Deaths From Pregnancy and Childbirth: Vulnerable and mistreated

ANA LANGER: We documented
that everywhere, but it could happen to any
woman, but it mostly happens to women
who are vulnerable because of race, ethnicity,
age, socioeconomic status. Women are very poorly treated. In fact, they are subjected
to completely unacceptable behaviors. Sometimes, they are slapped. They are spoken to
in a very rude way. They are retained in facilities,
sometimes because they cannot pay. Well, obviously, their informed
consent is not asked for. So there are so many ways
women are poorly treated, and that's the
experience of care. So we've been talking mostly
about clinical care, which is obviously essential. But the way women experience
their childbirth is also critical. If their symptoms are
dismissed, some of my colleagues here were saying,
obviously, there are immediate consequences. But even when that's
not the situation, when women are
poorly treated, they will mistrust the medical
system, the health system, and they may not come back when
they have another pregnancy, and when they have
a complication. And broadly, they will spread
the word in their communities that that's a facility or
a place where you are not treated as you deserve.

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