Depresion Post-Parto (Postpartum Depression) – by Nora

Videos creados por miembros de la comunidad. Las opiniones expresadas no reflejan necesariamente las del Sistema de Salud del Condado de San Mateo. Postpartum Depression We all go through difficult moments at least once in our life time. For me, it was the sudden loss of both of my parents. Even though 10 years have passed, I still remember as if it was yesterday. My mother’s death occurred unexpectedly, it was a sudden heart attack. My father died the same date as my mother, but 4 months after. What a coincidence, they lived together for more than 50 years. My father’s death was something horrible that you don’t think will ever happen in your family because it was
a homicide. But it happened. During that time, I was pregnant with my son Valentino, who is now 10 years old. After the loss of my parents, I gave birth
to my son and suffered from postpartum depression. I didn’t know what postpartum depression was because my family and culture does not know or speak about it. The symptoms are very strange, you cry suddenly, get anxiety, you lose interest in life, the baby cries, you with him; and all this occurs due to a hormonal change and a process our bodies experience after giving birth; and some experience
this while others don’t, we are all different. I looked for information and found out that there is help; this can be overcome with therapy and medical treatment. Thanks to the help
I received and the willingness to live for my family, I was able to overcome this. Even after all the stress I experienced, my
son is healthy. In the end God takes away a person, but gives
back another. Created by: Nora

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