Dems Fight Over Abortion, A Response | The Mark Harrington Show | 6-27-19

activist radio is all in the air you've tuned in to the mark Arrington show sponsored by created equal mark is training a new generation of leaders to take on the culture of death and win you don't like abortion don't have one the only thing that convinces to be said to be objective truth is that there is no objective truth I would argue that we certainly are not all created equal and now here's mark so I got a question for you did you watch the Democrat presidential debates did you watch the debates or or should I refer to them as a sideshow or maybe even worse as a freak show I don't I don't want to sound unkind or anything but these debates are really something to behold you're listening to your radio activist mark Harrington here on the mark Arrington show your voice of resistance and you can go to mark Harrington org to find out more about our radio program and the organization I head up created equal the pro-life organization based here in the Midwest so folks this has taken center stage these presidential debates now what are we about a year and a half away from the presidential election in 2020 and we're already debating and it's interesting people are calling this a crowded field well that's an understatement yeah if you watch the debate it's it's it's more than crowded I mean they have to have two nights for them more than ten candidates per night they divided them into two nights to say it's a crowded field is a is a definite understatement no question you know as I was watching this this debate or sideshow if you want to call it that I kept thinking to myself who are these people I I've never seen half of them I don't even know who they are I wonder do you know if they may be randomly just selected people from the audience I think to come up maybe maybe the selection committee for the debates just went out into the audience and grabbed people and dragged him up onto the stage because I didn't even know a lot of these folks the first time I'd met you know seeing some of these people so that was interesting is like who is this person very interesting and then you know you wonder what Bill DeBlasio he's on the left side of the stage I wonder he's going to fall off at once at one point during the during debates because the stage was so full you know maybe maybe be better rather than having these debates and boring the American people with 23 candidates or how many there are I don't know rather than doing that for the next six months or whatever maybe they should just arm wrestle or something you know I'm not sure the outcome would matter a whole lot to be honest they're all they're all bad I mean they're terrible every one of these candidates are so far to the left and just evil that you just gotta wonder if does it really matter maybe they just flip a coin or something and that may be a better process at least it'd be better for the American people to have to rather than have to endure this you know months and months of this this kind of stuff you know to say that the Democrats lack a bench you know a bench like a bench in basketball you know not the starting five I don't know I mean they they lack a starting five if not they lack star player no doubt and you can you can understand why a lot of people are thinking that President Trump is a shoo-in for 2020 I wouldn't go that far although I think he'll win but I wouldn't go that far but certainly it's it's a strange looking group of people so what we want to do today I want to go through some of the talking points of the Democrat candidates for president on the abortion issue and I want to dismantle a few of those there was a significant amount of time during the debate brought onto the issue of abortion for obvious reasons I mean this is a big wedge issue politically the Democrats are in one camp Republicans are typically in the other and so you know they're tripping over each other and in the debate to try to outdo each other on abortion to out abortion each other I mean really that that's what you'll see in here on the mark Harrington show as we go back over the comments during the presidential debate the other night on abortion it just seems like they are tripping over each other to – you know outdo each other come up with the most radical pro-abortion Pro late term abortion pro infanticide position you can have that's where we've gotten to here in America a major party that is so pro-abortion you wonder that eventually at the end of this whole process of the Democrat primaries that we're going to end up with a party nominee that would support killing toddlers maybe that'll be the position they take and they'll say that you should pay for it with your tax dollars I mean that's that's maybe where we're going here man years ago I would have never thought we got to this place where they're supporting them fanta side and say the hyde amendment should be repealed and you should pay for abortions I thought that was never gonna happen well that's happened now I wonder whether maybe we'll get to the point that we're going to support the killing of born children even toddlers I mean it sounds extreme and it is but you just got a wonderer watching this debate so anyway there's going to be a couple of the presidential candidates here are going to be sharing their position on abortion we've got the governor of Washington governor Inslee we've got the former housing secretary Julian Julian Castro he's going to share in fact he has a very interesting comment about trans females which we're gonna get into we hear from of course the senator Amy Klobuchar from well I'm not sure where is she from not sure Massachusetts enter of course senator Elizabeth Warren also will be here heard here on the stage of these presidential debates so let's go ahead and queue up that and I'd like to start out here is Washington governor Inslee should not be an option in the United States of America for any insurance company to deny woman coverage for their exercise of their right of choice and I am the only candidate here who has passed a law protecting a woman's right a reproductive health and health insurance and I'm the only candidate who has passed a public option and I respect everybody's goals and plans here but we do have one candidate that's actually advanced the ball and we got to have access for everyone identities all right there for now well so here you go Washington Governor Inslee who said a woman woman's right a woman right of choice right of choice have not heard of that I thought it was the right to choose but anyway he talks about how he's upped the ante in the state of Washington by forcing tax payers in that state to fund abortions you know here he is he's up in the ante okay on the rest of the candidates well he was not going to be I mean he was gonna get outdone here folks because then we hear from senator Amy Klobuchar go ahead and play that clip she's the next woman's right to choose there we go the tears go up there right red stop it there there you go Amy Klobuchar one of the three women running for president by the way can we refer to women as women anymore I mean I'm sorry he's not being binary to be an awful binary there but she didn't want to be outdone by governor Inslee so she said you know you might have passed tax under funding for abortion but I'm one of the three women that have stood for a woman's right to choose now we hear from housing former housing secretary Julian Castro Julian Castro now Julian Castro his last name appropriately named Castro after Fidel probably Castro appropriately named because this guy is a socialist he's a communist so he's got the right name I don't know if that's gonna help him or not but reminds me of Cuba a little bit Fidel and Raul Castro Julian Castro let's hear from him go ahead and play that and the idea I put out there the public option which the governor was just talking about this idea is that you use Medicare or Medicaid without finishing up with Amy Klobuchar go ahead thirteen million people would see a reduction in their premiums twelve more million people would get covered so I think it is a beginning and the way you start and the way you move to universal health care this one's for you all of you on stage support a woman's right to an abortion you all support some version of a government health care option would your plan cover abortion mr. secretary yes it would I don't believe only in reproductive freedom I believe in reproductive justice robbing their reproductive justice reproductive justice yeah it's not enough that we have the euphemism of reproductive choice right which is a misnomer choice to do what reproductive choice freedom to choose the right to choose we never finished the sentence the right to choose what the right to an abortion which is the dismembering decapitation and disembowelling of a preborn human being let's finish the sentence reproductive freedom reproductive choice that's not good enough Julian or Julian Castro appropriately named calls for the reproductive justice not just reproductive choice now I guess this means the full and wide range of options that women have for reproduction meaning birth control and other things including abortion and so justice apparently reproductive justice is that everybody has access to it and that it'll be tax funded but reproductive justice isn't enough for Julian Castro Julian Castro not enough he calls for something else go ahead and play the clip just because a woman or let's also not forget someone in the trans community a trans man forget let's not forget them doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose and so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion more than that everybody in this crowd and watching at home knows that in our country today a person's right to choose is under assault in places like Missouri in Alabama in Georgia I would appoint judges to the federal bench that understand the precedent of roe v wade and be respected and additionally that make sure that we fight hard as we transition our health care system to one where everybody can get and exercise that right all right stop there stop there now listen he talks about the trans community and he refers to trans females trans females having the right to an abortion I looked at that I was sitting there I'm thinking to myself say what I mean I need I'm pretty up on these terms you know being a cultural Christian I kind of follow what's going on but I had to check the dictionary on this one I had to be sure I was right and a trans female is someone who's born male that man means has male genitalia they're born male but they identify as a female as their gender being a female now I know about you but as long as you have male private parts I don't think you're going to be a to access an abortion Julie and I I just think you're wrong on this one i'm sure the the trans community and the gay community is going to overlook this one because you pander to them very well in your statement here extending reproductive justice to the trans community so he checked that box nicely didn't he but he was wrong I mean come on a man at least physically speaking a man can't have an abortion I'm sure he knows that he just maybe slipped up here so trans females just to set the record Criss straight trans females cannot access abortions they just can't and they're not going to have them tax-funded i it's just not going to happen so he missteps a little bit Julian's got to get right on his terminology his phraseology you know that's changing everyday and where it's hard to keep up with all of these different types of genders and different things going on in the trans so-called trans community but he certainly blew it last night with that talking about how trans females needed the right to abortion now let's continue on because Elizabeth Warren not to be outdone not to be outdone by the others not to be done by outdone by Julian Castro not to be outdone by Amy Klobuchar or governor Inslee she was not going to be outdone senator Warner set the record straight upping the ante the one-upsmanship of the Democrat Party right now on abortion go ahead and play that clip and any limits on abortion I would make certain that every woman has access to the full range of reproductive health care services and that includes birth control it includes abortion it includes everything for a woman everything everything and you pay for it it's not enough for us to expect the courts to protect us 47 years ago Roe vs. Wade was decided and we've all looked to the courts all that time as state after state undermined Roe has put in exceptions has come right up to the edge of taking away for time is up senator we now have an America where most people support Roe vs. Wade we need to make that federal law thank you there you go she's up she's up in the ante there she's up in the ante even further she's not gonna be outdone by the other candidates I mean they're tripping over themselves they're fighting for the position right they might as well like I say be tackling each other on abortion to make sure there they are the most extreme candidate she says that roe v– wade needs to be codified into federal law well be honest they tried that in the 1990s Bill Clinton I'm old enough to remember that which was the law was called freedom of choice act Foca right after the election of Bill Clinton in 1993 tried to pass Foca freedom of choice act it sounds like that Senator Warren if if she becomes president United States she wants to pass Foca freedom of choice act so here we have it one offs Winship from the presidential candidates on the Democrat side it's not enough to support tax funded abortion in your state like governor Inslee it's not enough to support reproductive justice which includes all supposedly the gamut of every single conceivable reproductive issue for women it's not enough to that be to force you to pay for that through your tax dollars it's not enough for Julian Castro to say that trans females need the right to abortion that should be tax funded you got that one wrong and it's not enough for Elizabeth Warren to say that we should be in you know make it codifying Roe versus Wade into federal law with a freedom of choice Act folks this is what we're seeing this extreme I mean abortion is extreme to start with just any kind of abortion whether it's first or second or third trimester they're all extreme abortions murder it takes the life of a human being by dismembering them but they're going out of their way to force you to pay for it and to cover everybody everybody inconceivably that might have some kind of reproductive health concern that is where we're at right now in America and right now with the with the presidential presidential campaign officially launched with Donald Trump announcing his candidacy last week and now these presidential debates are now coming online we're going to be seeing more and more of this extreme positions on abortion and other things let me also say I mean the immigration issue was also front and center at the debate I said this before I'll say it again an immigration is a pro-life issue not that it's a pro-life issue because we care about the children who are being detained upon crossing the border we do care about them but it is a anti-abortion issue in the sense that or an abortion issue because the reason Democrats want open borders and they were clear about that here at the debates they want an open border no question about it the reason why they want that is because they want the votes and they want the votes because they want to control the White House forever and if they control the White House they control the US Supreme Court and if they control the US Supreme Court guess what they control control the fate of Roe versus Wade it's all about Roe it's all about abortion almost every issue has some connection to the abortion issue immigration illegal immigration however you want to put it is a abortion issue because the Democrats know if they control the White House the control Congress they can control the fate of abortion in America and it's all about that so when you're talking and thinking about the immigration issue keep in mind it's all about the babies it's all about the babies and the control the US Supreme Court and trying to get presidents who will overturn Roe vs. Wade by by nominating justices the Supreme Court that are conservative strict constructionists that are interpret the Constitution the way it was originally written so that's what the Democrats long game is and that's why they're for illegal immigration and open borders keep in mind immigration is a pro-life issue now to switch gears real quick I want to promote something that's coming up in July July 16 and 17 July 16 and 17 created equal will be launching our day of action day of action a project that we are beginning here in the summer this is the first time we've ever done it the day of action July 16 and 17 what it is is we are asking people from around the country to come to Columbus Ohio that is our base of operations here and to be part of a two-day even though it's called day of action it's actually two days it's the night before and the day after that where we are going to be training people activists people who aspire to be pro live activist we're going to be training them in the studio or in the in the classroom with a sit-down event that'll take place the night before a couple of hours of intense pro-life apologetics training and activist training and then we're going to take those folks who are at the training out onto the streets we're going to be doing Operation overpass which in the City of Columbus at any given morning one overpass alone we reach 20,000 20,000 people 20,000 people on a given morning we're going to be doing that on several overpasses in the city of Columbus and then we will be going to different locations around the city for public outreach using an abortion victim photography places like the Ohio Statehouse downtown maybe some of the campuses some other places where a lot of people gather and we'll be doing that and then also will be going to several of the abortion centers here in the City of Columbus to train people how to sidewalk counsel properly out of protest an abortion Center so if you want to be part of the day of action it's not too late to sign up you can go to created equal org and you can find the drop-down venue under our projects day of action is listed there we have space available still if you want to be part of it it's free of charge we're not charging you to be part of it housing will be made available at a local hotel if you're interested in that you can just email us when you register and let us know about that and we'd love to have you for the day of action coming again July 16 and 17 here in a couple of weeks so we look forward to seeing you hopefully here in the City of Columbus for our inaugural event of the day of action so be part of that go to created equal dot org to find out more so to summarize there's going to be an interesting election season I just want to be clear that just to get the all the appropriate statements out of the way create equal does not support or oppose particular individual candidates for president or any other office we don't do that that's not what we do we are a nonprofit organization therefore we are about the issue of abortion we don't pick candidates just to make it clear we don't oppose them we don't support them by name or by party however we we do oppose the issue of a board we do oppose abortion and so we are going to speak to the issue whether it's a democrat or republican we're going to speak to it regardless of party but just to be clear you get that disclaimer out of the way there for the IRS so they know that we're in the clear we're not about to oppose or support individual candidates we will oppose abortion that is for sure so to wrap this up it's a crowded field out there for the Democrat nomination for President did say that's an understatement no doubt about it a lot of unknowns here someone's going to rise to the top and if I were Donald Trump I don't know I'm probably my advice would be just sit back and let it happen because eventually someone's going to come out of this this field of candidates and is going to be the nominee for the Democrat Party for president and either way you look at it they're going to be an extremist there's got to be an extremist on abortion they don't just support abortion in the first and second trimester they support late term abortion infanticide and they want you to pay for it and so keep that in mind if you are a Democrat out there I tell you you need to rescind your Democrat status and never vote again for Democrat that's my position so you've been listening to your radio activists here on the Marc Carrington show go to mark Harrington org to find out more we'll see you next time god bless you god bless america and remember America to bless God you've been listening to mark Harrington your radio activist for more information on how to become a witness against the evil evil plague in America call created equal at six one four to six nine seven eight zero eight six one four to six nine seven eight zero eight or go online to created equal death created equal done net be sure to tune to the mark Arrington show next time for your marching orders in the culture war you

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  1. it was like hearing demons scream when they shrieked for joy over free abortions through 9 months and beyond

  2. The debate was absolutely pathetic.
    I would never watch such a thing live. I would only watch it recorded so I can playback and twice the speed, and skip over the pathetic socialistic communism.
    Sorry democrats, actually COMMUNISTS. This Republic is and shall forever remain a Representative Republic in accordance with the Law of the Land, pursuant to Article 4, Section 4,
    precisely, just as it was and is intended to be. Any Public Office opposed to this, and dare speaks against this, is directly in willful negligent VIOLATION of their Oath of Office.

  3. They’re doing transgenderism in utero …

    It’s a transpocolypse, people …


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