Diagram of the menstrual cycle

hormone that hormone and both of those are primarily the introduced it's going to stimulate that outer layer of endometrium that we call the strata function Alice hypertrophy it'll get thick it'll become fun and Gorge a lot of blood vessels go to it it is if I can be answered from working about it and find human qualities on a non human structure it's preparing for implantation of an embryo all right this process continues throughout if you want me through our ride for the autotrophs and releasing hormone FSH LA and progesterone until about the 20th to 14 somewhere along in there it varies but it's usually mid cycle the banana-coconut releasing hormone continues to be released and the interior pituitary where police FSH and there is a fight in LA and luteinizing hormone and that spike in LA is thought to cause ovulation releasing the egg the rupture of that follicle ovulation release of the a the ovaries continue to release estrogen the post ovulation it begins to release more progesterone okay wait a minute eiffel continues with Adam Trump releasing hormones operating on the anterior pituitary and that's and they like continues to stimulate the ovaries to release progesterone and estrogen right bit smaller than health and they continue to maintain the endo atrium maintains the endometrium the stratum functionality in a we treat that lining of the uterus after ovulation at the uterine level we call it these secretory phase and they do vary the level you call it the luteal phase because that old follicle is going to be time of corpus luteum all right corpus luteum the estrogen and progesterone will begin to inhibit inhibit inhibit the hypothalamus and the pituitary we're at about day 23 24 somewhere low in there I'm not going to ask you that particular day let's check for comprehension I'll help you out what hormone comes from the hypothalamus that stimulates the anterior pituitary to release every gene all right we're going to open releasing hormone while hormone comes from the interior to carry the stimulate the ovaries to release a certain gesture if you understand that then you understand this estrogen inhibits at the hypothalamus will stop releasing dynamically releasing hormones which will stop the anterior pituitary from releasing the FSH and LH which will stop the ovary from release an extra progesterone it inhibits itself can you see that book when estrogen is the tension room of narlikar no longer present the endometrium is not being stimulated by the hormone and what happened all of those blood vessels in the endometrium and that's traffic on our slut off they call back the menses the bleeding like coming from in here – Eric's the ovaries from releasing yesterday Tristram right so a different would begin to decrease when in think reason that's when it's left saw but guess what overdressed on the estrogen decrease they no longer in it this so guess what happens after this begins completely solecism gonadotropin-releasing hormone begins the stimuli – FSH and a light from the Sun begins to release and thereby inhibit the release of progesterone Vanessa I'm going to put embryonic membranes porygon will begin the release of hormones called human chorionic gonadotropin it recreated HCG and it releases it very early i will give you a minute to write this down and look alright thank you it for me what we would do it's called go nano trophy the subjects trumpet means the themes turned on to Pena light so if it's a gonadotropin it stimulates the watch something so that HCG release recycle stop now there is the rare case of those who go a full-term pregnancy and cycle but it's rare and the cycles are not for the lack of a better term intense but the enzyme everybody that that hormone cycles are very sensitive to the and the hormones are very low hillside and some I'm sure there's a lot out there that get pregnant and cycle if it's intended just will of the embryo off so they don't ever know they were pregnant in the normal person whatever that means no no it's it is something that has no hope philosophically serious in the normal person that mentioned cycle stops this goes on early in development once the placenta develops the placenta itself will begin this appreciation pregnant or not there's a lot of different things that happen see the hormonal changes cause what do we say enhancement of the female characteristics let me somebody knows if the movers I think they get bigger how about that they some people face where's its a hormones they're not real – suggestions and projects for us if what I'm saying is pretty and it is we can give as long as you give estrogen and progesterone level real high you can keep the menstrual cycle shut down and if you keep the minstrel cycles cut down you can stop this process right here is exactly how birth control pills work the older one item that may have new ones now but it's a level of progesterone the synthetic progesterone they'll give it then that left the female cycle because there's other health reasons involved but enough to keep the ovulation ship so that pituitary doesn't get stimulated with this real high level of lutein doesn't go moment cause ovulation so they just you know reduce the intensity of the menstrual periods as well and used to I don't know if they still do you know I don't speak from personal experience oh don't I

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