Deliverance from a High Level Wich, she cause miscarriages through a picture

very strong very four or five – that will be we just not okay to reach me so you say that you have a heart level which what a master which in astral projecting yes and what all do you say like a higher level which priestess yes do you what you said against him or against the ministry against the ministry yes you or guess me too he's he's part of me we are part of Christ course how many of the witches how many only high priests priests test how you saw it priestess witches we're saying against us because the ministry know you like covenant like a comment they haven't recovered to your quarter we cabins now how many witches and warlocks are in the coven leader you are the leader I'm leader I came to take care of this myself really restroom really yes are you alive or death don't sacrifice of children animals what are the sacrifices have you done what other things have you done to gain power well what other things have you done to gain power you have eating flesh yes you have drink blood to gain power you can kill somebody in two days don't that many times are you a better alive I'm very much alive and I do not what you're you know Jesus you know isn't no one what my what my genius your cheese you don't want my cheese's so you're pretty much alive because you are alive but you are dead in the flesh so you don't have a human flesh but you are alive in the spirit that's what you mean right well you said that you kill people many of them in three days and I'm getting prepared to kill witches like you in 30 seconds to sort of you get it get them out into the lake of fire in three second and just so that order of you there are very stubborn to get them burn up two arches to dust in three seconds how do you think about ah kind of got quiet when I get a little taste Bren up burn up which completely burned up in the name of Jesus Christ catch fire from the top or they head to the cellar your feet in the name of Jesus I was missing taste I didn't mean to party completely that's why you're not running here are you wanted to give a taste you believe it now not yet you believe it now when I get which do you believe it now when I get do you believe it now or not yet do you believe in out or not yet what else have you done which to gain power to grant Imani power what else I have sex with segment shop just sex me Satan but a bride of Satan what all have you don't agree in the money power oh yeah sacrifice what have you done which to gain the money power first a lot of people chapter the village soul how do you capture the souls in social media and what do you do in social media that you can capture the souls of people what do you do with the information that people posted on Facebook you use the picture yeah what do you do with the picture you print it out you print it out or you just pray it out I'm basically presenting an item in the spirit you get a shock right now you make your sacrifice what else do you do with those pictures it's big curses or other pictures yes before the demons what all do you do we just picture in facebook or in the social media what else you what I mean that you send a lot of advice invitation like to fill requests to those people now what I'll do you guys do is talk to them what will you talk to them it could be a soul tie why don't you guys do but is it you trying to send them something like a picture so that they may be seen and one thing we've seen is now we have access what else you guys do you do a lot of terrible but up terrible's what kind of terrible teens you guys do because miscarriages miscarriages what else social media so the the people reported that the preacher the women that I post in the picture when they're pregnant you guys can cause miscarriages what else since Peters and blood suckers with our baby blood soccer on Fletch either yes where else what else you guys don't do what else with issue how many other witches and warlocks are with you in total witch how many what what are they used we act like Christians what do you think you are like you're crucial you must then stir stuff as a servant of light you're so vulnerable I've tried me I try make people understand that not everybody will say Lord Lord when I get into the King to not have him the only brother and sisters are those who do the will of the Father now everybody does have brother brother many other hands I son of the devil and daughter of the devil so and those of you direct order of the day upon sort of the devil of course well now my brother neither my sister how many of the wages are in your cupboard your current house how long have you been dead a couple years maybe illness or did you die reason speak up I put up with the blood of Jesus to follow up on the comments I really that bother you depart from the corner from this world physical world how many never told me what oh you are life but what oh wait to a human either and blood drinker like you there ah kill many children's I will be merciless to you how that sounds to you and I ban cancer destroy every sacrifice that you made under and the whole covent to receive the money power i bank on the shore ever sacrifice a family mundial a platform to gain more spiritual strength also release I cover every soul that you have captured with the bloody genius and I come on each one event to come out of captivity in the name of Jesus I've covered every altar which you have used pictures which makes it you noticed of course all writing so I'll go with each one of those altars with the blood of Jesus every sacrifice that you have performed those people that I in Facebook and social media Iban constant destroyed every english-speaking over our pictures and I cover the picture of all of us and everyone that is connected to the minister with the blood of Jesus I prefer consumed inspired upon every devil demons the Avenue leans against us through our pictures our straw and every tied to our story your brother Jesus everywhere looks to have access pass through sold high through the media less the soul tie I cover each one of those so time this will tack to Oliver everyone diminish with the purchase and be broken by the power of the blood of Jesus I pray for the blood of Jesus the fire of God and the divine are going to be set up on every witch or warlock die – Nuclear Assault are with us in the into the inner beam a ladies so be on fire let us all become a place of toner for devils and demons in Jesus name I ban can destroy every spiritualist action that took place within a wireless and sorcerers it's a tiny prison ask whether it was buying and selling something or something that they send to us with the blood of Jesus every blood soaked soakers I'm flesh Peter having sent to anyone let him burn up and die in Jesus name also Brian Carson this is a power of every sickness every firmly on every disease the having sent word all toasting pictures and deities all having directed against us by wireless I mean the Halcon terrified through the media I cover them all with the bejesus I prefer consuming fire upon those altars and upon their wages now which now is I'm ready to give you some are you ready [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we like to run eternity they inna de now forever and ever and ever he wants to be tormented either forever ever and ever what can you tell to the other world of colleges are getting initiator now what can you say which to go to wire looks i'm waitress a sick tiny please that i just getting into it is all about that i would be witches are you there which is the or speak up speak up are you there wait you still yes or no make sure the other ones so that's that's a hard way doing it they sending the whole cabin so this is like 100 puzzle them our way High Priestess suppose we both you see are they high priests and the high priests I become an everyday lit needle it's more than time I control with is throwing a strong delusion of things to so people came as II like I walk like zombies in this way what is going on okay now let's throw that thing because that thing is called even Spanish that I cast them out it's like it's like a mirror it's cool like a speedo like me no he's like well you're looking at yourself in the speed in a mirror and this guy is kind of mind control thing that it's kind of behave I said that person he saw in thing and you always want to many people believe that whatever happened it didn't happen that was not real this one is a gatekeeper yeah but you doubt about whatever have them then many more demon can come back into you so that is the purpose of you know didn't get any but for nothing what made people believe that nothing had happened I will you doubt what happened why they don't have bomb it's like lack of faith so they or the demon can come on well he might be a still there I know I've caused but because of your obviously having persistent since you have been persistently because you have believed that truly you've been free from stuff but it's ideally that it's pretty good out of you that way there will be no hindrance to you a spirit of mirroring mirroring us spirit of deception line that many people believe after that we see by deliverance that the things that happened didn't happen us Pedro me knowing that many people believe or not understand how simple that should is that you demonic spirit awareness which is manifest to them and they are getting free from you guys that I dueling into their soul so now so for you spirit of me knowing I bind there who that of you if I'm ever I bind all of you I do the middlee yes or no that is your name me going what are you so upset yeah history you why I'm answer me how so I am disturbing you what were you doing to him but have you don't do all this time trying to convince her and what happened if you convince him then you have him if you can convince here than you having nothing every anything so if you can convince enough doubting then you can bring a lot of back into him are you a king and ruler a governor or principality what are you what are USPTO mirroring what is your rank what is your rank I bind your thumb with reported time ago I'm fighting the name of Jesus Christ I command in the name of Jesus Christ Wiseman who are you identify yourself and mirroring well you want to make me wait some time I'm I'm the hurricane of mirroring also mind the prince I find the regular king and the governor and all of you together toward your army Rankine but in the name of Jesus Christ I Street which one each one of you and your entire army from your armor from the cheetah from your harlot from every protection of the valley the chest the legs the arm and I throw it into a lake of fire I command you I command the soup just to pretty rural it up Miller into manifesting and I come on you have to know are you just below me towing a still yes or no speak up well I you I catch fire from the top over here in Jesus name catch fire in the name of Jesus touch fire in Jesus name fire – fire – fire let's fire in Jesus name commanding the name of Jesus Christ and if I you saw Scrat identify yourself who are you burn up whoever you are were not burn up we're not cops on the top of the nation is a vehicle engine that's five on the top of the head to this sort of you're feeding the name of Jesus Christ who is this dramedy about your cheese's this is from the devil your cheese's which is number there on your cheese's who are you identify yourself a command in the name of Jesus Christ yeah [Applause] Oh Joe easier for me to understand it the language the language can I read it I wanna because I didn't follow you because I was I was somebody was texting me at the same time where you were mentioned in the scripture and I couldn't follow for Rijo in those days and in the time when I trouble in again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem I will also gathered all nations I will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat I won't play with her in there for my people and for my heritage Israel whom they have scattered among the nations I'm part of my land and they have cast last for my people I have given a voice for an harlot and saw a girl for wine that they might drink yeah and what have you do well how you to do with me Oh tyre and sidon all the coasts of Palestine will you render me recompense and if you compensate me swiftly and speedily will I return your recompense upon your own head then you have taken my silver oh my god I have carried into your temples my garlic place and teens the children author of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have you saw on to the aggressions that you might remove them far from the border behold I will raised an hour of the place whither you have said can we change of recompense upon your outrage songs and your daughters into the hand of the children of Judah and then choose solving to the Siberians to our people farah for the LORD hath spoken proclaim you these among the Gentiles prepare war wake up the mighty man let all the man of war drowning you let them come up beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spares leather weak say I am a strong a man assemble yourself and come or you Heatran and gather yourself together one about target cows by my ones to come down Oh Lord let me have and be waken and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat for there will be four there will I see two Josh or giving runabout for you in the cycle for the harvest history is right come Gaja down for the press pool the fast overflow for their weakness is great multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision for the way of the Lord is near in the valley of decision yes that's a scripture is about what is coming soon talking about the day of the Lord the time when he drafted the children of Israel free and George [Applause] [Laughter] later because I know there are some messages therefore for us preparation for what is coming so another sees the children to the fight and she has a great calling as well she just we were spoken by text and that will last nine and she saw a supreme which that his name is Tony he actually he was kind of distressed that seems like he was having gravy attack because of the father taken place as we were praying us tonight but I'd like to pray about us which because I know that he is there another I mean somebody is that was said against the ministry she's running part of the ministry our ministry and she started calling they already had something calling her and husband in her house is more ministry but she joined our mission and Road early we have from Allah from through me and he hurried rings all right to pray against that dream to see where is the which the world of that is causing self is supreme supreme world it's like a supreme supreme warlock he's like one of the high rank warlock okay so do you have some more time yeah give me just one moment almost recording life and I will stop it because I will Corp a small so that'll even up from the witch

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