Diane, nakiusap kay Catalina na huwag saktan ang kanyang anak | PHR Presents Los Bastardos

The doctor Señora
requested is here. She’s been waiting for him. She’s been waiting for him. Let’s go. It’s a good thing
you’ve calmed down. I already called
for a doctor. Please… Don’t. I’ll leave you here. You monster! You’re evil, Catalina! Doctor… I’m begging you. Please, don’t hurt my baby. We’ll come out of here alive. Catalina can’t win against us. Don’t do this! Please! Don’t do this! Don’t hurt my baby! You’re not done yet?! Come on, of course
I’ll hurt you too. What can I do?
You have a baby! I can’t leave it out, right? Catalina, please.
I’m begging you. You’re a mother too. Since that baby will be Roman Cardinal’s
very first grandchild… …I even hired the best doctor to cut that baby out
of your stomach. – You monster!
– Doc! – You’re ruthless!
– What should we do first? Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare touch me! You’re really getting
on my nerves! – Tie her up!
– Get your hands off me! – Don’t touch me!
– Hurry up! It’s Ate Diane! Hey! Don’t act without thinking! Hey! Don’t act without thinking! If they find out
that we’ve escaped, it’ll be harder for us
to save Diane and Isay. Señora! Señora! Señora! Señora! – Don’t touch me!
– Stop moving! Or I will stab you! Señora! What?! There’s a message for you. Give me that! Let go of me! Doc, finish that up! Let’s go! Get your filthy hands off me! Don’t you dare touch me! Let’s go. – Don’t touch me!
– Hey! Let go of me! – Ate Diane!
– Let go of me! Coralyn! – Diane, are you okay?!
– Yeah.

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  1. Ang gagaling nila ritz azul, maxine medina, mica javier at mary joy apostol wala na akong masasabi sa galing nilang apatโค Sana lord bigyan pa sila na maraming teleserye at sama-sama parin silang apat.๐Ÿ™

  2. Eto na ata ang pinakamaraming comments…napagod ako diko natapos….galing kc ng mga Cardinal"s agels…lalo c Lupita at Diane…salamat sa upload kabayan. From Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  3. Pls more projects for mica javier. Ang ganda ng character nya si Lupita. Grabeeee leave the girltrends na Mica u r way better than that.

  4. Ang lupit ni Lupita..napakagaling talaga sa action ..๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘..sobrang kaba ko dito ahh..kala ko mawawala na ang baby ni Lorenzo..

  5. Nakakatuwa ung ganitong scene.. ung kaliit liitang detalye, nakikita ng abs cbn.. ung pag aabot ng tsinelas kay dianne ni lupita… very good un.. hehe.

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