24 Replies to “Depeche Mode – Newborn”

  1. This song describes part of the Christian life, the newborn experience by being baptized in the name in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When I was a DM fan, I thought about why there are so many religious topics in their lyrics, and it's like the band had read the Bible, know part of the Good news about Jesus or something. I think it's a great band, I was a fan of them for about 22 years. Now, sometimes I listen some of their songs because of the strange element that I mentioned before, it's like if they knew about Jesus but for some reason there's something that makes them to walk away from Him. Interesting, I hope that someday, they and all of you can discover how amazing the Christian life is, by getting to have a relationship with the real personal Jesus, to realise that God doesn't have a sick sense of humour because He's the most incredible Father and loves us like nobody else will.
    Well, good night, greetings from Mexico City.

  2. I honestly can’t stop listening to this and Free. Everything from the music, lyrics, beat, deepness in singing those amazing lyrics. Speechless and DM no one can come to your level or compete with you after all these years. You on top and will always remain. Writing this and listening to that masterpiece song.

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