DEFINED Wash-n-Go on 4B/C Hair + Postpartum Hair Chat

hey guys it's your girl Karissa with the foot tutorial I'm gonna give you guys my updated washing girl routine I just got back from vacation and took out a protective style so my hair is pretty dry right now which isn't gonna work for me but you know what I have just the thing I'm so excited to get into this new line from curl mix it's their pure line and it's a wash and go system steps one through four so it takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out your washable and step one is their aloe vera shampoo it's gonna clarify remove build-up and step two is their hydrating with ultra slip grape seed conditioner very excited step number three is their avvocato moisturizer with organic jojoba oil what I like about this product packaging is that it has a pump and then step number four is their flag seed gel also with organic canola oil this step four also has a pump as well so I'm really excited to see what this does for my hair I haven't tried to wash it all in two pages but let's get right on into it join me in the shower so naturally I'm starting with step number one my shampoo and my first impression of this product it felt good at my hands and it smell good it smelled pretty much as it is marketed like lavender which I'm in love with the scent it's also relaxing that's pretty therapeutic these shampoo did not lather as much as I would have expected but it was fine because it felt was a good on my scalp and I do feel like it helped and this is my hair all washed so fresh and so clean my hair is so thick these days you guys after having my daughter my postpartum parents super thick so I definitely need my conditioner and here I'm just working the conditioner through making sure it's everywhere on my hair from the root to the tip and to do that effectively I definitely to section my hair and apply the conditioner with chunky twists so that I can make sure that it's on every strand and the slip was nice it was easy to comb my hair even after taking out my protective style and after you know swimming and all that jazz just slip was and my postpartum hair you know it's just really thing I've been enjoying it though I've had just a little bit of postpartum shedding only on my edges and it's just really been helping to try to have low manipulation styles which wash and gos definitely no flow manipulation it's not gonna give me you know lots of stress and tension on my edges the protective styles that I choose you know I try to make them as well somebody here is all and twist and I'm just renting out the cool water making sure I'm locking in that moisture and sealing and so all fresh all clean and moisturized so on the step three which is the moisturizer and the magic in this product line is really in step number three which was a surprise for me I wasn't expecting my hair to drink up this moisturizer like it did but really love it and so for my postcard of edges have just been rubbing organic to make the black castor oil pretty regularly when I remember and here I'm just clipping back my hair so that I can work in sections and I'm taking the moisturizer and I'm applying it just throughout my hair from root to tip I'm breaking it through and I'm also gonna use the praying hands method just to make sure I have even distribution from root to tip instead of going throughout my whole head with step number three I'm actually gonna go straight in to step number four on that same section and this flexi tail just makes me happy I just love the texture of flexpay's oh it's just so just I don't know slippery and my hair drinks it up you can already see micro definition isn't hoppy just from the flaxseed gel moisturizer together and you can see just me working through that one section on steps three and four simultaneously and I'm also using my papal teaser just to make sure you know it's really evenly distributed and reduces that added definition that only my Tangle Teezer can provide we've got luscious curls here and my hair is definitely for sea and here it is you guys all finished and this is about an hour after the product was applied so it's pretty much percent dry my hair is so soft and sprinkie are no more washing goes off in but with this product line if I start wearing it more I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks so much for watching leave a comment below see you soon

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  1. I really like your hair cut. The product did very well on your hair texture. Curious to know what protective style did you have and how long did you wear it? I'm currently in braids for 2mos. What do you suggest when taking them down?

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