actually loving the revelation is coming out the demon ahaha say a cross for my dad I'm getting and all I said about it if you're a sissy Joyce I said no okay we shall say okay any husband now or no because I say uncle Nino oh okay I so many states wonderful it's your dog – look a crabby mommy why I'll show you good Wow no miss on Yuma mucousy oh it's okay cause you can only maintain now wanna go into Merson okay but about one anymore do nothing you're ready for this child Mei Bao da Bao would say would say mommy will change when you mean chances not make us see but online Nemo okay go ahead make me sad when a new vehicle on younger two years open y'all three years July coming nine months now you're not pregnant yeah why don't you boy now my sister or do whoa okay so what's going on okay what's going on now um me me me me me know via me pet six okay and see all the time now said everybody's are deciding okay but whether you made a normal menstrual cycle space in the air woman : inna okay the first one or ten years okay the same one was six Wow I'm not dead one often echo three okay by wayna McCune genomicist asked me how many planning for yeah oh I don't know how this happened alright if you know Lisa Rinna who better margin is nice I mean you make a thing yeah I am yeah I did the advance of idea was from me Oh Chris to me okay it's cinema casino coupons don't watch any man Connie he okay because say sameer Crispin a couple away the main issue okay you you okay MA whoever sesame has awesome what new and Co BR – and so you know I shall miss a means to man cometh the end she did ruin him run out the woman what's not near a bikini pic again that's right that's right pepperoni and children EB yeah and to them acquire almost protect pregnancy sometimes it's my you unexpected but God knows the reason why I escaped a NASA we shouldn't be seeing things that that should not be I didn't know Mia now how the by a bad back okay but in this case honey okay in this case you know one outcast Ambani Basso haha wow really the gufu ABA okay oh he is to supported me see okay he's also knows when you say Bob understand there is no how how that's wrong balance and feel kamikaze and I miss requirements show okay and see we may finish Namaskar sometimes no animal besides three and Kalyan is not a good thing yeah you shouldn't you shouldn't even that's right see Hamish a banister yeah in your mind you right yeah coming Munna yeah we should bring up the children who don't know hmm what's not a bit me to be our Savior alright I'm not saying that's right I love I love the spirit said we're breaking it down that will be a t-butyl yeah me super sheer we told you what say you in a seven-five way I move on pandemic I might I would do yummy / co and now the IAEA – yeah c'mon oh it's a one cassano why removes a small kind don't know 100 fine show total 800 per were found a fall back can a man and the pony P is CY good um hello by that they're not saying yeah how sway me Bernard we are my family nest : um it's a quality idea been enough abhi I'll say so my heart to sing come here don't look cool that's it that's it that's it yo it's your Bennett oh man they may unemployed graduate okay my name will be Eddie can I listen it was on plan being worried okay my name is chief rabbi okay yeah another summer a partnership woman heading to class okay empty mouth for mi SS older ones are under crap that's right okay okay yeah I cry when you say it now assessment you know im a banna banna know who you know is the world fatty TV okay you see an iguana that's right when I do my I see negotiate my lucky incasa and now thousands you know I'm all for extra bonus my say an unselfish and everyone an empty know once I am view and come I didn't know many my be a problem Buffalo mo NT m amazement a say Alabama in China a vicious Guatemala my be in China napalm oh no another momentum of a abominable medium when you saying is booming yeah as Anna Obama money Union say okay to the mere machine ultimate fear me abou Samina and Singaporean money burma-shave me I guess I'm a 5-2 Tosa temper me to miss a new music announcer assume to know Amma event I want orbital momentum yakaza CCM and Ibaka say Oh mommy can be my signifies a moment changes see me see me see me wrong so I think that decision with your all your education what we aren't employed and I'll graduate now will graduate aside it was so hard to do with the head shop see member siruni any Bravo was to be a CMS a seemingly macho man who say wouldn't yet and it before Willowby I got do a basic about wah wah wah but why Nessa anything like it what's a Mook you know your IQ doesn't whatever no I still say if you don't protect yourself you're going to get a pregnant without my saying my ideal woman sa we have so many ways of protection Asha great be a say a via their money basically open basic window great obey family planning great I'm a CEO potential drops below hey Lydia and opportunity see me I may add that's what dharmasya me can say what the girl is learning OB OC RDA now will be did one and you can say I'm very family planning this is wrong whadya know but then also quite sorry planets wrong from a planning for those who are married read me from Tomasi RCA 18 obey me de rien and yet and I kill who soca also has much will be a noble one I can read you my mission I was that it's me go to us all know what city and call for ammonium at circle now never falls on coming antenna is if you are you oh yeah if you are you and so what one the bad break you don't want this baby near Bama and you're right so one stop on this one my VM you follow me over continental obdd already huh it's also a banner want me summer quarter so what he said this appeal feel small my dear making sure say DC cab recording chain now at the hospital and he he'd be over top hey no idea man called sanema no improv show me me me me man any never for you know how love all of you my best so be a comfortable with what he or she is going to do but not as he who say Oh Barney who say Oh mom I'd love a cola de ávila Scola okay yeah baby go Bonnie who's like a flower boy any preparation once I was second while I cut it up with me everywhere I go I don't with you know what I mean a chance a break at breaking yeah no so yeah unemployed yeah no I am employ what see when i'm amy is excellency their profit dr. kwame safer magatama cuckoo-cuckoo breaking yoga or empower me money say hey from from Tejada and we have brandy a gallon da ship or near pubiiciy would I walk what banner Yahoo say bye-bye a man in Morocco because we need my ribbon award or no for McCain only pathetic I did be alcohol not right sister yeah Wilma Sam Bosco let me see a ii usm is an easter young cassiopea DNA DNA worker could not see and no crab walk around a crack number sample workout or show Oh mom anyway before and so Cabo don't play you mine yet huh my Cosmo yes kosuna we are ending stream into the mystery mmm earthy yeah I mean you paid me a new name I have a says so bar no crime for no and me before testing one oh that would be idea no also put that to him another also protector why not a peptic Randy no I wouldn't come I dream mmm but with geniusly and for prom with coconut Obama incident watch the Anika can I say yeah come inside then won't in between you see just like a bit more time on planning said yeah yeah but you see what bother you see and I submit them I know better I made see the boy am i near more honey bear do my without got to be a and I think I happen at more inspected okay but afraid maybe so question we do G but I'm asking because we know – hi miss Elaina I'm Emma would you any pregnancy sir also a memory a incur phobia yep a economics ba economics for yes I wanna say the idea or – ha ha ha who seemed I knew a baby I thought okay B – maybe he was a most of em Emma knows who the same in a win-win we and Salama intercept Samuel no criterion our se terminó say unto me it in ordinance and by omission of gufu as a per se Rd our building or topic or baby or one instance a a woman and as I mentioned in the any given at the Ohana said before any intimate be bring the best racer or Bonnie Berman moon Zimmerman said awesome when you want to get pregnant or had a baby say their buyer or an incentive back at the immediate every back and how honest a before em it's all about planning communication button once a yellow boots time see the BC BC Oberman Obama if she doesn't have ideas of this family planning anyway katana that's all Berman beginner so here in safonovo clinic Hanukkah baby a family planning I would do what the best one is you to or ban well you know on Bahama no it doesn't cost at all Amelia yet my is so nice I'm sorry Sonny's energy Aparna the Tama Oh Birmingham OPA dele giba by tomorrow day – what am i – person who sue about ruby was Gerardo by your chrono and the universal this is always written as a bar we are so GU super NT a motion ye sorry it is a do you see missing yeah yeah as you see ensign what we do we are now ready for open yes we're ready for something what prepare for something not watch righto ho Nanami entombed Baima SEO now Alvaro if you're worried if you are here which is recognized everywhere if you re aware and walk now all plans motto boo vamonos so anyone agree not a drew water what would mean was to make it one pregnant now you are in that steps every day cccc Emma can say yeah ma no empathy rules unum ah that would be per nest be non Churchill Donatella assume give Fe Emma and taka Emma because will be anywhere episode debía and token token anything will be eternity episode new cool fi boom my Probie know what's right or they wouldn't immuno now y-yeah when I did the back Oh new COO and okay that's a Sicilian so yeah Papa Mia days the Arabia yes we shall be Tobias me bridge I am banished in situ manifold remember my end i cut i iack attached am ma fi m pop one pop animal so be people now Papa I'm a mouse cursor Fatima quote idea ng bow even push have a partnership or now office a would be BD monk Alana Whitney I'm dope apologies Oh Papa NASA me a day in installments mm question question mom young man Colin Sweeney or dose room could be webinar developer no any time step or bar now office wait Bravo Company B LM ran into one yet so wouldn't it well in kallana be cold I promise I'm a tranquil and Ian yeah and you cry yeah baby I'm gonna show me tomorrow hydroplaning okay I mean brother fragile oh wow yeah Burman are ta ta no onion on me man casa mi Mammootty name is Hamish I assume honest emotion a memory get closer to your kids barakallahu new moon P hello mama me senior Macra Cadabra now enemies opened was enemies F Jeremy Oh Massa father yes along cranberry Adobe Adama Oh Papa on a man''ôs massara a toda no new psychic return Ayakashi open tomorrow mr. daya and Chronos loose a pop of what order Emma oh my god say let me let me say blood Freddie Oh buddy Kevin and I say hey say a horseshoe yeah mo Cartier sorry yes because any problem Reba say be a custom anyone we initial look at so Wow thanks be to God Kumar Sydney other Shivaya everytime when God gives us a grace we also sit here and impart grace into your life so yeah right now it's not television now hey many wonderful crew there cameraman that sound man MC ow the director and you and all we love you it's wonderful resource persons until really I love you brother Fred I love you let's give it to them yet Dumbledore chancel and verified you're a bear come on a bear come on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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