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Is pregnancy not in your plans for the immediate
future? Are you looking for birth control you can
count on, but don’t have to think about every day? You might want to consider Depo-Provera, the
birth control shot. The shot prevents pregnancy for 12 weeks. That’s about 3 whole months of not having
to worry about getting pregnant. And it’s easy — a quick visit with your health
care provider, a little poke, and you’re covered for 12 weeks. No one even needs to know you’re using birth
control. How does it work? Well, the shot contains
a hormone that prevents your body from releasing egg. It also thickens the mucus of your cervix
to make it harder for sperm to enter your uterus. And it’s effective. Fewer than 1 in 100 women will get pregnant
each year if they get the shot every 12 weeks. The shot doesn’t protect against sexually
transmitted infections. Use condoms if you’re concerned about preventing
STDs. And like other hormonal medications, the shot
may have some side effects. If you’re interested in learning more about
this method, check out the info on You can even find the nearest health center
to set up an appointment.

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  1. what if i had unprotected sex .. but i have this shot? is it 100% affective like am i NOT gunna get pregnant? ..please answer as soon as possible..please!!!!

  2. You WILL NOT get pregnant if you've got the shot and had unprotected sex but be sure to use protection for S.T.Ds etc.

  3. I love the Depo shot, I don't have to think about it everyday and I do gain a little but not a lot just work out a couple more min a day. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for 2years and no baby and still counting. the best thing is when i am ready to have a baby i just stop getting the shot.

  4. The depo shot is the devil!!!! It turned me from calm n happy to aggressive and violent with angry outburts as well as constant migranes. it works though as far as preventing pregnancy

  5. only thing about the shot that is bad, is that it takes forever to wear off so you cant really decide when you want to plan your pregnancy. Great for teens not wanting kids anytime soon

  6. The day you get the shot you need to be active so that the blood flows and absorbs it better. Do not nap after you get it. You may feel tired, but as I found from personal experience if you nap the side effects get worse. After I woke up from my nap, I talked to  my pharmacist who told me napping slows your metabolsim and makes it harder for your body to absorb the hormones. She told me to take a bc powder (any asprin will work but since I was feeling so bad at that moment she recommended powder because it absorbs faster) drink plenty of water and get active. I took the bc drank a big bottle of smart water and went to the karaoke bar with my boyfriend. The headache dizziness and nausea were gone by time I finished my water and  the pain in the injection sight were gone by the next morning. I felt good enough to actually enjoy myself after about 30minutes of drinking water. Based on my pharmacists recommendation to get hydrated I didn't drink any alcohol that night because alcohol dehydrates you.

  7. This kind of drug makes me wonder about the future imagine one shot that could last 2 years or a one that could last 10 years with very little side effects it would make women more like men in the sense of having that sexual freedom without pregnancy. You always hear how guys evolved to sleep around were women evolved to find one person who would be best possible genes because of limited eggs would women sleep around more for fun would they see things differently would it change how men see sex this would be really great but I wonder if it could have some negatives to society just food for thought don't mean to offend anyone just wondering if it changes how women ultimately view sex or has it already changed women and I'm just unaware. What about a shot a women could get after she had her first period that would last for a infinite time until she took another shot that would allow her to get pregnant I think it would be great cause men and women would have to really think about having kids when they decided too not saying that most people dont already I'm just saying i think it would make more people think so

  8. For girls looking to try Depo, I would recommend trying things like the pill & nuvaring first so you can see how your body reacts to hormones.  I could already tell I was extremely sensitive to hormones from the latter two options but still chose to try Depo and it blew me up, made me an emotional mess, and took me a year to regulate my hormones back to normal.  I didn't have a regular period for 10 months after Depo and finally regulated out and I am starting to ovulate again.  I use the fertility awareness method now & stay away from hormones.  If you are sensitive to hormones, stay away from Depo!  It stays in your system up to a year (My new OBGYN told me this).  But of course everybody's different.

  9. This is poison, my partner took this 8 weeks ago and hasn't stopped bleeding, sex drive gone, depressed, I have never seen her like this before, very worrying…….how this poison got on the market, Pfizer is a disgrace.

  10. I get headaches, I get cramps, and I use to bleed everyday, I got a headache right now… It turns you into the devil, and yu literally wouldn't want to be around ppl. like the so called "little side effects" are the worse. I wouldn't recommend this shit to literally no females. If yu don't have horrible cramps please don't take it and just be natural. It took me till I was 18 to get on BC and I don't like. but I gained a lot of unnecessary weight, and still look good af though😂😂😂

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