Demonstrators gathered at Georgia State Capitol in opposition to 'Heartbeat' abortion law

George's heartbeat law once again the cause of outrage and protests at the gold dome yesterday the protest organized by the group five million women for reproductive reproductive rights are demanding the repeal of the law which bans abortions after about six weeks the women of Georgia do not want to be controlled by the men in this building we are supposed to have reproductive rights in this country roe v wade is a law and it's a fact and we're not going to give up our rights lightly this protest is one of many locally and nationally since Georgia and several other states have introduced restrictive abortion laws Georgia's new law against abortion takes effect in January

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  1. Close your legs or use protection. If you don't want your baby you don't just get to kill it! Adoption is an option. And it's not YOUR body, it's the baby's body!! Go kill yourself if you want to but don't kill an innocent baby. And by the way, the word fetus means small child. So you can say fetus instead of child or baby but it's still a HUMAN LIFE. Sick whores.

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