Delhi IVF Testimonial | Mrs. Prudencia

so I Prudential honey congratulations of the baby and you have come here again now for further treatment you came to Delhi IVF with problem of infertility and you have conceived a beautiful baby after that so you are from Cameroon in the United but you live in the United States yes so would you like to talk about your experience little bit yeah my name is Jude and Sarah I'm from Cameroon in West Africa but I live in the United States I've had a lot of problems with conception I had three miscarriages so I want foreign agimo but when I started hearing about IVF I went through I looked through hospitals in the United States but when I somebody told me about India and I looked online I discovered that and IVF Research Center in Delhi dr. Gupta I know does a great job so I decided to come here before coming I needed someone who have been here before and I saw a friend who came and had the success so I decided to come and when we came they stuff with so nice the doctors were so nice and it took a very short time to go to all this anchor and by the grace of God we succeeded and God gave all this water for baby I am stuck two years and decided to come back I decided to come back to Lilly Research Center because of the good work that I do here and because of their success stories so I'm back here for its second one now we will give me another baby from you yeah many make us one more bigger how many babies do point people always have many here so this time I won many too let's hope for the best amen yeah I'm bill congratulations again and I'm clearly very best in the future thank you so I'm encouraging my brothers and sisters in Africa in Europe in Asia in America don't give up come come to ICS reset Center Bailey dr. Gupta will help you by the grace of God please come deep address a mezzanine key pal from Sin City early problem the lungphu in a faux pas Ted the qiraji then a our daily Research Center New Delhi even today je trouve beaucoup de la be a zookeeper Frances is in the thick edge is already our – come one Salman and from a GPS unit is iam so souffle sweetie our Lodge on rear and for pathetic origin Mexico Oh Missy beaucoup thank you

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