Diamond Nicole admits she is pregnant by chief keef

that day Tyrell invited ray rayd brought his girlfriend Paula was already in my room now that day father was on the phone with McQueen because he was just talking shit and he came for me too so you know how McQueen is McQueen like to talk his shit get things off and and that's that now McQueen decided to get smart and I say you know what Fu you know I was cussing understand I did not know I was that loud until I went back and looked at the video and I really was like damn I was really loud but I know where I'm wrong it that's the thing that females don't get they can say everything else but they can't admit to where they wrong or tell the full story on how there was wrong because everything was not just put on me as always somebody wrong somebody right is already somebody right somebody wrong it's always and this wasn't all in after one month two months it was never that it was never there because if that was the case Abby would have been if all this shit would have been happening every set every second of the month and he would have been left I would have been moved out cuz if you was that bother or that so uncomfortable maybe you would have moved out like I did and my name is still on that lease so before you do that please stop and you say out of your mouth and you know what's crazy nari I'm sorry I had to put you into this but you told nari repeatedly I'm sorry and I really just got to put it out there you taught me and I we just had this conversation how you told not read dead your friend the K is not on her stuff understandable you want to help you a friend you say to me in it at a different time to not read that all K do is linger off you she never wondered nothing for herself you feel like you like stuff and you feel like that's the reason why she couldn't come out here because she was not there and you don't want her to grow like that understandable understand as a friend yeah I said things but the things that you making it sound like you making it sound like I'm just an evil person I'd just be sleeping with everybody you're just making it seem like I'm careless because honestly you're right and let me bring blaze into this blaze came to me and was like you know what tell the full story Kelly I'm sorry I'm putting you in this is it really wasn't showplace but you said let me tell you what happened and blaze noticed you ain't saying you went y'all want to drop names right now the day of Kelly was about to get her hair done right Kelly was ought to get here not my blades ladies came to me and you and say do y'all know this girl named Kelly sweet I said yeah I don't mess what are we kind of fill out this at the third now I talked to Kelly repeatedly I've been around Kelly repeatedly so Kelly Kelly know what type of person I am because Kelly been ever I haven't I have a closer relationship with Kelly more than you as much times I've been in the house with you that's so the whole time you capping as hard as it's like damn what the hell Kelly Kelly knows me now I want to sit here and lie on somebody I don't mess with now you this is Judy I wish I recorded every side because blaze called me I don't have no receipt today but blades called me and actually let me we wanna day before all this happened this is story no Kelly she's been left out of it but this is the person that I'm you this is the person that this happened to Abby said to blaze I do not fuck with her and and I said I don't necessarily I'm gonna stay now you went and told blades don't work with her Kelly messy this is what you said tell me ain't no messy person everybody I mean Kelly may have her fall out with people bleep where now you said don't mess with her you feel likes you Abby you said you feel like she's trauma now you told blaze to block her or don't work whatever the case is now I said to blaze Blake and the crazy thing about I just talked to blaze about this and he told me diamond please don't put my name in his diamond please don't I don't want this out I don't want to be in no drama this is what blaze said blaze said blaze say I don't want oh I just want to clear my name up now blazing up blocking this girl right here no blocking her Kelly hit up Abby today after like yo was fun old I all supposed to get my hair down for this photo shoot I'm trying to figure out where I'm block the next day Abby goes up to the roof and say I don't know why this this is so very unlike this is something like blaze he would never do nothing like this this is unlike him and so me I never knew this happened – I got a toll from the source that she said this now I'm not gonna bring Kelly and sister this is not good somehow that to do with Kelly so cut it now just don't have nothing do with it now recently blaze on his time ladies told me they's told me I want to clear my name up I felt like a be cleared her name her name a clinker mess up but left me under the bus because I was supposed to her hair and I blocked this girl because of her so me I talked to Kelly racin I told her what actually happened Abby went on a rant diamond a liar diamond is diamond at she this that she in right so she's a compulsive liar she and with the plenty of people and did all these things how are you lying when I was there I to I with somebody else Oh baby I changed my number I think I change it okay I am York I fuck with you you my daughter and I'm trying to figure this out how now let me tell you out where I'm wrong it let me tell you this is where real females can come and sit to the table and say dear oh yes I drove that B car I understand I was wrong to do that I apologize I drove a car I did now I didn't get ticket and it was parked on the side of the curb and it got it take because every morning they come and do they do sweeps plan take it at the cars not move and they had to tell you diamond paid at all no she didn't tell you did I did I told I told her I don't feel tanker but I never got to it cuz I forgot totally now I paid the ticket off if you're gonna throw somebody on the bus make sure save the full story I paid the ticket off cool you you know that is in the messages I told you I will send it to you I can't even pull up cuz I'm on my phone how'd the reeds receive today I told you I was seeing the money it was only like 100 dollars it's not nothing I sent it to you right then and there so dime you can keep up reviews make sure if she couldn't keep it up why I couldn't send it and do you don't talk to that every time make it seem like the Wi-Fi situation baby before we'd before we had Wi-Fi I told her that it's cool so yeah I love Wi-Fi you know all these things I said it's better than me Guinea I told her exact to her I like getting out of the house because it makes me work it make me get up and be active that's what I told her she said okay cool do your thing so me thinking it like that I'm like really I'm thinking like that I'm okay cool now in the mid she said daughter man she hit me up and said diamond do you mind getting Wi-Fi I mean getting on the Wi-Fi so we can split it I said okay so that was agreement for all these months we've been on the Wi-Fi and soon as we fell out Abby didn't say Oh since we Abby went on her own rent I was doing my own my own bitch she changed the Wi-Fi on some sneaky shit don't try to make it seem like you just randomly changed Wi-Fi with my name cuz well you get Wi-Fi just know you have to get Wi-Fi in one person name so either way it wasn't go mad at me I'm not ignorant play games like that because that's childish now repeatedly I talked to you about this I ain't talked to you I talked to say I talk to you about this repeatedly I goes on the internet when I move out I mind my own business I my friends know it now you said that you've been you the reason why you did all this because you've been holding their stuff too long they have to be cat they have to be captain because if you've been hauling this stuff in for a long-ass time you should have been that's definitely something that's wrong with you who holds in shit like this for months that's a personal problem that's a personal and baby girl you don't know me you from Florida baby you don't know me I have family out here that you don't even know about if I wanted something to happen to you I'm not gonna say something is I'm not gonna say that because I don't wish threaten or nobody but if I wanted somebody to do something to you trust and believe baby girl this shit would have been done along because you don't know you really don't know you know you really don't know so before you try to say anything about your brother is waiting on for you to get touched baby you don't want to open a can of beans you ain't never had before you don't want to open them you don't want to open them can of beans you don't you really don't you you really don't and I try to stay away from the drama because I have not seen it you right I have not been saying anything it's times where a be recently before all this stuff happen ivy has spoken on my mother it's great shots because people send it to me it's on her page AB he has recorded my personal things who do ignorant shit like that unless you're bothered I don't care what they I don't care if I say anything about you one thing you don't do this shit you did is very unladylike just ignorant that's very evening very ignant so don't talk about somebody when you recorded things of somebody personal stuff and talk bad about the artist stuff but you have not once said that shit you did you have not said it you can say all these things that you say assumptions about me I can own it to my room yeah if I cooked up to you cool understandable if I say something smart to you cool now was times where it guess if I wasn't let me tell you something that I don't get now breezy put on Twitter I was like since you want to play we heart include your favorite rapper you know I'm just talking shit he said out of his mom I asked one of your friends okay somebody who could it possibly maybe kid you know whatever hey you know I want to think you know and you do some shit like that but I started people even my fans my fans started sending me screenshots of a be on there all under this nigga pictures I don't care if you saw if you if if you didn't have no loyal to me loyalty or if there was no type of respect baby girl I could have been happy yo nigga cuz yo nigga it's my diary the end me the whole time like don't start please don't know let's not go there cuz if I wanted Matthias baby I could have took him but I don't wanna I don't I really don't I don't wanna if I wanted him you know but I'm not that type of person you know so you can say anything you want bad about me because if I talked about any of my friends tell me what I have said about not re tell me what I have said about Kennedy and tell me what I have said about you now I did talk to Paula Paula did have now Paula did have an infection now you made it seem like I went Paula and I said that to each last person this girl and and I hate that captain thing you and when you and you said I went to UK and said that I told you that Paula smell like fish to 7/3 now I never came whatever but like whatever so the funny part I don't get is I talked to Paula I pulled Paula to the side and I said Paula I just want to let you know I don't know what's going on with you because you came to me about whatever's going down there understandable you came to me you said darling I just wanted to you know understand why I'm having this such such more down down there iced down going on down there I said well you might have to get change if you get this certain type of smell you see a change so don't kept like I never told you I told you this in person you know that you was in the bathroom on my toilet and I told you this now I did bring you out the second time I said to you Paula I'll know what's going on but you might have to get checked hi I told you now it's just funny how when females fall out with you they want to say all these things but baby don't cap when I was when you were supposed to record rhetoric I don't get that part you were supposed to record with surreal I'm thoroughly there I said to you you should focus on your youtube if you want to do it as anyone take this serious pursue it and got a work work work now you was not posting at all and Tyrell looked at me and was like you see what I'm talking about she ain't trying to do nothing I talked to her she not so I comes in you saying you going to a video shoot now I said alright do what you want to do do what you want to do now when I left I said I did not say watch which I say think about what you're gonna do think smart you text me and say what do you mean about that I don't know if I can find it I don't know if I can pull it up and find it and the crazy thing about it don't ever lie on me and say I told you you have to because you chose a side you had to stay there don't ever lie like that please don't I don't like liars I told you pacifically out of my mouth I said do you mind staying here for a couple of days that's what I say it to you Paula and you know it that's the thing that's the the lie I don't get that you gonna come up and say I told you since you picked a side I never said that now

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  1. WOW Diamond is a liar. Abby would never talk about Kay, and Diamond is wrong all around, and just wants people on her side. She’s ugly asf, and needs to stop starting shit! 💯

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