45 Replies to “Debunking Planned Parenthood's "3%" Abortion Myth”

  1. So even by Live Action's own statistics, 1 in 8 patients of PP get an abortion. That's 12.5%, which means that 87.5% of their patients are using PP for services other than abortions.

  2. 1:54, LISTEN HERE CONSERVATARDS. They do just about as many breast exams as abortions, go to their website and present the TOTAL amount of breast exams.

    You compare the percentage of abortions within an organisation to the percentage of breast exams of the entire fucking nation.

    Anyone with even the basic knowledge of statistics and a positive IQ should notice this but I guess CONSERVATARDS dont fit those requorements and go with their pre made world view because theyre completely biased and wont look at the facts if it suits their stupid propaganda.

  3. I shared this video with someone who is pro-choice and a Planned Parenthood supporter. He said that it is conspiracy theory propaganda and that anyone who would believe this video is a nut job. So I'm not trying to be argumentative or anything but how do we know for a fact that all this stuff that is being said about Planned Parenthood is in fact true and not conspiracy theories fabricated by people who have agendas. I don't really understand what those agendas would be. I mean live action and all these other groups aren't making any money off what they are doing. As far as I know money is coming out of their pockets to make these videos and do what they're doing and they're losing not gaining anything.

  4. Planned Parenthood using our tax money just to kill innocent lives, and yet people complain about our president using it on a wall? Please.

  5. My opinion on the matter is that if abortion is outlawed then planned parenthood could stay and if they stop doing them

  6. Do you think they would be honest about killing the innocent and defenseless ? Abortion is one way evil people wage war on the innocent, their victims would be their own offspring, madness!

  7. I notice a lack of sources as usual. Also, 3% is lower than the percentage of children in foster care or that are orphaned. Before all you pro lifers start ragging on Planned Parenthood, I suggest you work on the kids that are already here.

  8. The thing is, planned parenthood says that abortions are 3% of the services they provide. Because it's true. Pregnancy tests provided by planned parenthood IS a service provided by them, you twats.

    If they wanted to say that 34.9% of their patients walking in there are getting an abortion vs their other services, they would say that. The numbers are there, they're not telling any lies.
    They're just saying that out of all the SERVICES they provided, 3% of them were abortions. They're NOT saying that out of all the patients they saw, 3% of them got an abortion.

    Y'all fuckin prolifers confuse the fuck out of me when you try to overanalyze shit and twist things to make places like planned parenthood seem bad.
    Bet the video creator(s) is/are the type to try to throw rocks at a woman for walking into planned parenthood because "theyre getting an abortion!!!" when they're actually getting screened for breast cancer.

  9. making me sick to my stomach, its all about getting rich by taking the life of human beings. Very sickening.

  10. Great Countries protect their families and have programs to help mothers rase healthy children. Democrats destroy families and have programs to kill your children. Wake up America.

  11. Pocahontas lies again. 323,999 Murders a year. #1 killer in America. They kill babies and make taxpayers pay for it, Even if your religious beliefs are against it. This take our Religious freedom away and is unconstitutional. Democrats will protect illegals and create genocide on Americans and brainwash you by calling it "women's rights".

  12. The counter argument I hear from advocates is that they’re dealt with the unluckiness and misfortune in their lives and PP was there to help them through their dark times and in their experiences never went through the abortion process and moves the goal post to invalidate the issue by blaming “misconceptions” from radical “right-wing” religious zealots by proxy. Which misses the point of the issue about PP.

  13. Why does it matter what percent of planned parenthood is abortion? It’s abortion not some horrible thing. Why does it matter how many abortions they give

  14. Hey thank God big pharmacy keeps these poeple down make more money to keep babies alive the KIll THEM

  15. I used to think planned parenthood was a clinic were young couples that recently got married, wanted to get advice and a few courses on how to care and raise their child. Planned parenthood doesn’t even do that!

  16. Stephen Colbert's defense of the pro-abortion agenda should make him ashamed to call himself a Catholic.

  17. i cruse the blood of my andsers you people tax payer cash to fund your f—–en shit now f—-k you.

  18. These murderers will answer to God for their evil soon enough !!!
    The only reason any of you are alive, your mothers chose to love you instead of "terminate" you

  19. I support planned parenthood. They offer many other things. They make sure there patients have birth control so the act cant be repeated. They test for stds. Pregnancy test are given.

  20. Those who are want to kill the unborn can not bare to see themselves in the mirror held up to their faces by the just .

  21. All that money gone to waste because women can't keep em closed. It's not that fucking hard people, come on. What a shame.

  22. combine these with their distributions of Condoms and birth control they are the elites population control centers

  23. And did Lila rose and the right wing ever think that maybe some of these women are getting abortions due to socioeconomic factors? Do they support alternative such as promoting contraception or providing affordable healthcare to women that would encourage them to have children and be able to support them as well? You can’t go on a witch hunt against planned parenthood and then not come up with alternative solutions such as providing assistance to low income mothers. If you don’t want to support that then don’t get mad when people get abortions!

  24. I like your video. But…math should be adjusted to reflect that PP is open 5 days a week and approximately 8 hours a day. Therefore the numbers are actually much higher.

  25. So? Women are entitled.to safe healthcare no matter the service sought, and for those of you rambling on against your own interest, don't agree with abortion? Don't fucking get one! Do you think I want to pay taxes to support your 18 quiverful children because you God told you pump out as many as you can? No, but I do because that's the way things in this country work, and when I want access to a legal, safe abortion, suck it up. And for those of you that call me a murderer, your God went flying through town killing every first-BORN baby boys so get your fucking cross out of my face and your laws out of my vagina.

  26. Pretend the "3%" claim were true (which, again, it isn't). If there were a Habitat-for-Humanity-type that devoted 97% of its resources to building homes for low-income Americans, and the other 3% of its resources lynching red-headed lesbians, guess what: I wouldn't CARE what good it was doing 97% of the time. What they would be doing 3% of the time would make it completely unsupportable.

  27. Even though I'm fine with (several types of) abortion, yeah. I can't stand that statistic. Just be honest!

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