28 Replies to “Diamond Nicole Confirms She's PREGNANT by Chief Keef”

  1. Awl lawwwd 😭 y’all get ready to run in 9 months from baby aliens 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Diamond Nicole is such a BUMMMMMM😂 now she’s about to have a baby. She’s going to be a raggedy ass messy ass babymomma

  3. Who are these people…….nichole who……where these broads slither from who cares……..you tube is the new soap opera……one life to live …….as the world turns…..all my children…….general hospital……you tube

  4. She confirmed that she was pregnant but she did say nothing about chief keef being the baby daddy so I still have hope that keef isn’t gonna get trapped again 💀😭

  5. But I didn't like what I heard about what Diamond said we'll ddg find out you ain't going to have a YouTube who in the f*** is ddg ddg on YouTube just like all the others what is his pussy ass going to say

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