Did Kylie Jenner REVEAL That She Is Pregnant During Khloe Kardashian's Birthday?!

fans freak as they think Kylie Jenner accidentally admits she's pregnant again on one of Chloe's at B date Instagram stories speaking of Khloe Kardashian's birthday I'm gonna fill you in on the celebration she had last night with the fam and be hilarious present she got from her sister Kim and I just thought it was really fitting for her finally an update on Scott Disick and Sophia Richie's relationship and appears Scott has found another excuse not to take it to the next level and if you're thinking that excuse has something to do with Kourtney Kardashian then you're exactly right we're gonna break down this and the rest of this car Jenner news right now how's it going guys I'm Madison Hill we have a lot to get into yours anytime please give this video a share click that subscribe button and of course don't forget that notification bell because wouldn't it be upsetting if you missed an update okay first up let's dive into the latest with Scott Disick and Sophia Richie as you all know we've heard quite a few things about these two this week first it was reported that Scott had told Sophia she was not welcome to join him and Kourtney Kardashian on their latest family trip to Costa Rica following that we heard a bit of damage control from a store she spoke to Hollywood Life saying that Sophia ultimately made the decision not to go because she did not want to be in front of the Keeping Up cameras or any reality TV cameras for that matter including those for Scott's new show flip it like Disick then as I told you all yesterday we were hit with the bombshell then not appearing on Scott's spin-off might not have entirely been Sophia's choice as the source told radar online that producers made the decision to cut her from it due to her quote not adding anything the source went on to share that Scott's new busy schedule is taking a toll on him and Sophia's relationship and honestly after this latest report I think things are about to get a little worse in a new report from Hollywood Life we've learned that Scott's latest excuse to push off an engagement and marriage to Sophia is that he wants to wait for Kourtney to walk down the aisle first the store said quote Scott feels that he would hurt Kourtney and the kids feelings if he is married and Kourtney the insider went on to share that Scott realizes how odd that sounds considering him and Courtney are no longer romantically involved he also reportedly realizes it sounds like an excuse but the source reports that Scott swears it's just his frame of mind personally I'm getting a heavy scent of BS because as we reported to you all earlier this week Courtney feels like marriage is not in her future due to how difficult it is to date so therefore to me it sounds like Scott is trying to buy time and so he can figure out what he really wants moving on let's get into Khloe Kardashian's bday celebration because it involved pink pink and more pink judging by Chloe's Instagram it appears Kylie was the mastermind behind the party planning which I found to be an interesting detail to share with you all given everything that's been happening just like it's also an interesting detail that Kylie brought Stassi asked her plus one for the family filled party anyway it looks like a fun time filled with good food friends yes that's Sophia so we know she hasn't gone anywhere just yet and of course family clearly Kendall is the fun aunt now that you guys got a little inside look at the party and yes there was talentless merch and a mechanical bull I want to talk about Kim's hilarious present that she got for Chloe yep you're looking at a very sparkly eggplant first that Kim got as kind of a joke considering Chloe is single and not quite ready to mingle as I told you all yesterday no I'm not dating right now but I love life well Chloe might really love life right now that clearly didn't stop him from wanting to make sure Chloe didn't go her whole B day without a little ya know eggplant if you're not picking up when I'm laying down maybe her and Scott can help you out so she's definitely getting and if you're still not really getting why this is funny let me just lay it out there for you penis all right the last thing I've gotta fill you guys in on is probably the reason you clicked on this video to figure out if Kylie actually accidentally admitted that she's pregnant okay so prior to Chloe's party Chloe was documenting the hundreds of flowers she received for her 35th year of life and of course those sweet treats however it was at the end of this video that caught fans off-guard thinking they heard Kylie say she's got a bun in the oven now being that Kylie is off camera of course there's no way to 100% confirm she was the one who said that but that's already the theory going around the internet and honestly I don't know if I've just listened to it one too many times but that boys at the end really does sound like hers honestly I really need your guys's assistance here to help me decide where to stand on the situation so let's get to your favorite part I want to hear if you guys think that voice at the end is actually Kylie admitting she's pregnant or is it someone else while you're at it don't forget to tell me your thoughts on Chloe's party and of course that update was gotten so fiha for more car jenner news and make sure to check out one of our other recent videos and as always shop the Hollie scoop store and subscribe

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  2. She usually does this "accidental reveal " to accompany with some product launch just wait a few days to see her announcing a product launch on her brand , its business

  3. First of all…. how much plastic surgery is she getting ? That’s a bigger butt WOW this is sooo fake and sad. And second of all why do people think it’s ok to have babies when you are not married. All these thots Kardashian’s/Jenner are such a bad example for these young girl who think it’s ok to have sex and have babies without a husband are basically without a life. Do you see Travis asking Kylie to marry him? No because he is not that into her like she want people to believe. So by getting pregnant she hope he will marry her. Please stop with these thots Kardashian’s/Jenner because they are trash

  4. I can’t be the only one who does care if she’s pregnant or not but I will still watch 😂😂

  5. It didn’t sound like Kylie to me, more like Kendall to be honest. It did kind of sound like a joke though, but it could have been serious. But, Kylie did say on multiple occasions she wants her kids very close together. It’s a possibility.

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