Denise Austin: Prenatal Cardio Workout- Fit & Firm Pregnancy

welcome to your cardiovascular workout let's get started do the best that you can that's right we'll be fit and firm throughout our whole pregnancy let's begin by some deep belly breaths let's start inhale inhale bring it out good and exhale bring it in pull up and in those ABS that's it again inhale big belly breath bring in that oxygen and exhale now the pelvic floor muscles come up and in that's it again now complete one inhale and exhale transverse abdominus pulls in and the pelvic floor muscles pull up okay let's March it out get some energy flowing through the body you'll feel good yes you will all right let's stretch out our arms lift the arm up and over way back and the other one wonderful our muscles get really tight in the chest when we're pregnant so I want you to open up your chest stretch it back that's wonderful feel good no more stress no more tension that's it last one wonderful good just March it out now we're going to do some baby squats get those legs nice and warmed up here we go ready to the side and down hands on your thighs to support your back your abdominal muscles are pulled up and in that's it supporting the baby wonderful hug the baby with those abs feel it from the inside out warming up the body feeling good that's it last one take it over here and relax now we're gonna do some pelvic tilts pull and curl under the pelvis and release the back good straighten your back now to a neutral position again tuck it under tuck under pull that's up and in the abdominals great and exhale out wonderful inhale one more time curl the pelvis under wrap the baby with those strong abdominals supporting that baby and release and roll all the way up and step touch that's it and just relax the arms feel the flow of your body feeling good healthy body healthy baby yes that's it we'll bounce back after baby quicker stay in shape good okay let's move to the side lift up and lower lift up and back good warm up that body excellent two more good now hold it right here press it up and down lift and lower up and down good warming up those calf muscles last one hold it right here hold the calves stretch it out great if you are prone to Lakeridge this is a great stretch to do I was when I was pregnant I know what that's like okay pelvis tilt and take it down feel the stretch all the way through the quads the hip flexor come again that's it wonderful shift your weight back stretch out those hamstrings hold that good that's it just hold that stretch good and now point and flex point and flex keep it up good great for Lake circulation last one okay come all the way up roll up there see that smiley place and swing the arms feel good do what you can this will benefit you and your baby wonderful let's shift to the side lift up and down good this is moderate intensity so do what you can no intensity aerobics good last one and I'll hold up and down lift and lower keep it up you can do last one hold it back there hold it back can't muscle stretch support your abs with that abdominal strength that's good and pelvis tilt forward stretching through the quadriceps so good for you cuz your pelvis gets tight this is something you need to do to release it good shift your weight back hamstring stretch that's it good support your baby like use those abdominals now flex good flex it up and point flex up good last one hold it up wonderful round your back come on flip good and swing this besides your son good will be fit and firm during your pregnancy yes good last one good and just March it out just March it out stand tall the good posture perfect pregnancy posture your abs are in your back is straight okay do the best that you can listen to your body we're gonna just do some easy walking you can do that come on it's worth it it'll benefit you and your baby just feel good get that endurance and stamina you always need it we're gonna take a walk forward here we go just walk it forward and hold right here that's it good and take a walk back good and hold it right here let's try that again simple that's it forward right here good and back wonderful just hold it right here now we're gonna do something a little different with the legs take them out out and in take it back that's it out out in in again that's it keep it up you can do it it's worth it good let's add some arms ass pocket forward arms come up up down down walk it back up up down down again get into it now come on you can do it that's it wonderful feeling good energy goes up come on yes some days you'll feel good some days you'll feel a little tired that's okay that's why I'm here for you feel as though I'm your pregnancy coach coaching you to get through it you can do it out out in in good and just watch it out take a breather inhale exhale wonderful good we're gonna do step touch to the side step touch that's it good use your leg muscles we're gonna take it to the side here we go and side to and the other side too that's it again just like that good great for those legs yes keep them fit and firm now we're gonna tap it out to the side here we go tap it out yes again side to tap it out good I can't just take it easy low-impact great moderate intensity wonderful now we're gonna add a little more action here little more arms go push him yes that's it good push it out for those of you that want to take it easy watch Robin she's modifying your pregnancy workout good last son that's great so on the arms too so take it easy good out and March it out great take a breather off feeling good yes inhale exhale we're going to take it from the very top so let's get ready take it forward one two three four forward good out out in in great take it back great out out it in I get forward good out out in in take it back great out out get him now to the side side two have fun yes enjoy your pregnancy it's a wonderful time of life well good keep it up to the side that's it good push it out to the other side great lunch out to the front here we go forward out out in in that's it take it back good out out in the end forward smile you're doing something good for you take good care of yourself and your baby let's go on this side sign good push it out you got it side side pushed up one more time to the side here we go good push now wonderful a complete workout yes take it Bart here we go how bout it end that's it again good out out it in forward just walk it out yes you can do it out out good we're going to the side here we go enjoy yourself push it out good you're gonna recover a lot quicker if you stay fit that's right get into that great bikini afterwards good take it forward watch it good out out again good take it back yes out out and then take it forward again March it up good reach up that's take you back good up that's it to the side good wonderful to the other side just take it easy touch good sign sign wonderful you got it tap it out good let's take it forward yes get into it now come on you can do it keep those abs pulled up and in the pelvic floor muscles core integrity support those abs yes right now just March it out pump up keep it moving it's all about feeling good that's right do you exercise with us you'll feel better and sleep better too yes get some rest good exercise right now do the best you can this is my fun one have a good time we're gonna do a little Latin style let's begin with the Mambo step yes good just four and back forward that's it and forth and hold great have fun enjoy yourself good inside that's it good and hold it this time we're gonna add a little ChaCha here we go ready cha-cha yeah it's good have fun great ChaCha move that body come on that's it good and Robyn's modifying the workout a little bit that's it she's ready to have that baby pretty soon all right that's it work those hips come on you can do it really work it get down there come on yes try your best that's it do what you can do great one more time no Mambo good and ChaCha great that's it now just hold right here it's March it out let's take a breather inhale and exhale good we're gonna take a walk to the side ready just walk it forward tap it out walk back try that again just walk it forward tap it out good let's go the other side just tap good it's easy you can do it it's worth it let's go again to the other side take it forward and tap good one more time forward great to the other side good take it forward that's it definite help fun good keep it moving good that's it one more time that's add a little kick now yes knee lifts great leg kick knee lifts good to the other side good leg kick knee lifts up yes good knee up good again forward that's it kick it out you can do it knee lifts yes you'll bounce back after baby yes you will let's go yeah that's it knee lifts good kick it out good now just hold it right here just March down take a breather yes oh how are you feeling I hope you feel good that's it keep it up you can do it it's worth it we're gonna put it all together remember those Mambo's let's get started here we go Mambo great Mambo ChaCha whoo Mambo Matson good again that's it wiggle those hips just slightly yeah you can be sexy you're pregnant you're good walk it forward kick it out walk it back knee lifts up yes that's it kick it out knee left up let's take it to the other side good kick it out good knee up remember that pelvis hold it up come on good and Elvis good pull in the tummy that's it pelvic floor muscles lift up support the baby right now pull it in yes good always be aware of complete core exercises pulling on those outs take walk take a walk check it out that's it knee lifts you got it enjoy yourself good lift up good kick it out knee lift up kick it out great good Mambo cha-cha Mambo good yes have fun release any tension you may have just let go yes it's your time take good care of yourself for you and your baby walk it more walk it good kick it good knee left great feeling good Neela kick-out current staying fit Emperor during our pregnancy yes good that's it mama good ChaCha have fun great that's it mama move that body good – beautiful body that's it good take a walk here we go walk it kick it good mira up you got it feeling good good feel great about yourself improve your mood right now yeah we're feeling it good a mambo good Mambo good cha-cha Mambo that's it again bomba that's great good that's it good just release marched out feeling good I'm proud of you okay we're gonna do some step touches so let's get started ready to the side step touch hands on your hips that's it good keep those abdominal muscles nice and strong supporting your baby wonderful everything's lifted up and in good we're going to just take it forward just tap forward that's it simple and easy now let's tap back wonderful let's do that again take it forward good you can do this that's it take it back wonderful good now we're gonna add a heel lift take it forward all the way up good and take it back let's try that again work in the back of those thighs we need it yes good take it back good ok let's add some arms here we go pull like a Rome yes work in the whole body a complete workout let's try that again now pull pull those abs in that's it to support and wrap that baby good that's it really get into it now pull use your hips that's it take it forward keep you nice and stable in the ABS very safe good take it forward pull the heel to the buttocks good now take it back that's it good now just hold it right here inhale and exhale now we're gonna do some heel digs just touch your heel that's it tap it in front add some arms wonderful feel the body just flowing smooth movements good let's just kick it out now nice and tall good that's it real tall good now take it down use your thigh muscles wonderful keep them strong good keep it up and out good now let's get low use your thighs beautiful sexy legs and lift it up that's good hitting firm throughout your whole pregnancy good okay keep it up lift the leg that's it good and take it down good okay just step touch down just step touch take a breather inhale and exhale good oxygen flow gives you energy okay take a nice deep breath we're gonna start from the top we're gonna do our hamstring curls to work the back of those legs so let's begin step touch and pull pull good that's wonderful and fold it back here neck good come forward now really pull heel to the buttocks breathe for the backside yes shape and tone good that's it now step touch right here cross that's it wonderful now kick it out nice and tall good posture good now to keep it low heel touches that's it good nice bone lift up legs we're starting from the top here we go ready and step touch good that's it and take it back have fun enjoy what a wonderful time of life that's it be healthy take good care of yourself work out yes that's it and now heels good that's it good and kick it out I worked out each and every day throughout my pregnancies both of them good I even worked out the day I delivered my first Kelly that's right good and just step touch take a breather inhale and exhale good let's relax his arms and really flow smooth good that's it he lies though I'm your pregnancy coach coaching you to have a nice fit and healthy pregnancy let's stretch it out all the way down flex that toe up feel the stretch in your hamstring pull up and in your abdominals and feel the good hamstring stretch that's it but don't lock your knee keep it soft very important that's it good switch legs to the other side just shift your weight and on your thigh for support pull up and in the abdominals core integrity that's it supporting that baby wonderful lift your body up let's turn to the side and stretch your calves muscles after our cardio workout chest is high lift feel the stretch through the front of your hips that's it the quadriceps ohh feels wonderful to stretch releasing any tension go to the other side and stretch the calves that's it pull up and in that's great your abdominal muscles are lifted don't arch your low back it's a nice stretch simple safe stretching while you're pregnant that's it great and slowly come all the way up stretch your body up open up your chest that's it improving your posture open up your chest no more tension keeping those abs pulled up and in and switch to the other side open it up all feeling good and release give yourself a big hand good great you

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  1. I love this! I don't care that is 80's 90's nostalgia workout. I broke my dvd after my first pregnancy so I'm very happy to find this on youtube! Love Denise Austin! Thank you! Fit Mommies!!

  2. hi shay blair i got banned from texas news studio for telling truth
    shouting out to you now,,
    FATHER bless you and yours sir
    mrs long, aka mrs ghost

  3. Thanks!!! 20 weeks pregnant and I just realised I need to get moving. I did this with a silly smile on my face the whole time LOL I don't know why. I think it's her positivity. Will surely be doing it again tomorrow!

  4. For three months I train almost every day. I feel really good and fit. This power woman is very personable and gives me a smile in the face!

  5. In my first trimester and have NO energy, hoping this will give me a little push to keep active through my pregnancy.

  6. Excellent exercises. Im in my week 32. Im used to do cardio but because of my belly I couldn't do what I used to do. These exercises were simple but effective. Maybe an advice for other pregnant women: if you're not used to do workout it will difficult to follow her. Listen to your body

  7. Благодаря за видеото! Tankyou for video!
    Благодаря за прекрасната тренировка! Tankyou for wonderful workout!

  8. I know other people feel like Denise Austin is too peppy, but for me her constant cheerleading is just what I needed. Having been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and needing to exercise (I've never been disciplined enough to actually do it regularly) her positive attitude makes me feel confident and capable. Thanks, Denise!

  9. I am 12 weeks and enjoyed this video. I wasn't paying too much attention to what she was saying during the video but overall it's easy to follow and good for warming up!

  10. I love all Denise Austin's prenatal work outs. I am inspired to see all the trim healthy pregnant woman. I did these through out my pregnancy with my 2year old And now six months pregnant with baby number two. I tend to gain alot in my saddle bags and double chin and am no where near looking as fit as the models in the aerobic video but its really incredible they stayed in shape like that .

  11. I tired it just today.! Im 32 weeks.! It really helps.! i didn't notice its almost done..I enjoyed it.Thanks.

  12. I'm used to working out to Jillian Michaels. I managed to finish it but this is too much cheesiness for me. I want a workout, not lame dancing moves. Any suggestions?

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