Did you experience postpartum depression?

(somber music) – I had already had anxiety
and depression before I was pregnant, so now here I
am, I just had a baby, I’m nervous, I have no sleep, we’re taking care of two
kids, this is all new to me. – You’re stuck in the house. – Yeah, you’re stuck, yeah, that’s hard, you’re stuck, you’re
used to going and doing whenever you want and now
you’re stuck in the house all the time, you’re by
yourself all day long. Your friends who don’t
have kids and stuff, don’t want anything to
do with you anymore, so I mean, I feel for any women who are going through postpartum depression, because it is real and it is hard, I mean, in some people, I am so thankful I don’t
have it this serious, but some people want to take their lives over things like that,
and it’s sad because you have this, and it hurt
me too ’cause I have this new beautiful baby and like
I was telling my doctor, I am so happy, don’t get me wrong, this is the best thing
that’s happened in my life but I look at her and I’m so
happy and she makes me happy, but I still feel so sad, and was like I feel
like that’s not normal, I was like that worries me, you know, here is my bundle of joy,
just laughing, smiling at me beautiful, happy, blessed baby, and I’m still just upset, and I don’t know why, I
don’t know, nothing’s wrong I don’t know why I’m upset,
but my hormones and stuff, so I mean when, you know
medicine isn’t for everybody, but when they did put me on
medication after I had her, it’s helped tremendously
and it is calmed my nervous, and helped, you know, so,
for women going through that, I mean, don’t ever feel afraid to get help or think like you’re crazy, or if you tell your doctor
this, you’re a bad mom, or you shouldn’t feel that way, because that’s what the
doctors are there for, they’re there to help, to
help you get through it. I didn’t talk to my doctor
about feeling this way, until I had my checkup appointment, after I had Callie, I think it was six weeks after I had her, and then I had to go to that appointment and they make you do a survey or whatever that kinda sees where
your heads at and stuff and what’s going on and if they think you are borderline postpartum depression or if you have it or you don’t, and so I filled out the survey, and they just asked you questions like do you think things are your fault are you mad or sad, and stuff like that. So I answered it honestly,
and they said I think you’re borderline postpartum depression, when I told them how I felt
and what I was going through and they were like okay
well we’re gonna put you on the lowest dose of Zoloft
and see how that helps. And I’m not really one for taking medicine and those kind of things, I try to avoid that as much as I can, but I was like if it’s gonna help, then I will give it a try, and it has helped since
then, it’s helped a lot. I mean, I take it once
everyday in the morning and it just, it doesn’t necessarily, it just helps with my anxiousness really, and I mean it really just
makes me not get so sad and when Callie is upset and things, it doesn’t stress me out
so I don’t get as agitated and irritated as I would
have in the past I guess.

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