DL Hughley – Scorpion Venom Has Healing Properties (Tommy Davidson)

so Canada has passed legislation banning whale and dolphin captivity in the country under the new law the practice of holding whales and dolphins will be phased out though animals currently in captivity will remain it also bans the capture of wild dolphins and whales as well as a practice of breeding them and importing and exporting such animal sound like dolphin the world didn't have a Martin Luther King in 81 marching a great big old whale King you know what changed people's minds about Dolf as well that movie blackfish people saw how those animals suffered and those parks went away virtually were crippled overnight they had to call them research centers because it's amazing we can't see dolphins and whales have no doctors could use scorpion venom to fight human infection such as tuberculosis after a study found that mice in mice it can actually kill the bacteria without the poisonous effects the venom contains two chemicals discovered that have antibacterial abilities but they say it's so difficult to extract from the scorpion that it's gonna cost about 43 million dollars a gallon to produce the Kaiser [Laughter] has to be a mistake yes I'm a little nervous about this next story I'm certainly clearly understand that you guys are gonna be fine so there's a new mom in Austria she developed mammary glands in her genitals after giving birth now she had stitches in her vulva due to tearing during birth they undercut her so doctors suspected an infection and ultrasound confirmed that she had breast tissue down there and a duct was actually excreting milk and there was no nipple but milk was coming out also doctors removed the stitches gave her antibiotic to treat the swelling and they say after a couple of weeks she could breastfeed as normal from the top a lot of thank goodness milk was coming out but every you'll read about it you'll read about some somebody that was born and they'll have some internal organs that they didn't discover like somebody there was a lady that had a a fetus that had lived that's what I want yeah and so milk is secretin right in the in the nether region she had glands that had swollen up they look like a breast but they did she is the great yeah [Laughter] okay I know I'm intrigued and turned on I think that's disgusting as a woman which you don't ender yeah so you ain't right you can t put your tongue in there lightly but she had a baby so she needed to feed the baby and she was unable to lactate up top because it was I am NOT I was gonna say because I could only imagine you're on a nice date right you know you're getting ready to you know do the do right and you look like wait a minute it's a lot of flats down here right and some of them are milky what is happening you wouldn't question that yeah I would ask I'll always carry a z-pack cuz you never know right like you know what I got you know and she looks like you if you have cookies you gon these kind of dry and she looks like you like all these cookies we got it [Applause]

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  1. DL is so right, White's want a person in prison and executed for hurting a animal 🐢 dog, but let it be a person of color, who has been mistreated, hurt and abused, the first thing they will say, what did the person do.
    The real endanger species is Black men, who are constantly getting killed by police officers

  2. Admission: A couple seasons ago, I was buying puppy shampoo and conditioner for my own hair because I suspected "they" put more harmful stuff in shampoos and conditioners made for "Black folk." (The puppy shampoo and cond. are hypoallergenic and made from oatmeal. "They" would never put all that other stuff in puppy shampoo, seeing how it seems that puppies are so beloved. No kick to puppies. They are adorable, but sometimes better esteemed than people. Poor puppies. So I was buying puppy shampoo. LOL for me.) I stopped because i did not like my family thinking I had went stark raving mad. They would say, "What is this in the closet? " And would raise their eyebrow. hahaha. Maybe if i bought decorator glass bottles and transferred the shampoo and conditioner into them… hm. Well, back to video. You were saying…?

  3. You'll Stooooooopppid πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†Tommy& DL When the Sitcom Coming Out!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’š

  4. There is a black female doctor who discovered a treatment for cancer using scorpions venom but White America will not find her research

  5. Hello DL , once again you speak the truth , our black children are not protected , like these animals. That's not all the scientist are holding back on , they have the cure to everything already , they're liars. I don't know how to feel about that ewwww y'all. Thanks again for the news and updates ✌🏿

  6. DL might be joking but it's true that they care more about fish but not the innocent children hold hostage.

  7. Why do whyts always want to put all life forms in captivity? Because they're trying to tell the world whyts need to be put in captivity so life can be safe.

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